Convictions upheld in murder of French Jew Halimi
Associated Press
Published: 17.12.10, 22:07
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1. French Anti-Semitism
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (12.17.10)
18 years for the kidnapping, torture and murder of a Jew is a slap in the collective face of ALL Jews. We are not here to be slaughtered like cattle. This was an offense that required a firing squad bullet to the liver so that he could bleed out slowly dying and in agony as a message to others.
2. wtf?!
pini   (12.17.10)
they torture and murder someone and rtecv 18 F'n years! WTF! I hope they die in prison and if not i hope they are slaughtered when leaving.
3. I hope they rot in prison and in hell
Sandy   (12.18.10)
4. I wish they would be tortured for years
Korem ,   New York, USA   (12.18.10)
These kinds of people deserve no pity, and no remorse. I wish they would endure unspeakable tortures for many years and be killed at the end.
5. Dan Titusville FL
Elizabeth   (12.18.10)
Great thinking. But who has the courage to do that. The french are as weak as water!
6. Why are the French Only Giving Up to 18 Years
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.18.10)
Why? Why? Why? These inhuman monsters should be given the death sentence or at least life in jail without the possibility of parole. I am disgusted at the despicable and EVIL French lack of justice for a Jewish victim who suffered unspeakable acts perpetrated by fiends from hell.
7. Precious IIan, We Will NEVER Forget You!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.18.10)
Dear llan: The police did not inform the public about your abduction; preventing an alerted public from helping locate you. Preventing millions around the world praying for you. Apparently, the police did not trace the phone calls and e-mails your captors made to your family-it was reported in the communications, your captors referred repeatedly to your Judaism, and recited verses from the Koran as you screamed in agony. Dear llan, you will never experience the undying love of a wife, the young woman who would have been your life-long partner. You will never know the children you would have had - come running towards you with outflung arms, "Abba, daddy, I picked these flowers just for you!" You were going to make aliyah, for G-D said in the Bible in Ezekiel 36:28: "You will live in the land that I gave to your forefathers." Jews gave the world so much: Civilization - knowledge of the One true G-D, the Bible, G-D's laws that protect! And huge numbers of discoveries in medicine, science and agriculture, etc. way beyond the Jews' small numbers upon this earth! A fullfillment of G-D's Biblical promise, that through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, all the nations would be blessed! llan, a light went out in the world when you left it! G-D promised in the Bible, a future world where the violent ones will never again hurt another human being. We will see you, then, llan. Until then, precious llan, we will never forget you.
8. the death penalty is all they deserve , I hope that when
rachel ,   usa   (12.18.10)
they get out in 18 years they get the sentence they deserve
9. I hope these primitive criminal humanoids
di   (12.18.10)
will rot in prison and someone will find original ways of torturing them to their agonizing death - just like they did to Halimi. May G-d punish these Jew haters !
10. What the hell do you all want?
josef   (12.18.10)
this is " la justice Francaise " applied with uppermost ' political correctness '.Even cops don't dare going into the Parisian casbah, the Marseille casbah, the Lyon casbah .And to counter the US 100 Million$ arms deal. why not top it all with only "100 " missiles to Lebanon. What a rotten America, what a rotten France,what a rotten islam.
11. Such unfounded rumors !
Remi ,   Paris   (12.18.10)
No, the guy who killed Ilan Halimi (Frenchman with Ivory Coast background) was not being rejudged, he was condemned last year to lthe maximum penalty in French law, life in jail. No, the story about Coran readings was declared false by the lawyer representing the victim's family. Most of the accused were not muslims nor arabs. It was a horrible affair, no need for making it worse by attributing it only to antisemitism.
12. French police afraid of going into "casbahs" ?
Iris ,   Paris   (12.18.10)
I wonder how this canard started in the US and Israel press. I live here and can guarantee they do. Only thing that happened is that Sarkozy made away with neighbourhood police ("it is fine to play basket-ball with the 'youth', but your job is to make arrests", he said). Now, we have huge groups of armed -to-the-teeth policemen pouring at dawn into troubled neighbourhoods and brutally arresting people at random, which doesn't make them very popular, of course.
13. Control.. no ritting lately...
viva ataturck   (12.18.10)
They are under control . This europ. It better late than never.
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