Rabin, Begin to appear on new banknotes
Zvi Lavi
Published: 20.12.10, 15:08
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1. It's our currency too!
moshe ,   jerusalem   (12.20.10)
While Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin were Israeli leaders, they were highly controversial. Do they represent shared Zionist Jewish values, or political agendas? Perpetuating cults of personality is divisive, and unworthy of Israel's creativity, mission and heritage. Would it not be more appropriate to display a rendition of Rachel's Tomb (the original), Machpelah, the Western Wall, or the Israeli flag? Why not display faces of children representing different groups that have made aliyah? Our currency reflects who we are as a nation. Cherished symbols serve to bring us together as a nation; politicians don't. Contact ministers and the BOI committee:
2. #1 Moshe, you're right but it's a miracle
Shalom   (12.20.10)
that the Arab lover Stanley Fischer is not suggesting to include the faces of Abbas and Arafat as encouragement for the foolish Peace Process. It’s time to take to the street to protest this injustice. Israel, a Jewish country, ought to include GREAT JEWS like the Hazon Ish, instead of the most anti-Israel self-hating Jews destroyers of the country, on Israeli currencies?
3. We have Rabin but no Ilan Ramon
zionist forever   (12.20.10)
Rabin is the man whose achievements include giving land & Galil rifles to terrorists. Begin its possible to argue he has earned the right to be on there. Rachel the only reason she is there is for the feminists who want to see women represented. Shaye Agnon a writer nothing more not somebody who made great contributions to the state of Israel. Where is Ilan Ramon? He is a hero who with remarkable achievements like bombing Saddam Hussains nuclear reactor and he was the first Israeli in space which are great achievements & contributions to the country. Lets get away from the current system of putting political figures on the money lets either start using non political individuals who have contributed to the state or lets go down the route they did in the 50s where they had fictional characters that represented what Israel stood for at the time. A scientist and a manual labourer They were the pioneers of this new state. Not real individuals but it represented the dreams for what Israel wanted to become. Why not today have symbols of fictional individuals responsible for the kind of things Israel wants to represent in the 21st century
4. #2 - And your name is Shalom?
Joker ,   Scotland The Brave   (12.21.10)
5. to #3
Samuel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.21.10)
You mean a turkish on a bulding site and a thai on the field?
6. Move to the Abstract
blash ,   Jerusalem   (12.21.10)
20 NIS bill - depiction of workers in the field 50 NIS bill - depiction of Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, symbolizing education 100 NIS bill - depiction of scientists/high technology 200 NIS bill - depiction of the Israeli flag flying over Jerusalem The real question is, why not?
7. 5 & 6
zionist forever   (12.21.10)
I am sure there are a couple of other things we could think of to to replace the turk & thai In the 50s they did at one point go with landscapes of Israel on the money which I think would be nicest. I just think its time to get away from putting useless politicians on the money. If we don't change it then there will probably come a tie when Peres is put on a note and thats even worse than Rabin.
8. Rabin on paper money? Use coins, no Oslo failure there.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.22.10)
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