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The escape from Holland
Lilit Wagner
Published: 17.12.10, 07:48
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1. No problem with that, but where will he flee to after
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.17.10)
the Hebrews (that's us) give up our right to exist in OUR Land! -Just look around at our Useful Citizens, waveing the Peace flag with one hand & the "Palestinian" flag with the other. We have truly come to believe our own Torah-propaganda: To be Light unto the Nations!! You see "the Nations" are like a cat: they see perfectly in the dark, and that's where we live , at least for the time being... so dear Son of a Rebbe-man: you're welcome to the party, as long as it lasts
2. NR 1 TOM
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.17.10)
Don't be pessimistic Tom, there are many of us who believe in our inheritance and with Mr Evers joining us he will strentghen our people. I can attest to the fact that one can not walk the streets in Holland as a Jew without encountering open hatred and harrassment.This is not only at hands of Muslim youth, but also by neo Nazi Dutch people themselves. The Dutch were great collobarators during the war and as thanks of helping to wipe out their Dutch Jewish citizens they now have more then a million Muslims living among them. Eventually they will turn on each other.
3. Holland exchanges Jews for Arabs
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.17.10)
......for a heavy price to paye in the future.
4. What's new?
Ed ,   Israel   (12.17.10)
Nothing new under the sun. The so called liberal Dutch (meaning the really don't care a s***) have always collaborated with their invading masters. Being the Spanish, 500 years ago, the Germans and now with their new masters, the islamo-fascists. Same story..the Jews will also be to blame
5. Come home to Israel, brothers and sister!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.17.10)
6. At least in our days there IS a place they can escape to
7. The orthodox may feel this way
Jo   (12.17.10)
but not everyone
8. # 5 got it right all in one.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (12.17.10)
Did you people learn nothing from ww2. Things dont really change ie nothing new under the sun. Be a free man and live without antisemitism. You will not regret it .
9. holland's loss
martin ,   uk   (12.17.10)
if all the jews leave, they will make more room for the moslems. if the jews same jews leave belgium, what will happen to the antwerp diamond industry. if you're not wanted let your country decay even further and leave. If the same happened here, i would not think twice about it, even though i'm retired
10. Migrate to the USA.
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (12.17.10)
If they migrate to Israel the left-wind Israeli government will demolish their homes and we always hear government demolishing Jews home and leaving arabs home to stand.
11. Agree with no #5
The Maccabee   (12.17.10)
Your home is with us, in the land G-d gave us. But if the fleshpots of Europe are too hard for you to leave (yet), I suggest you take a leaf out of the late rabbi Meir Kahana's book and form a Dutch Jewish Defence League. Let any anti-semitic scumbag (be s/he Muslim immigrant or Aryan Dutch) get a double dose of their own medicine!
12. Holland Jews want to immigrate to Israel
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.17.10)
Just so there are no misunderstandings - there are also neighborhoods in Israel that it is not safe to enter. So, I am thinking that the bottom line is that there is no Garden of Eden....
13. When the Jews go..the city will become a backwater
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (12.17.10)
...except for the 'stoners' Lodz was 1/3 Jewish before the war, compounded by further Jewish exodus in '56 and '68 Today it's struggling to shake this yoke.
14. When spit on their faceĀ”
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (12.17.10)
When the Europeans have to hide their crosses, and all religious symbols is not Muslim, we'll see so blithely take the current situation of the Jews,
15. Israel could benefit from influx of Dutch Jews
Gat Schoonmaak ,   T A ex Amsterdam   (12.17.10)
16. Jews make better neighbours than Muslims.
Gentile ,   London   (12.17.10)
17. This article is nonsense.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.17.10)
When I was in Israel, I use to travel to Amsterdam every three months on vacation and never had a problem. There is a wonderful Jewish community in Amsterdam, and the quality of life there is better than in any city in Israel.
18. #17: so you've said a profound thing and..remained alive
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.17.10)
-that's our Hebrew saying for somebode's foolish utterance.
19. With family & friends living in the Netherlands...
Ernst D ,   Israel   (12.17.10)
I am unable to understand this item! My family and friends range from Modern Orthodox to completely secular and none of them has ever been insulted, offended or attacked by anyone in the Netherlands. Having visited the Netherlands regularly (2-3 times a year) from the late 1980s until today I have NEVER come across any form of anti-semitism or discrimination. So as I said before I just don't understand this item!
20. Europes Jews Must Make an Historic Choice
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (12.17.10)
Europe is for white christians - they are indiginous- either you will fully assimilate - or - you will come "home". Why does this strike you as so difficult. If you love the societys you live in - then give yourself to them - without shame. If not - then yes - do come ehome
21. #12 Barbara, good point
Aron Sela ,   Herzliyya   (12.17.10)
Wonder how many neighborhoods in Holland there are where people will throw stones at your car or where you run the risk of being cornered by a big mob if you take the wrong turn somewhere in the nation's capital.
22. Andrew # 20
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.17.10)
True Christians would be happy to share their homes with Jews. We don't expect our neighbors to all be white or Christian. Your attitude is more in line with Muslims or people who claim to be Christians but who are not.
23. #13 My Late Mother used to live in Lukov
Al   (12.17.10)
in 1942 her parents were taken to the ghetto in lodz and from there to Treblinka. My Mother survived thanks to the fact that my late grandfather was smart enough to know they were being taken to their death. So he gave my late mother and her siblings pieces of gold inorder to buy their safety. Some locals saved her and her sisters and one or two others, thank g-d. I tell you my fellow Jew, please get the hell out of there. In my birthplace Canada I feel alone as a Jew notwithstanding the fact that in Montreal there are 80K Jews. The only home we will ever be able to call our own is Israel. Notwithstanding, the poor leadership there and the gratuitous self hate and anti-religious sentiment that borders on anti-semitism, that is so evident in many of the talkbacks on this website, Israel is our only hope, Europe is a shit hole...America including Canada is being swamped with Muslims and other anti-semites. We need to go back home. Indeed its our only hope for the future.
24. #4 not true
The Dutch are good people. The Dutch did not collaborate with the Spanish but fought them. Nowadays, real Dutch are not happy that their Jewish citizens are being driven out and are well aware that when the Arabs finish the Jews, they will turn their attention to the gays (some have already been driven from their homes) and then the real Dutch. The problem is the Left who supports the extremist Muslims against the moderate Muslims. The famous Leftist slogan should tell you it all: "Hamas Hamas, Jews to the Gas"
25. #13
Expat ,   Manchester, UK   (12.17.10)
Lodz is in Eastern Europe We are talking about Amsterdam, capital of a WEALTHY CALVINIST (protestant) WESTERN EUROPEAN country! So i don't think you need to worry about Amsterdam becoming a backwater I have got family in the Netherlands and the Jewish people are greatly respected there, just look at the football club of Amsterdam (Google: Ajax Amsterdam)
26. how about going to the gym as often as you whine?
AA ,   Antwerp   (12.17.10)
Seriously, if you're going to be Galuti like that, then you will have problems with Arabs in Israel also. All the gyms are flooded with Moroccons, if only Jews would follow suit.
27. #20 Andrew
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (12.17.10)
It can also be said that the USA is for white christians. Yes, there is more understanding and accomodation in the US, but ask an African-American how much. And almost everyone still has Christmas off, yes? So what are you doing in Miami?
28. #19
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (12.17.10)
I too have family that are modern orthodox and secular, and they show no outward appearance of being Jewish. I think that's the point of this article - if you wear anything that codes you a Jew, you are in trouble. I think, personally, you're out of touch of reality.
29. Evers family emigration is family tradition
Sonja ,   Netherlands   (12.17.10)
Besides Benzion, only one son of rabbi Evers' 11 children still lives in the Netherlands. The rest moved. This is from an article in a Dutch newspaper in 2006. After his pension the rabbi is going to emigrate as well. Although he recently told Van Rompuy he was going to stay. This is the true context of the hype.
30. if you look like you don't belong....
mira   (12.17.10)
maybe if this Jewish person learned to look more like a normal European in public, he would not feel so out of place. If you look like you belong in a different century or another planet - no wonder people look at you in the street.... It fits in with burqas and assorted backward dresscodes... Holland? Last week it was what, England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany?. Why don't all the Jews go to Israel? Get it over with- so we wouldn't have to read about it every other week. And don't bother coming back for holidays if you hate it so much-
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