Construction of Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem underway
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.12.10, 19:16
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1. build-build-build
yehuda cohen ,   tel aviv   (12.15.10)
hopefully we are finally over the notion that the arabs want peace. they only want us dead we have to be strong and determined to grow and build
2. As long as Washington, DC is the site of construction, so...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.15.10)
...will Jerusalem, DC (Jerusalem, David's City). As long as construction continues in Paris, so will it in Jerusalem. As long as construction continues in London, Madrid, Rome, Ottawa, Wellington and Canberra, so will the building of houses and public places in Jerusalem. The common denominator to all of these places of course is the fact that all of them are the respected capital cities of their respective countries, Jerusalem, DC being the eternal capital city of the Jewish people and of both its ancient kingdom and the modern state of Israel.
Whack World ,   US-Israel   (12.15.10)
4. Will Arab kids still throw stones at tourists
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.15.10)
and try to intimidate them by hard-driving their donkeys in a menacing manner towards the poor, unsuspecting people, that are visiting the Mt. of Olives?
5. mount olives
fady egypt   (12.15.10)
is the mountain on which jesus the jewish messiah will come again on it from heaven and gather all the jews from the four corners of the earth and show them that he is the true messiah of the jews god bless israel and shalom
6. There is no East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem
Arab   (12.15.10)
As a reformed Arab, I think its ridiculous to think of Jerusalem as 2 cities, there is only one Jerusalem. Both Arabs and Jews can live in it but you really can't divide Jerusalem, that's ridiculous. So yes Jews can build in East Jerusalem, and non Jewish residents of Jerusalem should be allowed to build in the western part, if they want to move. Its simple, and enough of this. I think Arab states should stop asking for a Palestinian state with 'Jerusalem' as its capital. Non Israeli or Non Jerusalem Palestinians should be allowed to visit Jerusalem without a visa, but they shouldn't be allowed to buy property or work in Jerusalem. So take down the wall, and let's just have the Palestinian state with Ramallah as is its capital. I say no borders between Israel and the Palestinian state, both people should be allowed to travel freely. Only Israelis can not buy land or rent in Palestine, and Palestinians without an Israeli citizenship can not buy land in Israel. Most Setters can be given dual Palestinian/Israeli citizenship and some Palestinians can be given dual too but there can be rules to how much dual citizens can own or buy. The land is small, learn to share it.
7. I have just 3 words:
david ,   uk   (12.15.10)
8. Good Idea!!
jewish CANADIAN ,   Toronto   (12.15.10)
So when peace finally comes to the Holy Land Israel can use this and all otheri llegal settlements to pay reparations to the palestinians.
9. Israel needs to build for all its citizens
Rachel ,   USA   (12.15.10)
Most of arabs living in Judea and Samaria originally come from Jordan. Jordan is happy not to retake them because they are a burden to their society; same goes for Egypt with ppl from gaza which most are from Egypt. I think it is time for the US to pressure these 2 countries to make them live up to their responsibilities and take control of their people and let them back to their country of origin. They deserve to go back to their countries.
10. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.15.10)
Whatever makes you think that Israeli settlements built in non-sovereign territory acquired by Israel in the course of fighting a DEFENSIVE war are illegal? Silly you!
11. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.15.10)
And we're just supposed to forget all about six wars, all of them started by Arabs and won by Israel, and nearly seventy years of unrelenting terror, and the fact that each of the charters of the nearly thirty organizations each purporting to be the sole true representative of the "Palestinian" people call for the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination and/or expulsion of the Jewish people and the refusal of the "Palestinian" leadership to recognize the right of the State of Israel to exist in its ancient homeland and the refusal of the "Palestinian" leadership to recognize the unique identity of the State of Israel as a Jewish State .... and give the ersatz "Palestinians" a free pass for all of the foregoing. Sorry. Not a chance. Bygones cannot always be bygones. Besides, you people are way to fragmented to be trusted. There is no guarantee that today's ersatz "Palestinian" leadership will be tomorrow's ersatz "Palestinian" leadership. Sorry. There are always consequences to the actions people take -- the ersatz "Palestinians" need to take responsibility for their actions and grasp the reality that certain things simply cannot be undone. Israel will never evacuate Judea and Samaria; the settlements are there to stay. Deal with it and get on with your lives.
12. building infrastructure meaning Jewish baby factories?
observer   (12.15.10)
13. yes we can .... BUILD !
because Jerusalem is our holy city for more then 3000 years, it's our capital and it will remain jewish. Palestinians were never the owner of this country.
14. More pro-peace actions by the Israelis
Edward ,   Canada   (12.15.10)
The peace-loving Israelis engaging in more pro-peace actions. The World is tired of Israel's games...soon enough the UN will create the State of Palestine along the 1967 borders with or without Israel's consent. Just as the UN created the State of Israel in 1948 against the wishes of the Arab inhabitants, it is time to return the favor and unilaterally create the State of Palestine.
15. Go back to Europe, Russia, America
Fadi ,   Ramallah   (12.15.10)
The best solution is for Jews to go back where they came from places like Europe, Russia, and America. World War II is over, go back to your homes and leave us Palestinians alone!
16. Build in your homeland, you already have the God of Abraham,
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.15.10)
Isaac, Jacob's permission int he most widely circulated lwriting in the world- the Torah... ( "Israel") Enjoy it.
17. #6 Arab
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (12.16.10)
It was good to hear your point of view, although it sounds utopian. But one of the items missing in the present is Trust. This will take a very, very long time to build. Your vision may become reality, but it will be in the very distant future, if at all.
18. When Is the First Bar Mitzvah
BGrazen   (12.16.10)
please post so I can give Blessings.
19. #15 funny but my jewish ancestors are from Jaffa and hebron
20. fadi; #15
david ,   Melbourne, Florida   (12.16.10)
So where are the Jews who were born in Israel supposed to go? Or how about the Iranian, Iraqi, or other eastern Jews? Use your brain before you open your mouth.
21. 15 forgot about all Muslim States that Jews were kicked out
Alan ,   SA   (12.16.10)
22. Long life & health to Mr. Moskowitz
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (12.16.10)
A true hero. Kol ha-kavod! May many others follow your wise example!
23. Yahuah does valiantly!
Beaulah ,   Chennai, India   (12.16.10)
Let Israel flourish and Yahrushalayim be built and inhabited by the descendants of Yaacov...Let Yahuah's presence be known in Israel !
24. Fadi Al kafer no 15
JUDAH THE LION   (12.16.10)
Ya Fadi, Heb Alek,have you read your Quran? If yes, what is written? If not I will tell you.IN your Quran it is written """YA BNEI ISRAIL"""" BNEI ISRAIL YA AHBAL were YAHUD (JEWS) not KUFAR MUSLIMS) You have made BIG MISTAKE by saying the best solution is for Jews to go back where they came from places like Europe,Russia,and America.Israel,West Bank,and Jerusalem always been and always will be Jewish.Why you cal,l yourselves ARAB because your REAL LAND IS IN ARABIA.Please go back to Arabia,and give little respect to your Quran
25. #6 (& #17)
Non-Jew ,   England   (12.16.10)
Arab, That's a really lovely thing to imagine, but I'm afraid that, without the rose-tinted glasses on, I see it the way #17 does. Sadly, after so many years of hatred and fear between the region's Jews and Arabs, it would just result in a bloodbath. Even if, by some miracle, a peaceful, vibrant, viable Palestinian state were formed tomorrow, via mutual respect and agreement between the PA and Hamas, having recognition for, and the full blessing of, Israel; and even if not one further act of cross-border violence occurred, I fear it would still be a few hundred years before physical barriers could be taken down and your idea could realistically be put into practice, without violence starting up again.
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