Congress: No to Palestinian statehood declaration
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.12.10, 08:49
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31. #12; Yaffa, and his laughable myth
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.16.10)
Who do you think wields more power AIPAC or OPEC. The average car in the U.S. uses over 600 gallons a year. Between 2002 -2003; 7,667,066 were sold, and that is just for that one year. In a country with around 307 million people and about 200 million cars using 600 gallons/year with a gallon of gas just under $3 dollars/gallon, you do the math. So you think the puny $6-$7 million dollars AIPAC gives during an election cycle (with amounts to maybe $5-$10 thousand dollars per candidate) is enough to control the government of the U.S., how foolish. As opposed to the trillion dollars a year we spend on gas? Which can control a major section of our economy. Get off the "Protocols" kool-aid and come down to earth. In addition to that for every 1 Israel PAC there are 3 Arab PAC's. Just because you don't understand how our political system works, doesn't mean you the right to spread your ignorance.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.16.10)
Well, do you want a country? Stop the blame game and sit down and talk. While the UN has 192 countries that are members, 57 of those are Muslim nations. Which is why they always get resolutions against Israel. And why the Palestinians never have had even a single Resolution condemning their criminal rocket attacks against civilians. But Israel does have an ace in the hole. It's the U.S. and our veto power to stop anything we want. We support Israel here in the U.S., by popular opinion, always have and always will. Of course some here in the U.S. don't like and even hate Israel, but they are the minority opinion. We know freedom when we see it, and Israel is the real deal. None of it's neighbors even come close, plus, we know their people hate us and our freedoms. it really is that simple.
33. congress versus the president on Israel
ed ,   reno, america   (12.16.10)
its about time the congress got some guts and told obama no to his blatant pro palestinians stance. i am getting so tired of obama and his puppets (clinton and mitchell...) proclaiming we are Israels friends but trying to force Israel into a peace agreement that only benefits the palestinians. i am tired of obama spitting in the face of G-D especially since he claims to be a christian what a sad lie.
34. Israeli towns, to #22 Mr Yakov
Elsie ,   gush halav   (12.16.10)
#22, my talkback was for you Mr Menachem Ben Yakov, my apologys to Jesse, you see ,even i must learn not to mix names.
35. in 1999 congress passed a law moving embassy to Jerusalem
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.16.10)
where is it now??
36. Salma, stokholm bomber did not attack because of israel
37. Mark 32 - that means it's the US that has the ace...
SD ,   Londanistan   (12.16.10)
not Israel And congress has zero power over how the US votes in the SC. So some time in 2011 it will be all down to Obama to save you...interesting...
38. The Height of Arrogance
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.16.10)
Palestine does not recognize the legitimacy of Zionism. It is actually "Israel" that is both illegal and impermissible. The White Paper made it plainly obvious that Jewish immigration into Palestine was illegal and hence no "statehood" for Jews could come out of breaking the law.
39. I agree, the Obama administration should not wait for
Jerry Kay ,   Kensington, MA USA   (12.16.10)
Congress. It must declare openly and directly that it would do everything within its ability the proclamation of a Palestinian state unless it is agreed in direct negotiations with Israel. But Obama's heart has never been in the right place, never, and he is the one for whom we, Jews, voted. Never shall we do so again unless we see a major change of heart by the President with regard to Israel. A place to start, as someone already suggested, is for Obama to call for a two-states for two-peoples instead of just a two-state solution.
40. Arab State
Filipe ,   Portugal   (12.16.10)
Apparently you are too ignorant to realize that thye UN provided for and approved an Arab State at the exact same time and via the exact same resolution that created the jewish state of Israel. The only differebce being----- the Arabs rejected the offer!!! What a bunch of fools!
41. Not over yet
Matt   (12.16.10)
While that is good, it will only increase the Administration intentions of changing the Israel Government via regime change to deliver a government that will give Obama what he wants. Neither houses can prevent that from taking place. Which is why in a worst case scenario Liebermans disengagement policy for Gaza and the West Bank is a fail safe option, that prevented a viable unilateral Palestinian State and preserved the Israeli Government that was elected by the Israeli Public and formed on the direct of the Israel President. If the Administration conduct regime change then the puppet they have elected will have to be disposed in an internal coup.
42. As always, Jehudah, # 2, you are spot on.
Peggy ,   Manchester, UK   (12.16.10)
43. #12 No
Andrew Brehm   (12.16.10)
When the UN partitioned "Palestine", they created an Arab state as well. But Jordan and Egypt invaded it.
44. Dime-a-dozen "resolutions"...
Persian CAT   (12.16.10)
The fact there was "no vote" for this non-binding "resolution" put out by the Zionist agents posing as US representatives makes this and other ones like it utterly worthless. So worthless the US media don't even bother mentioning them. The American people would not be very happy to be informed their "representatives", some of whom are against extending their unemployment benefits, waste their time supporting the Apartheid regime.
45. #22
pal ,   pal   (12.16.10)
will leave your place when you leave ours . glad the US is showing it is real colors ..never been an honest broker anyway . glad they are telling it like it is .with no ambiguity .
46. #32. Who died and made you the...
Persian CAT   (12.16.10)
spokesperson for the US?!!! "We support Israel here in the U.S., by popular opinion..." Speak for yourself, boy. True majority of Americans support Israel's security, BUT majority of the Americans oppose Apartheid. Haven't you heard that? Next time ask the right question, you'll find out for yourself.
47. Yes, Mr. President
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (12.16.10)
No problem ! It will happen right after you gave California back to Mexico.
48. #32 - support for Israel and support for Israeli policies
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.16.10)
do not go hand in hand. You also don't speak for all US citizens.
49. I really doubt about peace odds
Eyal ,   Israel   (12.16.10)
Israel won't ever relinquish her 1967 boreders. These boreders are the boreders from the babel that god set for the jews. And in my opinion even if Israel will relinquish and a peace agreement will be sign there won't be a actual peace in the area and the Arabs won't stop lunch missles to israel and keep to desire to eliminate all jews.
50. #46 Persian Cat
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (12.16.10)
Come on! There is nothing that resembles Apartheid in Israel and most Americans are intelligent enough to know this. The closest thing that resembles Apartheid in the Middle East are the other countries that discriminate against Jews and Christians. Why do you think the majority of Israeli Arabs would chose to stay in Israel when a Palestinian State may be created>
51. Kudos to the House for what's right !!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (12.16.10)
Say NO to a terrorist muslim state on Israels border, until they accept Israel as a Jewish state and negotiate directly with Israel. Otherwise send these infidels back to arabia and jordan. They have a pal state in jordan. Let them move to jordan.
52. Not One Inch of Jewish land Surrendered to the Enemy!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.16.10)
All Palestinian Authority maps show the new state of "Palestine" covering ALL Israel. The murderous intent is Jewish genocide and the transformation of Israel into an Islamic state. In Islam, the world is divided into the House of Islam, Dar al-Islam, the 56 countries conquered by Islam; and Dar al-harb, the House of War - countries not yet conquered by Islam.
53. gaza = palestinian state
david ,   uj   (12.16.10)
54. Nour or Noura
We do not need you to recognise SION or ZION. We Jews have your Quran who recognise the JEWS and legitimacy of our HOLY LAND OF ISRAEL,which is more than you.
55. Rami 35
JUDAH THE LION   (12.16.10)
In 1999 congress passed a law moving to Jerusalem. Rami,you must know how politics works. USA embassy will be in Jerusalem just wait & see
56. it sounds like a joke....
zabar-bie ,   erez nehederet   (12.16.10) recognize a Palestinian state with Israel's approval.... Who are we to approve or disapprove of peoples dignity????
57. money talks
SAM ,   USA   (12.16.10)
when people lose their jobs here in the US because the whole world stopped byuing our product and seeking ulternatives to teach us a lesson ..they are angry with us denfending people like you who do not want peace and just make us look bad . Obama is doing a great job of disingaging guy . the only guy who will show you that if you don't listen ,will not play your game .
58. A bunch of zio-puppets ,...
split   (12.16.10)
59. To #1 Yaffa
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.16.10)
Indeed - this is also what Osama bin Ladin expected after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But Americans are made of stronger stuff than that. Muslims might have cowed the Europeans with threats of terrorism, but not the US. We have and will support Israel, Muslim terrorism notwithstanding.
60. palestinian state
john orighoye ,   girona spain   (12.16.10)
nobody wants a palestinian state. every body only wants to destroy israel and the easiest way to destroy israel is by creating a palestinian state. john 16/12/10
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