Qassam explodes near kindergarten
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 21.12.10, 11:56
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1. The scum hold Shalit and fire rockets. Is Bibi impotent?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.21.10)
2. While Jewish children are being targeted, Mr. Carter calls
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.21.10)
for those targeting Jews to have independence..., perhaps to be at liberty to mass murder more Jews, Mr. Carter...??!! P.S. this message goes out to all, in southern America and Europe who think the mass murder of Jews is the thing to promote, by giving those attempting to do so to the Jews a prize, an independent state...!!
3. Major surgery required ...not ...MDA .
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.21.10)
4. Ah, yes, a kindergarten
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.21.10)
Target of choice for "Palestinian" terrorist scum. Don't bother sitting back and waiting for the hue and outcry from the international community. Of course, were Israel to target a Gazan kindergarten -- and that would be a BIG blast, because it is very well known that terrorist scum cache their weapons in schools and hospitals -- well, the Security Council would convene on that. Do you suppose the ersatz "Palestinian" terrorists appreciate the fact that by caching weapons in schools, they turn those schools into legitimate military targets? Me, personally? I don't really care. I think Israel should pay the terrorists back, target for target. You target my school; I'll target yours. The fact that Israel has better weaponry and better aim has nothing to do with it. Anyone care to take a guess how many schools were destroyed in the Allies' carpet bombing of Germany? Or the United States' incendiary bombing of Tokyo? I'll wager quite a few. Quite a few thousand, actually. But what despicable scum are those "Palestinian" terrorists? They would have stand on tippy-toes to crawl under the belly of a viper.
5. A sweep operation is required
Mike Rifkin ,   Omaha USA   (12.21.10)
Operation Wrath of God 2 is needed.
6. Where is the international outcry......
Galut ,   selah   (12.21.10)
the silence is very very revealing !!!!!!
7. Time to Rid the World of Hamas-
Informed and Unfazed ,   US-Israel   (12.21.10)
and ALL pali/arab extremists. The world has completely lost its mind in a stoopor of ignorance and stupidity. Hamas is the enemy not only of Israel but of the world. Israel must finish what it started with "Cast Lead" which was a HUGE mistake to stop. Gaza needs to be cleaned out permenantly, sending a strong message to hezbollah and the world that Israel will fend for its well-being with concerns to the reality on the ground...not the worlds liberals popularity contest. DESTROY HAMAS NOW...enough is enough...time to gain some vision, destroy the enemy once and for all and begin unifying ALL of Israel under a common set of goals and purposes. There is ALWAYS HOPE!!!
8. Any other country would regard this as an
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.21.10)
act of war and retaliate. Except so. korea and Israel. So. korea is afraid of the no. korea's nukes and Israel is afraid of world opinion. Our alleged leaders and the I.D.F.General staff are afraid of being tried by the world court or arrested in some eurabian country. They are not afraid of the wrath of the Israeli public. We sit here docile and let these fools endanger the lives of our citizens. We should hit gaza with extreme force and make them live in fear of their lives. Let their citizens worry about their lives and the lives of their children. Let them know there will never be a pali state on Jewish land and each terror attack will be followed by a massive bombing of their cities and towns.
9. Why don’t we hear from the ANIMAL RIGHTS / BETZELEM org?
Shalom   (12.21.10)
This is the typical Arabs style of peace which somehow the warped Leftists minds still do not get. Even if the Leftist government of Israel would be foolish enough to give them the entire Jewish state of Israel, except, of course, Tel Aviv, you wouldn’t get anything better than bombs from this peace loving nation who are out to run the world.
10. Are the BBC inept, unprofessional or biased or all three?
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.21.10)
Consider The TOP current Headline is as of 21/12/10 09.58 UK Time 'Israeli air strike on Gaza Strip Israeli jets carry out air strikes in the Gaza Strip, injuring at least two Palestinian militants, amid rising tensions' No a word, whisper about the Kassam Rocket Attack on a Kindergarten Call this professional coverage of this sensitive issue? To coin a phrase.. This is not the British Broadcasting Company Its the Biased Broadcasting Company!
11. No doubt Amos Yadlin is HAPPY right now !
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.21.10)
shame on him!
12. #10: Tim - I suggest to address these questions to the bbc
put pressure on them   (12.21.10)
to report the truth.
13. Aza must be annexed and the enemy population shown the door
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (12.21.10)
It is the only solution we have not yet tried
14. Don't wait for disaster
Brod ,   USA   (12.21.10)
Israel should not wait for Hamas rocket to kill her children in school before taking out Hamas. It is time to dethrone Hamas once and for all. Do it in a one-day operation to cleanse Gaza of this cancer and let pro-Israel Gazan professionals rule Gaza with Israel's help.
15. It will get much worse before it gets better. Zephaniah
Rivkah   (12.21.10)
the Prophet said Gaza would be forsaken (it has) and Ashkelon will be a desolation (hasn't happened yet) and Ashdod will be driven out in the noonday and Ekron rooted up. But then YHWH will kill every Philistine (Palestinian) on the coasts of Canaan (Israel). Apparently, the Palestinians are going to get possession of much more land along the coasts of Israel. But after that they will all die. How? Scriptures speaks of an overwhelming flood (tsunami) and also fire and brimstone and hail from heaven coming on YHWH's enemies. Sounds like Orcus, Nibiru, Planet X will be used by YHWH when it passes the earth most likely in 2012 to eliminate some problems for Israel. People should move away from the coasts in low elevation areas around the world, not just in Israel.
16. Where is Hilary's reaction ?
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (12.21.10)
The silence of our so-called partner for so-called negotiations with a so-called nation for a so-called peace is deffeningly quiet.... As always at times likes this Israel is alone. So, Bibi , it high time to unleash the wrath and stop the kassams once and for all...The lives of Israeli children need, deserve and are worth the protection. They deserve to grow and learn to be the best Jewish human beings they can be.....You have a motive...They attacked unprovoked, its an act of war...
17. Occupation is the disease
frank ,   usa   (12.21.10)
18. #4: Sarah B: Let me get this right
Frédéric ,   Paris, France   (12.21.10)
Surely you are not implying that because the Allies committed war crimes by bombing schools in WWII this entitles Israel to commit war crimes today, correct? Of course those who sent these missiles near the school did commit a crime (even assuming they were not necessarily targeting the school given the low precision of their weapons), but again, they are thugs, while Israelis are supposed to be civilized, correct? So I cannot understand why you call for bombing the Gaza schools, or at least claim to be totally indifferent to it. It does not make sense from a supposedly civilized person.
19. pathetic cowardly Bibi will not defend his country
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (12.21.10)
would any normal country,tolerate daily rocket attacks aimed at their children in kindergartens?could you imagine if mexico would fire daily rockets into the U.S,would there still be a mexico? people of Israel it is obvious that this criminaly insane leftist self hating regime,will not lift a finger to defend their citizens,please,please rise up and get rid of this abomination
20. Kasam near kindergarten
dbanai ,   Beersheva, Israel   (12.21.10)
Where is the Iron Dome???????????
21. 'We have conveyed clear messages'
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.21.10)
Right ,like Israel opening up more trade with the Islamic terrorist enclave. What a message you are sending dear fools. Why has the quick and agile lion that roared at Entebee turned into the paralyzed kitty with a faint purr ? Those who target your children are playing you pussycats like a cheap furball. They know you are greatly restrained by your peace pimps in Washington.
22. and you expect peace
frank ,   usa   (12.21.10)
Palestinian children grow up “under the Israeli occupation, surrounded dayliy by cruelty, oppression, killing, starvation and destruction.60 percent of them their father may be dead or in prison, their brother killed, their home destroyed, and their mother forced to give birth at an Israeli checkpoint,and you ignorant cry about Qassam explodes near kindergarten
23. frank #22
Brod ,   USA   (12.21.10)
Judea and Samaria are Israel's liberated historic homeland-Land of Israel. The Land of Israel belongs to Israel since ancient time from the time of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel). It is the Land of the Jewish Nation. There is NO need to spew the occupation crap of the Arab Islamist-Jihadists who originated from the Bottomless Pit of the Arabian Desert in the 7th century.
24. #15 Rivkah
Gabi   (12.21.10)
So it is written. So it shall be. There are amazing things taking place in the heavens. As a local example, do a search on "NASA Solar Observatory's First Shots." Look for two things. The first is an article on how magnetic cracks in the sun will cause increased solar storms. The second is on the left-hand side of the page. It is a photo of the sun using a blue lens. The caption is "Storms Rock Whole Sun," and the article is quite interesting. I hope it has not changed by the time you read this. I think we are in for quite a ride in the next couple of years.
25. Where is international outrage?
Yaakov ,   USA   (12.21.10)
Where is the international outrage by all the human rights activists that Jewish children are being targeted and having missiles shot at them? Nowhere? What a surprise. I forgot that it's ok if it's Jews but its worth protesting if a PallyArab stubs his toe on a Zionist pebble in the road.
26. Hey Goldstone !
Paul ,   USA   (12.21.10)
You had better start another report, on Israeli war crimes. I hope you're reading the latest news, about Israelis targeting innocent Palestinian civilians, with rocket - wait !
27. #12: Copy of E Mail sent to BBC
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.21.10)
Hullo Sirs I am rather concerned about your latest/last report on Israels Retaliatory Air Stiikes against Gaza still posted - yet makes no reference to todays totally indiscriminate Missile which struck an Israeli Kindergarten School. Whilst you are always at pains to emphasise that these indiscriminate attacks rarely cause injury as if to lessen the seriousness of these actions - when such attacks actually cause injury - they escape comment by the BBC. Is that fair, impartial, and professional? Mmm
28. To #8 Freddy
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.21.10)
Looking at these posts, I see one American (17) that says Israel got what they deserved and one ersatz "Palestinian" (11) who seems to think that an Israeli would be glad that Jews were targeted by their enemies. And lots and lots of people who are frightened for their children and angry because children were attacked by thugs. (actually to call them thugs is an insult to the _thuggee_, devotees of Kali, whose behavior was far more honorable than that of Hamas) Perhaps if it were your children targeted by the Muslims your country so admires, you would understand how they feel. Especially since national Israel feels alone - what with "civilized" nations like EU member states actually rooting for Hamas. :(
29. correction: post #28 responds to #18
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.21.10)
apologies to Jason - I mistyped.
30. # 27
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.22.10)
Kudos Tim. I wonder if the BBC will oblige you with a reply ?
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