Arab lawmakers: Rabbis' letter originated in Knesset
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.12.10, 16:33
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1. it canback fire, it probably will potray the arabs
gsea   (12.15.10)
as people who prosecue jewish religious people, or jewish in general. people who ask for revange should know it never sweet and 99.9% of the time it back fire.
2. Dear Arab members of Knesset, in the Palestinian Authority a
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.15.10)
person found selling real estate to Jews is punishable by death! Have you addressed this law passed by your brothers and sisters whom you support so much? Have you raised your voices at the many deaths that have taken place already as a result of the implementation of this law? No, we are not blind to what some of our Rabbis say, and the vast majority of Jews, within and without the Jewish nation-state of Israel, as you well know oppose these Rabbis, as our political leaders, left, right and center. Yet, none of you has ever raised your voice against the killing of people selling their private property to Jews!!
3. Cannot say I condone the practice, but if I
leo ,   usa   (12.15.10)
understand correctly both sides see it as legitimate way to oppose each other. Either both stop it or I could not care less about it.
4. is this not proof enough
david ,   jerusalem   (12.15.10)
that religions, all of them, are a virus that must be wiped off, or at the very least be kept private, and not a part of politics and society, just like astrology and tarot? Religion pollutes the mind of people, children are taught fantasy as reality, and always organized religion has set back the progress of intelligent civilization
5. MK Hanna Swaid's war
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (12.15.10)
In effect, it is a declaration of war! A war that you started being unloyal to the State of Israel. A war that you started flaming our enemies flag. A war that you started by expelling Jews from arab towns. Just that you thought that Israel patience is forever, and it's not! We are sick and bored of people like you who receive all the benefits, don't contribute to the nation and shout when we act not nearly as bad as you. Please MK Swaid, keep silent!!!
6. Rabbis ruling against arab renters
dlurya ,   irvine,ca   (12.15.10)
Where in Torah or Talmud, or anywhere in Jewish law does it say that Jews are not to rent to Arabs? Rabbis are not politicians, they are spiritual leaders. They of course have freedom of speech, and are entitled to their opinions, and anyone who desires to follow them, can do so. But to publicly announce such advise puts the onus back on Israelis for when the demand comes up that Arabs desire a judenrein state on the West Bank, they can defer to this letter, and condemn the Jews as hypocrites and apartheidists.. .It won't fly in the international public sphere either. Perhaps it should not have been a public statement. Being that the Arabs have been at war with Israel continuously now, since the inception of the Jewish state, renting to Arabs has to be done with caution and tact. If there is suspicion about a renter, then a background check can provide security information. The golden rule is always the best way to go, when in doubt. Remember the world looks up to us as its guiding light.
7. No better than bin laden?
John   (12.15.10)
People might not agree with a religious ruling but do these rabbis bomb embassies, the world trade towers, trains in Madrid and London, clubs in Bali and the list goes on. Not understanding the comparison to Bin Laden. Quite a faux pas
8. letter
Kenneth Cheeseman ,   Vernon, USA   (12.15.10)
Have they forgotten Germany in the 1930,s already?
9. Dear Ms. Zoabi, they didn't demand the death penalty....
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.15.10)
as the glorious PA does for Palestinians who want to sell their property to Jews! So do us all a favor, and shut your lying mouth. If the Jews want to protect their neighborhoods, who can blame them? It's not as though the Arabs are proving with their words and actions that they will be good neighbors, is it?? Looking for someone to blame for the rabbi's behavior? LOOK IN YOUR MIRROR!!
10. A suggestion..
Dan S. ,   USA   (12.15.10)
I suggest they ban the apportionment of Knesset seats to Arab parties - this would solve a lot of the procedural problems in the Knesset and save the taxpayers money.
11. That it to the PA who kill Arabs for selling/renting to Jews
Sorai ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.10)
At least Jews don't kill anyone. This is well known practice
12. #4 Arabs are not a religion. Islam is.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.15.10)
Which shows that your post is rubbish.
13. Wiuld H. Swaid sell Arab properties to Kadima ?
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (12.15.10)
As Nachmann Shai is supporting her position ?
14. Arabs are ALLOWED to discriminate against Jews Zoabi
Whack World ,   US-Israel   (12.15.10)
Your people openly discriminate against Jews EVERYWHERE they live but in a "Jewish State" when a handful of Rabbis retaliate, you condescend with arrogance and stupitidy. How on earth Zoabi is still a kenesset member is beyond any logic: had she been a congresswoman or senator in the US and participated in a 'flotilla' or the like, she'd have been stripped of her position, put in jail, fined into oblivion and shunned for life (look at helen thomas: the American public overwhelmingly shunned her and are completely disgusted with her). Israel: wake up! Who are you trying to please? How far are you willing to walk down the path of liberal fanatacism? Until you crumble? FIRE ZOABI AND THE INCITERS, THE TRAITORS AND USURPERS!!! ZOABI IS AN ENEMY OF THE STATE AND IS HUMILIATING ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENTAL SOPHISTICATION AND INTELLIGENCE!!!!
15. #12
Lebanese   (12.15.10)
The Knesset was discussing the Rabbi's letter, thus post #4. Which proves your understanding is, indeed, rubbish.
16. #4 Of course, this proves why China, North Korea...
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.15.10)
And the former USSR were such shining paragons of truth, freedom, intelligence, tolerance and progress. Oh wait...
17. @15 thanx lebanese dude
david ,   jerusalem   (12.15.10)
i was indeed talking about the letter and the racism, or discrimination or whatever you wanna call it that comes from it. and since this letter is based on the torah, according to the signing rabbis, this is enough to understand this torah book is very dangerous, very racist, and whose main character, the god, is very very dangerous, and nothing short of a criminal much like a german dictator in the 1930s
18. #2
frank ,   usa   (12.15.10)
Palestinians from Nablus or Hebron cannot buy land in Israel.
19. Ha'Kazak ha'nigzal
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.15.10)
Nobody screams louder than a thief who has been robbed.
20. MK zoabi not in prison yet ??
Trumpeldor   (12.15.10)
Her presence abpard mavi marmara speaks volume about her loyalties She shouild be IN prison or OUT of the country .
21. #18
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.15.10)
Palestinians from Nablus or Hebron cannot buy land in Jordan.
Rachel   (12.15.10)
No arab voiced or demonstrated or even suggested to ban such non-democratic law and then barbaric execution of any Arab selling personal property to any Jew. Arab leaders in Israel and around the world should be ASHAMED!
Rachel ,   USA   (12.15.10)
'War starts in Knesset.' comparing us to ben laden? MK El-Sana says. Can someone fire this guy? When is the next election?
24. # 2 Jehudah, I am proud to be a Jew, like you. Thanks.
Mark ,   White Plains, NY   (12.15.10)
25. Zoabi and her Ilk ... World CLass Hypocrites and Anti Semite
izzie irgun ,   zion   (12.15.10)
i get sick listening to zoabi speak ... she is the worst form of scum. She is the first to claim to be a victim and the last to criticize the arabs for their hateful policies and daily incitement How can that bitch say anything about arab rights in Israel when the Palestinians have a law on the books saying that if you sell land to a Jew it is punishable by death. Here's another fact: for peace Israel must remove every Jew from the west bank becausee none can live there wehn the PA takes over and at the same time they want to ship 5m refugees back to Israel. The Palestinians and Israeli arabs are all the same .. delusional anti semites who can't deal with reality. Truth is they are not getting Jerusalem back no matter what the world says and they are never sending their refugees back to Israel. As soon as the arabs deal with reality letters like the one the rabbis signed won't be necessary.
26. Zoabi belongs in Gaza - what is she still doing in the Kness
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (12.15.10)
et FFS?!! Israel you are allowing yourself to become a sad joke to all your admirers across the globe. STOP THE MADNESS AND DEPORT THIS EVIL BITCH TO HAMASTAN. She belongs there under a burka - suffering in silence.
27. I don't want Zoabi as my neighbor.
Moshe ,   Israel   (12.16.10)
And I am pissed off that my taxes pay for her salary. Any normal country would not have an enemy as a government member. The same goes for most of the Arab Knesset members. If she were in a Moslem country and went against the leadership she would have been put before a firing squad already.
28. She's a hypocrite!
Hillel C. ,   Jerusalem   (12.16.10)
Let's see a Jewish family move into an Arab village. The person who sold/rented to them would be murdered.
29. # 2.. very pathetic
Yosef ,   Canada   (12.16.10)
You know that Arabs in Israel are about 20%, while Jews in PA are about zero%. You also know that Arabs in Israel buy and rent because they live there and its part of,life to expand.. You also know that jews try to buy in PA to expand 'occupation', not because they cannot buy in their country.. So please stop the lies..
30. Zoabi is like a child she want to see
ghostq   (12.16.10)
until how far she can push the patience of an elderly, I have a feeling she is about to find out that even adults got limit to their patiense and they might send her to a time out. (does ever think she can kick her boss and not expect any punishment)
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