Lebanon: We uncovered Israeli spy equipment
Roee Nahmias, AP
Published: 15.12.10, 20:03
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1. And these are just the ones they know about.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.15.10)
2. so, they knew when, where, ahmadinedjad went...
eporue ,   europe   (12.15.10)
...but no drone, no rocket from a plane, etc ? as there are probably more "spy-cams", they must also know where nasrallahs bunker is ?
3. Why cams and not drone? Not IDF is why.
Daweed ,   Saana   (12.15.10)
I bet these are Iran camera. Why would IDF bother with camera when they have best UAVs in world?
4. spy cameras
zion4life ,   canada   (12.15.10)
nice try hezbullshit.....we all know hezbullah placed them there ...these idiots couldnt spot anything if it was in front of them ,so again nice try....keep trying harder....long live war we will finish u all once and for all b;h
5. #4 - I agree. Notice the lens faces into the rocks
William ,   Israel   (12.15.10)
and not outward towards Beirut as claimed.
6. if the photos are true someone in 8---- must be fired
someone ,   paris   (12.15.10)
the camouflage is catastrophic and the reconnaissace preparation is a scandal....
7. there were three systems two in the mountain
tea man ,   marjayoun   (12.15.10)
one at the sea acroos sidon israel blow up the one at sea but lebanese army arrest some agents and they chasing another group icluding some israeli
8. lebanese Crying To u.n. While
Brazen   (12.15.10)
hizbullah Has Been Amassing an ARSENAL which includes scud missiles from iran/syria connection, which happens to be the LARGEST SPONSOR OF TERROR worldwide. hassan your ass will soon be grass and the IDF is the lawn mower. YELLA
9. Ahfwan hassan sayeed nassrallah
Brazen   (12.16.10)
Kifuk: Did you smile for the camera?
10. # 3 Daweed
Hal ,   Usa   (12.16.10)
Why indeed. Really Daweed, this is what passes for science fiction in Hezballahstan [aka- Hezbonia]. Hassan had his boys stage a crime scene and then calls the vaunted Lebanese Army in to have a look at what they found while out hunting for wild mushrooms in the mountainside. How nice of them to help in the defense of the Homeland. Actually they were planted by the tooth fairy.
11. #7 tea mannequin
Hal ,   Usa   (12.16.10)
Have you ever considered a career on Lebanese television as a comic? You are very funny. No, really!
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