Israeli companies outsourcing to Palestinians
Associated Press
Published: 23.12.10, 09:28
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1. dont worry, some stupid rabbi
steven ,   Tel-aviv   (12.23.10)
dont worry, some stupid primative rabbi will say it's evil, and ruin this too
2. Because they are skilled engineers ,not cuz they're cheaper
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.23.10)
See, Even the "Israelis" themselves are helping to build the Palestinian state, Go On : )
3. Israel-Palestinian cooperation
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.23.10)
This is the way true peace will be made, not by politicians taking stances, or by Obama and clinton trying to dictate to us. Only Israel and the Palis know and understand the situation on the ground and only they - ordinary people - can truly make any form of peace. If only the politicians would stand aside and let ordinary citizens get on with the job.
4. Makes me smile...
Israeli ,   israel   (12.23.10)
This is how true peace is avheived.
5. Cooperation between the two entities
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (12.23.10)
are much more likely to come about due to to hardheaded business and economic reasons than purely political ones. Palestinians can also play the part of middlemen between Israeli technological innovations and growing Arab needs and requirements. Arab countries do not trust doing business with the state of Israel but would be far more prone to discuss business with other Arab speaking businesspersons as represented by Palestinians. Good business relations and the benefits which come with trade and enrichment will be a compelling factor in establishing improved mutual relationships. In that case, most Palestinians will want to see the destruction of Hamas as it is Hamas and associates which advocate for the destruction of Israel no matter the price (others pay for).
6. Jobs for Arabs but not for Haredim
Haredi who works ,   Dearborn, MI, USA   (12.23.10)
Please don't give that crappy excuse "none of them want to work!" I would make aliyah in a minute if I knew that I could find a job in Israel with skills that I have gained over 20 years in the automotive industry.
7. smiling
Palestinian SW.Eng. ,   Germany   (12.23.10)
I am truly happy to hear this, and wish it improves, I see a lot of advanced research in my area being done impressively by Israeli institutes and think cooperation will help both sides towards their own better. p.s. I cant believe there are some comments could twist such plain normal and promising article content into arguments between both sides!
8. Welcome to palestinian scientists and engineers
Yossef   (12.23.10)
It is like a thermodynamical system, we must wait for the thermalization of the process, it can take times, but there is no other way. Nature has its laws. To Salma: you seem surprised, what did you think?
9. Always better off working *with* the Israelis
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.23.10)
This really is an old story. The Palestinian Arabs have always done better by working with Israelis than against them. Arabs in the newly captured territories did spectacularly well under the "occupation" of 1967-1987: rapid economic growth, substantial improvement in health care and education, and the rest. Then came the first intifada, Oslo, and the Arafat regimes. (We know that story.) Whether it was working in Israeli greenhouses in Gaza, commuting to jobs in Israel or in factories in the West Bank, it was all done under an Israeli administrative and security regime. It's the same reason Arabs in eastern Jerusalem are moving to the "Jewish" side, why Arabs in the Triangle don't want to fall under the PA, why Pals in the West Bank want to work and shop at Ramy Levy stores.
10. High Tech
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.23.10)
High Tech Workers in Israel must be on guard for this or they will be like the replaced American High Tech workers who lost their jobs to low pay India.
11. talkbacks, peace etc
dennis ,   Nj USA   (12.23.10)
sitting here in NJ, reading this article about the Hitech cooperation, and reading the comments that have appeared so far in talkbacks. I was musing how nice it would be to convene a face to face meeting with some of the folks who seem to have the most to say about Israeli/Arab affairs. Salma, Sarah B, Matty Groves, Raymond, Larry from Safed, etc., etc. anyone have any ideas? thoughts?this meeting would be worth a trip to Israel!!! id like to hear some thoughts. Maybe Ynet could arrange??
12. Israelis could help even more, Salma,
Anna ,   Canada   (12.23.10)
if only not your blatant hatred and narrow vision. You too got a well-paid job reading Ynet 24/7, posting your arrogant, ignorant and destructive talkbacks. What would you do without your Iranian sponsors?
13. This Is A Wonderful Story
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (12.23.10)
14. outsourcing
sas ,   israel   (12.24.10)
a great idea. once the average palestinian realizes that good relaitons is best for all - peace will come. it will not be quick but it is a beginning. we need to make peace with the people not with the leaders. unfortunately the leaders (on ALL sides) are only interested in knowing when the next meeting will take place and where.................they want to travel, keep their car and salary. the future of their country is not on the top of their agenda - only their pockets.
15. To #6 - Haredi who works
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.24.10)
Bring me a haredi candidate who's qualified and I'll hire him in a heartbeat. Bring me one with no qualifications for the job and I won't. It's that simple. BTW, I'm secular.
16. To 6 , Charidi who works
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.24.10)
You are working , and most charidim abroad do it . Did you receive special conditions because of your religiosity [ modesty and so ] ? Here Charidim want special conditions , environnement , feminine presence , food and so on . Let me tell you that for a person OVER 40 years . charidi or secular , it's not easy to find a job , even with skills
17. Outsourcing
Dr salahudin Ghafoor ,   Witan england   (12.24.10)
THis is the future ! I am optimistic about such cooperation. There is a lot of Arab and Jewish Talent we should tap in all areas, away from hatred -to true Islamic tolerance and away from arrogance of the extremists - of both sides
18. losing out to india
Sam ,   NYC   (12.25.10)
Ralph Levy Don't worry, Israeli high tech people and Israelis in general are not as dumb as Americans are. Remember, Israel lives in a permanent survival mode and has a parliamentary system where leaders can be changed if people really get pissed off at them. Not so in America where there's no national policy, plan or regard for Americans who can be replaced by immigrant or outsourced labor. There's no cultural, ethnic, or economic solidarity, or economic class consciousness (by design) in the US. Americans don't even protest in the streets, unless given permission by the police. So the system is safe from worker discontent. Not so in Israel. One hopes.
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