Congress: No to Palestinian statehood declaration
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.12.10, 08:49
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1. I thought the Representatives to mind their house after 9.11
Yaffa ,   Palestine   (12.16.10)
2. Why can't Obama demand of the Arabs to accept, now, Israel's
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.16.10)
RIGHT to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people? Indeed, why doesn't Obama ever use the phrase "two-states for two-people" but does call for a "Palestinian" state without ever making reference to the acceptance of the "Jewish" state's right to exist as such? It is time the American public, through its representatives, asked these hard questions of Mr. Obama and demanded of him to accept - unlike the Muslim-Arab world - Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. P.S. The phrase that Mr. Obama has been using, "two-state solution" is NOT an answer. The demand of him ought to be "two-states for two-peoples"!!
3. 2012 is right around the corner. goodbye hussein obama
David ,   Haifa Israel   (12.16.10)
4. Berman , you are a great Zionist.
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.16.10)
Israel is thankful.
5. The headline on the title page is misleading!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.16.10)
Read the Hebrew original and try and translate properly. The article does not say that the House of Representatives is forcing Israel to recognize Palestinian statehood. The article states that the House is supporting Israel and will not recognize a uniliaterial declaration of statehood by the Palestinians. You MUST get your translations correct!!!
6. yaffa.
JUDAH THE LION   (12.16.10)
So you are proud of 9/11
7. What If
Only in Isreal   (12.16.10)
A bouncer from Moldova brought to Palestine and now F.M. would not Ok a Palestinian state? will he be sent to the Congress for a lap dance?
8. # 2 because Barakah Hussein Obama, religiously, doesn't
Ruth ,   Seattle, WA USA   (12.16.10)
believe Israel has the right to exist as the national home of the Jewish people anywhere in Eretz Yisral.
9. no 18 Muslim from UAE
Yaffa,you mean if any country will not agree or to be on your side you ARABS will use violent? WATCH OUT YAFFA,one day the world will be tired of you.
10. Israel was forced in Palestine, time to force Palestine also
Ann ,   UK   (12.16.10)
11. The “South Africa moment” will come soon : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.16.10)
Recognition of Palestinian state is American interest ....Recognizing Palestine would aid the America's War on terrorism by eliminating a root cause of anti-American sentiment. Polls show that the most important issue to Arabs and Muslims across the Middle East is the United States’ handling of the "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict. America will join the world's largest club, and will recognize Palestine at the end of the day : )
12. 6 & 9
Yaffa ,   Palestine   (12.16.10)
Only Israelis can go before the UN and get a state??? Congress does what AIPAC tells them to do. Palestine will have to give the finger to both, just to have freedom and justice.
13. #11 Salma
Gabi   (12.16.10)
So you admit that terrorism comes from Islam? Are you really so naive that you believe recognition of a PA state would stop terrorism? Not according to the Oslo Accord and not according to the Islamic terror organizations who want to destroy Israel. Nice try, but your "solution" has no legs upon which to stand. Since when do you you care about American interests anyway? The fact is, you don't. Keep dreaming.
14. Abbas & Fatah self-destruct.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.16.10)
A unilateral declaration is going nowhere. Without American support, even the EU will be forced to follow America's lead. Even China & Russia have serious reservations about setting such a precedent. Arab, South American, & some African states can support a unilateral declaration but this is esssentially meaningless. The Palestinian leadership has climbed up a tree & can't get down. Obama's bungling has screwed them, royally. With this avenue blocked, where are they? The answer is NOWHERE. They can't negotiate either - without making concessions, negotiations will go in circles. And, they can't make any concessions - they painted themselves into a corner. Now, we have to hope that our own politicians don't screw everything up as they are wont to do.
15. Meanwhile, here in Israel ......
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (12.16.10)
You can expect a big campaign by some unscrupulous & unprincipled politicians to undermine the Netanyahu government. Actually, this campaign has already begun but it will pick up speed. This campaign will of course be supported by the media. And, as in the past, the current impasse will be described as urgent, dangerous, a crisis, the same crap arguments for more concessions advanced. Every attempt will be made to blame Netanyahu (never the Palestinians) so that some lousy politicians can trade our national interests for power. And Netanyahu? His political instincts will be to co-opt the arguments to protect himself from left-wing criticism. Rather than stand strong to protect the country, his first reflex will be to protect himself. This is the process that has led us to the lousy situation we are in today.
16. America not recognizing Palestine...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.16.10)
and more or less backing Israel, is what keeps it great, and somewhat Christian. I personally will never forget the wonderful senator from Washington State, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, who although a non-Jew, may have done more for Israel, than many of them combined.
17. 12
JUDAH THE LION   (12.16.10)
18. Yaffa.Yaffa. Yaffa
Eran ,   Singapore   (12.16.10)
No wonder , with your distorted delusions and lack of rationale you and the Pals will not go very far. Don't mess with Israel. Israel will lick you together with the Congress. senate and US public opinion at all times. Maybe you will have your Pal 600 years. Keep waiting.
19. An unimportant non-binding resolution
Legal Eagle ,   USA   (12.16.10)
The courts have ruled that the constitutional power to recognize other states is vested exclusively in the President and the executive branch. Berman's resolution violates those precedents and the doctrine of the "separation of powers". It would never pass judicial muster as anything other than a non-binding "sense of the Congress" resolution.
20. # 18 Thank you ---> big time
Dick   (12.16.10)
21. It is high time Obama and not Congress should place limits
Gary ,   St. Louis Park, MN U   (12.16.10)
on the Muslim world, including the Arab world, with regard to the Arab Israeli conflict. But as time progresses, it becomes clearer that Obama inherently is tilted toward the Arabs and can't depart from his built-in hostility toward the Jews. I didn't realize it two years ago. I certainly will take it into consideration two years from now!
22. Muslims of Palestine.
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (12.16.10)
The muslims of palestine have had a country to call their own since 1946. If they want to live in their own country they should stop being lazy and take the twenty mile bus ride to Amman.
23. Peres stated the other day
Israeli ,   T.A   (12.16.10)
" In this era missiles can be fired on us not just from Gaza, but even from Alaska" We want to have peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs
tony ,   nigeria   (12.16.10)
25. to #11 the south afrika is also against
ghostq   (12.16.10)
violant, once they will see how violant pali r than they will give up the idea of waisting money and time on palis.
26. everyone focuse on USA, they forget about Russia
ghostq   (12.16.10)
today after the huge violant riots against Muslims in Moskaw, is just the tip of the iceberg, soon you will see right activists against Muslim immigrants around europe, in the UK 2 weeks ago, and the right wingers get full momentum since the only thing left wingers proven is coruption of public funds.
27. Unfortunatelly, "Kosovo" case shows othervise...
John ,   Europe   (12.16.10)
US do not have THE influence anymore. Therefore, weather US recognize Palestine or not, it is significant, and even relevant, but not crucial. UN? Who cares about them anymore? They are now only a self-reason organization, the organization whose sole reason of existence is tradition of existence. Their purposes are nullified, their rason d'etre (to prevent wars) proved to be void. So - US or no US, we should see what the other superpowers, like China, Russia, Brazilian-dominated countries, India and Europe think and decide to do.
28. 11-Dont wait for SA Moment-It is a different Ballgame take
Alan ,   SA   (12.16.10)
it from me.... Your buddy and some even say, co religionist will be out in the cold soon...You see what even a Democrat Congress said and how they voted!
29. US congress saying no. to jesse #22
elsie ,   gush halav   (12.16.10)
They say that ignorance is bliss, but in your case ,well ,what can i say, perhaps you will learn as you get older, there is always chance, so don't give, keep learning!.
30. maybe its not so bad
tony ,   ny usa   (12.16.10)
Because if they have a state fatah and hamas will destroy themselves over who will be rulling gaza. LOL !!! And then they will be no more palestinians LOL!
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