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Chief rabbis: Fight 'abortion epidemic'
Published: 22.12.10, 07:43
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1. Do Halachic Duo have solution to economic issues?
John ,   Europe   (12.22.10)
Children do not grow for free. From dippers till tissues - it takes money. Economic issues, I can see, are not even in question (although they are the main reason for abortion). Typical for people who get their money from state and do not have to show any results to their employer.
2. In generations past, the wisdom of giving birth in a
Rivkah   (12.22.10)
different place like sending a pregnant teenage daughter to relative who live far away and then giving the baby up for adoption or a relative raising the child away from the immediate circle of acquaintances and family was wise. The problem with abortion in or out of marriage is manifold. An early life first trimester abortion almost always results in breast cancer 25 or more years later since the mast cells (milk cells) that are forming in the first trimester fester and eventually become cancerous if an abortion stops their growth. An abortion causes emotional trauma in the woman that is lifelong. It destroys a marriage or a relationship emotionally if not by divorce or separation. Something dies in the marriage along with the fetus. I have know women who suffered lifelong regret at an early life abortion. It is the loss of a child, so the trauma of that loss is there and it does not go away. Has anyone wondered why King David did not insist Bathsheva have an abortion rather than to plot the death of her husband Uriah? The murder of her husband although a terrible sin could be forgiven by God, but I don't think an abortion can be forgiven by God. Why? The murder aspect of abortion can be forgiven by God but not the failure to provide for one's own. Whoever does not provide for his own, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever, Scripture warns. When a woman who was at one time a school teacher I knew who mourned all her life about an early life abortion, died of breast cancer later in life caused by the abortion, YHWH showed me she lacked a wedding garment necessary for her soul to enter YHWH's Kingdom. She thought she was going to heaven before she died, but she did not YHWH showed me. I asked God why. The answer was that she denied the faith by not providing for her own when she aborted the child. If she had given birth and given the child up for adoption, that would be providing for her own. Another woman I knew had a child who was three years old when her husband died in Hawaii where they lived then. After she was widowed, she was attacked and brutally raped. The rapist went to prison, but conception had occurred. Donna decided to give birth to the child, fearing for her immortal soul if she had an abortion even of a rapist's son. Joey was born and was raised with his sister Elisa by Donna's mother in San Diego. Donna was not able to cope with life normally after such severe blows, so her mother took charge and raised two grandchildren.
3. When a child is conceived, the child does not belong to the
Rivkah   (12.22.10)
biological mother and/or father. It belongs to YHWH. Aborting a baby is robbing YHWH of His child that was conceived by His Ruach HaKodesh. That is a serious offense. How would you feel if someone killed your child? That is how YHWH feels when one of His little ones in the womb is murdered. He is not happy about it. He is greatly distressed and grieved and does not want such people in His Kingdom.
4. As if women do it for fun !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.22.10)
If they do it , it's certainly not with pleasure , and in most of the cases , because it's needed for them .
5. Reducing abortions, and reality:
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.10)
How does one really reduce the abortion rate? Those countries, who deal openly and honestly with young sexuality, have the lowest rates of abortions and sexually transmitted diseases. These same countries, also facilitate open and non-judgmental counsel of youths, including topics that our culture lags far behind. Homosexuality, contraception, AIDS and a long list of "taboo" subjects, are handled poorly by Israeli society. Those conservative and repressed, often highly religious cultures make the mistake that teaching abstinence till marriage, solves this problem. Until our society faces the reality of human nature, this problem will only get worse. Those who rely on the response that more strict adherence to the Torah, will solve all societal ills, do us a disfavor.
6. 4 - Actually, they do "do it" for fun; then the consequences
Oded   (12.22.10)
Certain behavior produces certain consequences, and abortion is included in that package.
7. Abortion is not Soul-Killing
David Chester ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (12.22.10)
You cannot kill a soul, only a physical living body or feotus. In fact as far as the soul is concerned an abortion might be tghe best thing so that it does not have to suffer along with its mother the stigma of unmarried pregnency and "bastard" existance in this world. BE LOGICAL!
8. #1 it's called birth control
blash ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.10)
If you're not married, and don't want a kid, don't have sex. That simple. If you are married, and don't want to have a kid, use proper birth control. Use a condom, use the pill. Abortion is not a substitute for birth control. Furthermore, and this is a concern in Europe as well, that the West is in a demographic race against the Arab world. It's a tragedy not just for the babies but for all of Israel when Jewish babies are aborted. Our birth rates - except for the Hareidi birth rate - are not high enough as it is. The macroeconomics involved with children is something the government should help with because keeping demographics in balance is an existential security matter for Israel.
9. Abortion not always necessary
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.10)
I was over 40 when i consulted my gyno,who said i was pregnant,and gave me without asking me ,if i wanted abortion, the adress of an abortion specialist. I was very chocked.Because of my belief ,i would noway do such thing without valable reason.Now i have Thanks G-D a fabulous daughter , a great son in law with grandchildren who are one of the greatest joys of my life.
10. 50,000 a year? Sounds inflated....
John ,   Be'er Sheva,Israel   (12.22.10)
Given about 3.5 million women in Israel, assuming most of the women who get pregnant are aged 15 to 50, based on the demographics info from wiki, it means that each year, about 1 in 30 to 35 women in that age group have an abortion. Sounds much too high, especially given that the haredi, arab, and national religious sectors have very few abortions.
11. 7 David Chester: The soul of an aborted fetus
Rivkah   (12.22.10)
as well as the spirit go back to YHWH. Only the physical body is killed. But the biological mother and father have agreed to murder if both agreed. Not only that, but they have conspired not to provide for their own which is denying the faith and cannot be forgiven by God. For the mother, breast cancer is almost a certainty later in life from an early life abortion. For both mother and father, unless there were compelling reasons like incest, rape or the mother's physical life was in danger, the eternal souls of the female and male who aborted the baby will be turned away from God's Kingdom for a sin He cannot forgive unless there are dire circumstances. The unbelieving are not subject to God's laws, but they are going to hell anyway. For believers to abort a child without a compelling reason is to condemn their own souls to eternal separation from YHWH. The worm (soul) never dies for the fetus, the aborting mother or the consenting biological father. Malachi the Prophet said the worm (soul) never dies. So whether in eternal torment or eternal comfort, the souls of those who are conceived and aborted or those who are conceived and are born on earth never die.
12. Adopt these children
Sarah ,   NY, NY   (12.22.10)
My husband and I struggle with fertility issues. Many other couples do. Set up programs where these children could be adopted into loving homes.
13. 6 Oded . They do abortion for fun ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.22.10)
Read my whole TB , and try to understand , if you can .
14. Aborting is like tearing a lottery ticket
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.10)
Any woman could be pregnant of a jewish genius ,who would contribute gloriously to science.
15. 1John Europe
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.10)
In some countries in Europe people with children receive money from the state.
16. @ Rivkah #2
Yehudit ,   US   (12.22.10)
Where did you get your medical license??? There is no correlation between early trimester abortion and the later onset of breast cancer. It may be a coincidence that some women will develop breast cancer in their lifetimes, but it is not necessarily due to an abortion.
17. Unwanted children should be adlopted, rather than killed.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.23.10)
Many posters have outlined many reasons why abortion is an abomination. It denies the preborn child the right to life; the most fundamental right of all. It is bad for the mental and emotional health of the non-mother. It damages relationships. It deprives Israel of much needed Jewish people. We should make every possible effort to bring down abortion rates as much as possible. There is no good reason why every unwanted child should not be adopted, rather than killed.
18. #1 There is help for "economic issues"
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (12.23.10)
There is an organization called Efrat (recognized by the US Congress) that helps Israeli women having financial difficulties with food, diapers, cribs, strollers and other baby supplies.
19. 16 Yehudit, US: Sadly, the studies show I am correct.
Rivkah   (12.23.10)
The mainstream news media have suppressed those studies just as the studies that show mammograms cause cancer have been suppressed from the public. There is a world population reduction agenda at the highest levels of governments and shadow governments around the world like the Council of Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, etc. you can read about in a political science textbook at a university. Since the 1960's there has been a tremendous increase in the number of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. With the surge in the breast cancer rate, many doctors are reporting that it has reached a crisis stage. In November 1994, the National Cancer institute (NCI) released a study conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Cener, Seattle, Washington. The research showed a definit link between aboritn and the surge of breast cancer. This research also confirmed about 30 previous studies worldwide which had established this deadly link. These studies started in the 1960's, and since the late 1970's, this link has been known. Joel Brink, Ph.D., professor of biology and endocrimology at Baruch College of the City College of New York, has been crusading since 1982, to expose the danger of aboriton as a major factor in causing breast cancer. Brind tried to get his research out to the public. He blanketed the media with press releases of his findings: however, not one single magazine, newspapter or news service reported the findings. Brind contacted foreign medical journals, and his research was reported in the British medical journal "The Lancet". His article in this journal was read by administrators at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Beth Israel Hospital where he held positions as a faculty memeber and research investigator respectively As a result of this article, he was immediately fired from both positions. Brind's crusade has been ignored or trivialized by the media and the aboriton industry. Is it possible that these studies and Brind's cursade are being ignored, so that the killing of children can go on unhindered? Quoted from page 36 in God's Final Warning to America by John McTernon.
20. #2: I see you use magical religious science & psychology
Santa Clause ,   Tel Aviv   (12.23.10)
I know women perfectly healthy physically and mentally who have had an abortion. I know of women who have commited suicide because of religious guilt and believing fairytales. Anyway, if a fetus has a soul, then gets aborted, it goes to heaven, so the fetus wins. And it was all part of G-d's plan anyway, because He's omniscience. Yey!
21. @Rivkah: Who is this YHWH guy you talk about?Got his phone#?
Shmuel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.23.10)
How do I know it's not just your imagination coming up with these stories of a man in the sky who thinks this and that? How do I know the people who told you what he thinks didn't just think this magical man up? Hmm...
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (12.23.10)
23. Mothers turn selfish against children - Its Torah curse!!!
Josh   (12.24.10)
If the Rabbis want to stop the epidemic, they can fight G-d who put the curse here which many chose, or they can do their job of leading Israel back to choose life as G-d wanted it. Because the people have been misled (and I falut the rabbis), they have lost the true observance of Torah and thus the curse of mothers turning selfish against their child is raging right on schedule. What the Pharoh could not do in all his power, we have chose to do to oursleves out of selfishness and to our nation. How humiliating and sad, mothers do what the midwives refuse to? Where are the fathers in this? So sad. Torah curses are real and the unborn pay the price here. Get on track.
24. #23 Ironic G-d labeled it "choose life"
Greg   (12.24.10)
The symbolism of the curse is so loud why people don't hear it, G-d only knows. If people don't choose life, they are pro abortion (choose death). Choose life in Torah or cry for choose life for the aborted - todays modern gas chamber no one seems to mind.
25. Result of Leviticus 19:29.
sojorner ,   Jerusalem   (12.24.10)
Whether resident or sojorner, the law should apply to everyone. It has to be the law of the land and what needs to be done to encourage the high standards of Torah should be done. This fight is a good fight and for a very worthy cause.
26. Dozens? Really? Not Hundreds? Its murder.
Josh   (12.08.11)
27. Abortion
imogen ,   SA   (12.10.11)
Ok, so let's be "logical". You have 2 abortion methods: *suction abortion *chemical abortion *suction abortion: a plastic pipe is jammed into the uterus, baby's body parts gets sucked out *chemical abortion: the mother drinks a tablet wich cuts off the oxygen-supply to the foetus, who then suffocates until dead. The baby comes down, the mother will see the tiny body. To the mom: abortion increases her risk of cervical & breast cancer. It plunges her into PASS-post abortion stress syndrome. Each time she see a child in the street, in the family-it reminds her of the life that was taken. She will get flashbacks & nightmares. Abortion is a relationship destroyer-with parents, with family, with spous. Certain smells or sounds triggers the memory of the event. It is a raw wound continoually ripped open and that cause a lot of trauma. She needs to go for councelling. Fathers of the abortive child also go through PASS-they must also be guided through a grievance process.
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