Peres: Time running out on peace
Ahiya Raved
Published: 14.12.10, 15:34
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1. What a naive point of view
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.14.10)
Regional peace is a lovely concept, but much of it depends on past conduct, doesn't it? The ersatz "Palestinians" have not brought anything to the table -- no, violence, terror and intransigence do not count. It would be sheer folly for Israel to make additional concessions when none have been forthcoming from the ersatz "Palestinians." It would be nice to be able to take them at their word, but their actions have consistently proven to be contrary to their "word." They are not honest brokers. They make certain claims, but have yet to back them up with cold, hard facts. For example: the simple quid pro quo issued by Israel that the PA recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish State and its inalienable right to exist in its ancient homeland. The PA has consistently refused to do that. Which, inevitably, calls into question their desire to live in peace side-by-side with the State of Israel. Those vile charters -- calling for the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination and/or expulsion of the Jews -- have yet to be repudiated. The simple fact of the matter is that the PA -- and every other flotsam and jetsam organization of the ersatz "Palestinian" people have not yet managed to repudiate their charters. Why should Israel continue to "negotiate" with people whose actions are in direct conflict with their "word?" (As if the word of any ersatz "Palestinian" organization can be taken at face value!). No, the ersatz "Palestinians" are not interested in peaceful co-existence. They are interested in supplanting Israel. That should be obvious to even the most obtuse observer. Crush them. They are interlopers in our country. They are VIOLENT interlopers, at that. Sixty-two years of unrelenting ersatz "Palestinian" terror have failed to teach those ersatz "Palestinians" a lesson. It should have taught Israel a lesson -- a very valuable one at that. There is no making peace or accommodation to those bent on the destruction of the State of Israel. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Sadly, the ersatz "Palestinians" have a rather despicable history. I do not think that it is particularly wise for Israel to mortgage itself to empty promises from a people that refuse to recognize Israel's complete legitimacy as a state. Israel has made enough concessions. Israel has reached out, only to be rebuffed by the ersatz "Palestinians" in return. Enough already. Let that despicable terrorist scum make its way somewhere else. The ersatz "Palestinians" should have learned something from sixty-two years of unrelenting terror that have brought them nothing but misery. Israel should learn something from those six decades, too. The ersatz "Palestinians" will never, ever change. Violence and terror are their raison d'etre. It is high time they plied their dubious craft elsewhere.
2. missiles from Alaska !
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.14.10)
Why not ?! Everything is Possible : )
3. another way of looking at it
Golan ,   Modiin   (12.14.10)
the peace process never "failed" because of Israel. Israel has always went way past its red lines (which in the hay day of Oslo was not a Palestinian state but autonomy.... who did you lie to Peres? The Arabs or us? And if us why should we believe you? and if to the Arabs then we went back on our lie and are in fact offering them a state!) So if the peace process was so fragile what worth does it have? And even if we did sign a piece of paper why would this "peaceful" Arab state not turn on us like Turkey or Iran? What they like our celphones? computer chips? our heart monitors? our cherry tomatoes? Get over it. Peace is a farce. We lived 3500 years without it. We did well in spite of not having it. And it never existed-ever.
4. NO such thing is palestinians! Period!
jordan is palestine   (12.14.10)
5. Why preach to us
Oren ,   Or Yehuda   (12.14.10)
The Arabs want Jewish land, Peres must preach to them. There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation, nor is there such a thing as a Palestinian Arab.
6. Time is running out
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (12.14.10)
for Shimon Peres! He is the best example of politically correct that has made so much bad to our nation. He should be in a retirement home and not in a position from which he keeps hurting Israel.
7. Salma #2
Non-Jew ,   England   (12.14.10)
No school today, Salma? As per my previous comments, when I see you post a comment that is actually worth reading, THEN I'll believe that everything is possible.
8. Sarah - B
Ron ,   ISRAEL   (12.14.10)
Why don't you come and live in Israel, " I stay 6 months in Israel and 181 days in USA" Most Israelis in Israel want to live in peace with the Palestinians. Amazing, hot air talk, yet you love the Greenback a lot more. Don't think to even visit Israel, just go to Alaska.
9. appalling
I'm called Phepps ,   Netanya   (12.14.10)
Yep, they could be firing missiles at us from Alaska soon, so why not hand over Judea, Samaria, and the Golan so they can set up more missile zones there to complement the ones that are already in Gaza and southern Lebanon? What difference does it make in our globalized, interconnected world? This is a man with a high IQ who has been prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, and finance minister, and this astounding drivel is what he makes. ISRAELIS--NEVER vote for anyone left-of-center!
10. Sarah B. for Prime Minister !!
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.14.10)
11. #8 Ron, I like it : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.14.10)
At least Sarah can prevent the missiles firing from Alaska, just she have to tell people there that she's an "Israeli" , to make them feel pity for "Israel" ; - )
12. Time running out on people takng peres seriously
Avi Steinson ,   Tel Aviv   (12.14.10)
time to put him in an old age home
13. Peres should shut up
Jay3 ,   Israel   (12.14.10)
Someone remind this senile old man that Oslo is the same time, hand him the PA Charter that clearly states the Arabs intentions. There has never been a distinct Palestinian people or country, and there never should be one. The only purpose it serves is as a means to destroy Israel with. I suspect he realizes that, but he refuses to admit this because of his stupid ego. Mr Peres, you have done enough damage to the Jewish peoples state....time to shut up and retire.
14. Who elected him president?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.14.10)
Peres couldn't get elected dog-catcher, he was appointed by that crook Olmert in the usual sleezy deal-making. The time for peace ran out more than 60 years ago. I can't decide who has done more harm to Israel, Peres or Ehud Barak. Both are fine examples of one of the things wrong with our political system - has-beens & failures just hang around, we just can't seem to get rid of them.
15. it's kind of like that rock song
Monsieur Phepps ,   Netanya   (12.14.10)
Isn't it, Mr. Peres? "I keep, hangin' on..."
16. Shimon you are a dreamer !!!
Gerry   (12.14.10)
Shimon you are a dreamer !!! there is no one who wants peace! Not the Palistinians, nor Syria nor Libanon
17. Sarah B. Stop Posting Here
Nathan ,   Israel   (12.14.10)
Not really...I have to say that I have actually started looking for your TBs. I do not always agree with you, but you actually make your arguments based on FACT and not rumor. The only reason that I say stop posting here is that I think that your talents are waisted. You should be using your ability speaking at universities and any other forum where Israel is so in need of a champion.
18. peres should direct his speech to Israeli govt
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.14.10)
besides empty speaches, what has peres done to advance peace?? that is right, NOTHING
19. Peres-peace
Ezra ,   Florida   (12.14.10)
Dear Mr. President,, The bitter truth is that with all due respect you became a very old man and beginning to talk nonsense. You can freeze Israel's ass off, and nothing will help. As long as they refuse to obliterate their wishes of " wiping out Israel' from their "constitution" there will be nothing to talk about. They want nothing short of having Israel itself. Please remind us all: Weren't you the architect of the OSLO PEACE TREATY"? Wasn't the other Barak, when he was prime minister who try give everything to Arafat's demands,except for the"refugees" return and they would give nothing back? What changed?
20. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.14.10)
Why don't you stop telling me where I should live? What business is it of yours how much time I spend in the United States and how much time I spend in Israel? And what right do you have to assume anything with respect to my reasons for dividing my time between two countries? It has absolutely nothing to do with money, by the way. Just because your actions are dictated by pecuniary sentiment does not mean that anyone else shares your attitude. I certainly do not.
21. peres and beilin
alexi   (12.14.10)
these 2 have caused more israelis dead and maimed with their alice in wonderland we'll all live beautiful lives to gether with the arabs than israel's previous wars. Only a cold sober peace holbrooke deal could be worth something. I would put more in bibi, yaalon and leiberman working a deal of arrangement than the far fetched dreamy vision of israel's collection of civilian and military cowards-peres, beilin #1 coward, ben ami, barak, olmert, livni and ramon backed up by barnea, verter, somfalvi, levy, and amir oren. These have cost israeli in lives and deterrence and I put nothing in any of their proposals or deals. Their ideas and statements are worth garbage and only aid the enemy.
22. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.14.10)
Unlike ersatz "Palestinians" such as yourself -- who whine ad nauseum and portray themselves as poor, downtrodden victims -- I, and all the Jews and Israelis I know, are not interested in pity. Please don't project your lack of self-esteem and poor sense of self-worth on us. Jews and Israelis have a great deal to be proud of. You folks have what? A long history of criminal acts, violence and terror and not one single contribution to civilization or humankind. Wow! You really ARE to be pitied ..... but not at Israel's expense, get it?
23. To: Nathan at No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.14.10)
Why, thank you for your kind words and thoughts. You're not the first person who has expressed that sentiment; perhaps it's worth looking into! Thank you again.
24. Delusion at the EU, Ashton's folly
izzie irgun ,   zion   (12.14.10)
Here we go again, Ashton our favorite EU anti semite annouces more aid for Hamas and lecturss Israel about working for peace. Is this broad insane or what. For terrorist she has gifts and money, for a democracy she has contempt. IIs a disgusting display of liberal bias but with ashton this is what we constantly get. So help mehere ... Does anyone ever hear any word from the EU criticising the palestinians intractable positions on Israel as a Jewish state, the right of return, and now ownership of the Kotel. Hell no you don't .. and that says it all. Ashton doesn't speak for France, Germany or Italy, all of whom see their own muslim populations as adversarial and now understand what Israel is up against. When Ashton starts to act in an even handed manner and attempts to encourage Israel instead of constantly berating it, may be then she might get some where. But until then, a hard line and ahard time is all the palestinians deserve. if they want better let them show it ..actions speak louder than words and we 're buying the EU 's crap or the palestinians. In the next war we will see who pays the bigger price becasue that one will the one will se the palestinians back 100 years.
25. "Missiles from Alaska"?: Food for thought:
Mar   (12.14.10)
Is he implying the US is threating Israel, or has the US merely been bribing Peres to say this? No nation can or has ever attacked a nuclear power, let alone a friendly country, like like Israel, so what Peres says is nonsense.
26. Sarah B. #1
Brod ,   USA   (12.14.10)
Excellent treatise. You would be an excellent Columnist like Caroline Glick defending Israel against the Tsunami of dark forces. I would agree with one of the Talkbackers that you would be an excellent speaker in conferences and universities and other forums defending Israel against the Leftists and Islamist-Jihadist propagandists. You would also be an excellent counter punch against Israel haters like CNN Christiane Amanpour and Fareed zakaria.
27. What’s the rush?
citizen   (12.14.10)
Fear mongers don’t give the best advice. Time never runs out and there are always other opportunities. True, Peres would like to see a peace agreement with the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs (who wouldn’t) before he dies but, as much as I can make out, the other side is not interested in peace, only in land – preferably all of Israel -without the Jews. We must not cave in to pressure from US, EU, UN and the left camp. If, as Peres says ‘security no longer depends on one country’ why the sudden rush? According to this sentence, whatever we do won’t make any difference, anyhow.
28. #1 #20 - Sarah the B is the best B in New York !!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.14.10)
Ron by now most Israelis are not any longer fooled by any false peace talks and understand that these so-called Pallies are not interested in any peace whatsoever. To regconize a Jewish state is an insult to Islam and it will keep on with its Jihad for as long as it takes to destroy us. Any peace that has ever been achieved is by an total defeat of the enemy. Just look how the Americans dropped A bombs on Japan to bring them on their knees. Unfortunally Israel does not understand this principle and keeps on fighting war after war, because they do not finish of their enemies. The Arabs can effort to keep on losing battles untill they win one and that will be the end off us.
30. Shimon Perez is Israel's Jimmy Carter, an utter fool
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.14.10)
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