Stabbing victim 'found God' in Israel
Roi Mandel
Published: 20.12.10, 14:14
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1. Funny, I was under the impression that evangelizing and
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.20.10)
proselytizing was illegal here? If it is not illegal, it should be. Then we could keep out all the misguided people with a hidden religious agenda who serve no useful purpose in being here--regardless of their personal views about Israel or wanting to be here here to "help" others.
2. A price for tolerance
American Sabrah ,   Givas Shmilkeh   (12.20.10)
And what were we saying about the "racist Rabbis" who decreed against renting out flats to Arabs? Maybe you Arab kissing self hating leftists should think about this tragic incident before you shoot your mouths off about racism against Arabs.
3. :: Hmmmm
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.20.10)
"The impression I got from the police was that they weren't certain about Kay's story and did not believe her account" - Pileggi Well no surprises here as Wilson's story sounded bogus from the start. Interesting to note that Luken came to Israel just to visit Wilson, maybe this is one reason why the Israeli police searched Wilson's apartment.
4. How can it at all be possible??
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.20.10)
You mean to tell me they weren't equally impressed with our rich and glorious Palestinian history ?! :)
5. The Leftist UnJewish government in Israel will forget this
Solutions ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
in less than 1 day. solution: capital punishment for terrorism. Period. end of sentence. dot at the end of the line. solution: Jordans heir to the throne? a "palestinian". 78% of Palestine mandate Land? In Jordan. 80% of population is palestinian? In Jordan. Jordan = Palestine. "Palestinians" get law of return to Jordan, and residency in Israel where they now live. Arab Muslim refugees compensated and Arab Jewish refugees compensated. End game.
6. had it truly been a terror attack ..
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
police and army would be all over the media declaring it. I doubt it was.
7. What is wrong with you people?
Israel   (12.20.10)
This woman was stabbed to death in the most horrifying way - she was robbed of her life, her family were robbed of her. She wasn't here in some terrorist training camp - she was a pretty woman with a love for life and this country - now she's dead. It wouldn't be the first terror attack on anyone here, it sure won't be that last - but each one is horrible.
8. that's the price of love.
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.20.10)
love is so expensive. .. you must be ready to pay the price of love...To all those who love "Israel" ,take care !
9. So, Wilson is a Missionary Also?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.20.10)
10. Christia missionaries, whose main purpose is to convert Jews
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.20.10)
Are visciously attacked by Arabs who probably mistook them for Jews. The surviving women obviously is one of the many here who made Aliyah under false pretense, than do missionary work, the goyish name combined with the star of David was a red flag for many readers familiar with these types here. Of course because of the brutal circumstances no one would say so. The surviving women is involved with illegal activity, and mad Aliyah under false pretense. This nation has no shortage of these missionary types claiming to love our history and culture, wearing stars of David, taking Jewish names, but in all actuality, they infiltrate this country under false pretense, and their activities are twisted and subversive, they wish to convert us, they portray themselves as Jewish, and than attempt to convert Jews. Sorry, I have no sympathy, for them. Christians who wish to convert us are not friends, I don't care if they think they are doing it out of love. If their way is so wonderful, why is their means always deception. No, I'm not glad these women were attacked, but I am truley tired of these missionaries, I have more respect for the Muslims, at least they are honest about their evil intent. The cosmic Irony(justice?) of someone, posing as Jewish who's true purpose is to convert Jews, being attacked by Arabs who no doubt mistook them as such, is not lost. All talk backers say what you will. As my favorite Rabbi once said," Here is one Jew in Israel who could not care less!" The Jewish Agency is a damn trjan horse, concerned only with producing #'s and not caring at all that they are subsidizing the arrival of missionaries, left wing radicals, Neo Nazis, and criminals. Of course, as usual, no one cares. Israel claims to have the largest Jewish pop., this is complete b.s., the US still does, the true # of those here that claimed to be Jewish to make Aliyah, but who are not at all is completely staggering. Iran, Syria, Hezbolla, Hamas, Fatah, just be patient, The Jewish Agency will do your job for you, all these non Jewish immigrants vote, they vote for parties like Kadima, Led by Livni, who used to lead the Ministry of Absorbtion by the way, and it is quite obvious that that witch is hell bent on destroying Israel and internationalizing. Laura and Hadassah(fake Jewish name) and all of "innocent, loving, caring", Kaye's missionary friends who were posting on here yesterday, you can all kiss my Jewish ass, you are unwelcome guests, with zero respect, and you have the nerve to lecture us in our country, on how to act on our Jewish newspaper Tb's. KISS MY ASS!
11. Wait!! CMJ is in Israel to steal Jewish souls and Arabs
Yehuda   (12.20.10)
stold one of their souls and they are crying that it was nationallistically motivated - a terror attack? Why don't we take a look at their records to see how many Jews the CMJ spiritually attacked?
12. Whoever she was or whomever she represented
Israelit ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
This lady didn't deserve to be so brutally murdered. May her family and loved ones find comfort and healing in their faith. Proselytizing isn't the issue here, murder is.
13. #1
Myriam ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
Then please add all the ultra religious we already have Inside Israel to that group please? I for one am more annoyed at them, harassing my kids in the streets, than the ones from outside who actually love this land and sometimes even volunteer in the army! Kind of do A lot more than the religious Israeli sector does!? If already, let's use this law equally also on Jewish religious missionaries, wearing black kippa's and clothes from the dark ages. Or maybe let us keep "Freedom of religion" alive in our Land for once? We can't have it both ways.
14. Salma #8
Myriam ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
Salma, you are a complete moron! I pray you reap what you sow!
15. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.20.10)
Are you suggesting that all those who love Israel are in danger of their lives at the hands of terrorist "Palestinians" such as yourself? Do you know more about this story than meets the eye? Should the police be looking into your activities?
16. #6 Then what was it?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.20.10)
The two middle-aged women stabbed each other over a love triangle? A drug deal gone bad? Rape (by a Jew)? Robbery (by a Jew)? So far, these options do not appear very likely, and terror attack is still the leading possibility. And for your information, the reason for the lack of clarity over what happened is due to the police imposing a comprehensive media blackout until the investigation is completed.
17. Palestinian muslims kill Americans on regular basis
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, USA   (12.20.10)
Those who are interested can find on internet a list of hundreds of Americans killed by palestinian thugs.
18. Wilson is a tour guide who leads foreign christian tour
JO   (12.20.10)
groups in Israel for the regular ten day tour type of thing. Working part time. Israel has a lot of such tourists Jewish tour guides take in abundance and hundreds of thousands come yearly. It's a job. As to her personal beliefs who cares, do you ask your tour guide if he is an atheist before you use him/her? Do you check his politics? No, tour guides do their job and work the market, or should only christian tour guides guide christian and so on, plenty of Jewish tour guides would be out of a job. Such biases are medieval in my opinion.
19. How Is It...???
ELI F. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.20.10)
That this "Fakestinian", "Salma", has a comment on EVERY article that appears?! No matter what the topic, this vile, hateful and pathetic individual, has something useless to spew. Could it be that maybe, just maybe, she "Works" for Ynet??!!
20. Salma and Pizza
Kate ,   London, UK   (12.20.10)
For the last week, whenever Salma has posted one of her Israel-baiting messages, I have send a pizza and soda to the IDF. Do what I do and help Salma support the Jewish state.
21. Salma.. I will tell you in spanish
milly   (12.20.10)
Tu eres una de SALMA !! means= You are a person WITHOUT SOUL!
22. #1 Rachel in TA
Dallas ,   Canada   (12.20.10)
Why do you automatically assume that she was evangelizing, why do you spit on her efforts to support Israel? I am a great supporter of Israel but to hear such resentment against Christians makes me think twice. Don't let your bitterness alienate you from your allies worldwide.
23. Tragedy
yaakov ,   USA   (12.20.10)
My heart goes to her family. This is a very sad situation. I am a Jew but this still makes me very sad.
24. agree
Shulamit ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
Totally agree with Rachel !!!!!!
25. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.20.10)
Brian, in all due respect, where does it say that Kaye made aliyah ? Have I missed something ?
26. #6
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.20.10)
Nobody knows yet whether or not it was a terrorist attack, but nothing is proven or disproven if it turns out that this incident is a fight between two friends or a criminal act (by a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian). We all know that Abbas and Fatah preach murderous attacks against people who look Jewish, and we all know that Fatah specializes in attacking women and children. As an Israeli citizen you should be the first who condemns Abbas' calls for murder and violence and should be the first to demand an agreement without the corrupt criminals of Fatah.
27. don't bother replying to salma.
martin ,   uk   (12.20.10)
weeds need food to flourish and crops require shit to grow. I have asked her a few times some questions that she is unable or unwilling to answer. my friends, let's be honest here. she is cursed as a so called pal. not even abdullah of jordan wants her, along with all the arab nations. not even islamic turkey wants her. she takes ignorant pleasure out of other peoples suffering, as she posted here.. remember proverbs, "correct the wise and you will be loved, correct the ignorant and you will be hated. pretty obvious which category she is in. let's face it, would any non arab east and west bank settler wish to become a so called pal? excuse me while i vomit at the very thought. atslakha
28. Fear G-d and not the missionaries!
Noa   (12.20.10)
Why do you have to fear missionaries and say ugly things about fellow humans? This surely does not serve G-d nor Judaism. Be an example to your fellow Jews and you will not have to be afraid for their Jewishness. Panim Yafot, Hev're! This article is about two ladies and a mystery.
29. A Palestinian young man was shot in Binyamin region
Moise   (12.20.10)
By Jewish terrorist and no one mention the crime in the media.
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (12.20.10)
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