Nasrallah: We’re not scared of Israel
Smadar Peri
Published: 17.12.10, 17:55
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1. To us life is scared.
Moshe ,   Israel.   (12.17.10)
They even kill their own families. The Arabs are a strange race! That says it all!
larry ,   philadelphia, USA   (12.17.10)
Grow up already. Hezbollah is nothing but a bunch of undisciplined arragent children playing with weapons. The IDF is a professional force which could distroy Hezbollah if they didn't have strong moral and ethical standards that they adheare too. Unlike the anamilistic children of Hezbollah they live by the rule of law, both man's and G-d's. If you attack you will lose once again. It would be incredabbly stupid. But then again, very few that I know, would accuse most of your followers of being very bright.
3. nasrallah
Ken ,   Australia   (12.17.10)
Some one needs to tell this fool that time is comeing for him, in his last moment he will see , land, sea, rivers and mountains, and before he takes his last breath, he will see the jewish flag on all of it. This lebo- arabo dog and pony show is so ridiculous is insane, why this idiot has capacity to blow up israel territory with its buzz bomb arsenal is anyones guess, the encirlement the entrapment and the delegitimization psychology of these people is no more, all it is a dog and pony show, the palestinians have an opportunity at this time to understand that the jews are giveing them land for peace , not arab land, jewish land, so when the arabs want to understand this they will know how to make peace with there jewish neighbours, untill then there wont be any sanity , because all the land is jewish from the sea to river and where ever the bibble sais it is. So hopefully in the near future we will all really know why your stupid guerila actis called the party of G_d, because thats where you will be in the next round blown out of existance.
4. Pretty Funny in a Way
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.17.10)
Nasrallah states from his "hideout" he is not afraid. Uh, OK.
5. Nasrallah: We’re not scared of Israel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.10)
Of course not! He lives in a bunker thirty-five feet underground for the lovely view, right?
6. The end of Lebanon as we know it.
Uri   (12.17.10)
his words will destroy lebanon i hope the lebanese people will come to their sense before its to late.
7. Not afraid
GOOD ,   USA   (12.17.10)
That's why you live in a hole in the ground, like a rat.
8. for a guy not scared of Israel he sure
Barney ,   USA   (12.17.10)
stays underground a lot. What he means is I am not afraid to let others die in my hatred for Israel.
9. Yawn
izzie irgiun ,   zion   (12.17.10)
Not a day goes by without another threat from the big fatty. this guy should get a day job playing santa clause since has the look. we all know where this is headed ... a major confrontation that will rock lebanon for years. yes nasrallah will get a few rockets off and do some damage but nothing compared to whats coming for Lebanon. then we will see how all the brave talk by him and his syncophants in governement deal with a country in ruins. Bibi is no Olmert and the IDF is so ready for the fight that nasallah 's head will spin when its unleashed. and for all his brave talk, what did the fatty do when the IDF went after hamas ... sat in his bunker cowering in the cornor.
10. Yeah ....don't give up an inch of your land!
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.17.10)
While you are at it......immigrate to Europe and the United States and take their land too. Then build up a good lie....and tell them you were always in their country and Muhammed rode his horse up to heaven from the roof of the White House. The lie worked the first time. Why not try it again? Then you can call US citizens Jews....and kill all of them in the name of Allah.
11. The voice from the sewer ....
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (12.17.10)
12. "He's not scared." He's not a good liar either.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.17.10)
The fat sloth won't show his face in public for fear Israel or some Lebanese hero will put a bullet hole through it. (and he's right to think that.) Too bad Hariri won't stand up and tell his citizens to attack every Hizbollah dirtbag they can find so they can take back their country. I know, who ever kills a Hizbollah dirtbag get to keep the dirtbag's property! Cars, homes, appliances, etc, everything! Open season on Hizbollah! That will work! Mr. Hariri, announce that 'hunting season on Hizbollah' is open and let the country become free once again! The Hizbollah cowards will soon fade to nothing and nasrallah will slime his way back to Iran. You will be the hero of Lebanon and make up for what they did to your father. Are you man enough to lead your country?
13. we are going to flush you down the toilet
JL ,   israel   (12.17.10)
14. The big bad wolf is grinding his teeth
josef   (12.17.10)
When will the IDF stop bragging regarding the next war with hezbollah. Let them open their big mouth while leading their men in combat if or when the time comes
15. Israel stand between armies of darkness and EU
16. although nobody is accusing hizbullah of being scared..
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.17.10)
the fact they feel they have to say this, in itself, says something very obvious to the contrary.
17. not afraid?
Pedrito ,   NYC   (12.17.10)
why don't you leave the bunker then? there is nothing to fear! you are not scared! Oh please, you are even scared of the rats in your own bunker.
18. Nasrallah
tm ,   USA/Israel   (12.17.10)
Really...not afraid, just pointing out the obvious..ok thanks for the FYI....and BTW is there a mouse in your pocket because if I remember correctly you are in hiding, Mr Nasrallah. Is this article newsworthy?
19. Really??? Then why you always hide when there's a war??
D   (12.17.10)
20. Then why do you hide in your bunker
Dyslexic....... ,   Israel......   (12.17.10)
you rat.Nasrallah you start a war ,Lebanon will be sent back too the stone age.
21. you'll never recognise Israel ? ?
josef   (12.17.10)
Who the hell gives a Sh...t what islam's 'head Pig" has to say. We will never recognise a bunch of hoods, thugs, goons, hoodlums, outlaws, criminals; in essence, the best crap nasrallah was able to muster. muhammads rejects.
22. Sayyed Nasrallah is correct
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.17.10)
"Israel" is scared of Hezbollah : )
23. Hizbollah may not be afraid of Israel, but Lebanon should be
Rivkah   (12.17.10)
With 40,000 rockets, any attack on Israel by Hizbollah can no longer be considered a skirmish by radicals. It will be a war with Lebanon and the major cities of Lebanon will be destroyed in the latter days Scriptures tell us with an overwhelming flood from YHWH and with fire. Hizbollah and Lebanon had best make peace with Israel and keep the peace. It is true 2/3 of Israel will be killed in the wars toward the end of the Gentile era according to Zechariah the Prophet and only 1 in 10 will survive in the cities with Israel being America, Britain and Judah in the Middle East. BUT the retaliation will kill a third of mankind or two billion more people. Then famine, plagues and wild beasts will kill another quarter of the earth's population. Every country that attacks Israel will be destroyed which includes not only Middle Eastern Muslim nations but Venezuela, Columbia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea and any other nations that attack America and Judah and Britain.
24. I am not scared... says the man sitting in the bunker for 4
Vladimir ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.17.10)
25. Between two evils, choose neither
frank ,   usa   (12.17.10)
26. Not really, Salma
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (12.17.10)
of "Palestine": - how many Israelis are shivering in underground bunkers from fear of these cowards? However, the leader of the pack - that fat bastard in the black diaper - never dares to poke his head above ground. How is it, by the way, Salma, to live in a mythical country? You are always placing quotes about the name of Israel, yet it is a long-recognized legitimate country. Palestine must be where dragons and fairies exist - can't find it on any map.
27. To Rivkah!
Felicia ,   Israel.   (12.17.10)
Everything you write is correct. It is all written in the bible. Thank you for your wonderful talkbacks.
28. You
Brazen   (12.17.10)
should be, because this time you will loose everything once and for all. Your scourge will be eliminated for lebanese soil with blessing from within?
29. im starting to think Nasrallah is Mossad
pini ,   usrael   (12.17.10)
30. Really a curious guy, this nasretcetc...
Paolo ,   Israel   (12.17.10)
In the midst of 2006 war this son of a bitch told the press that, if he could have foreseen Israel’s reaction to the kidnapping of the 2 soldiers (may their soul be blessed), he wouldn’t had given the kidnapping order to his snakes. Now, what does he want to mean with this posting?
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