Air Force bombs several targets in Gaza
Ynet reporters
Published: 21.12.10, 18:36
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1. Enough of these Terrorists!
Erk ,   London Canada   (12.21.10)
Bombing kindergartens? What is Hamas trying to prove besides making the world wish for their speedy departure from this world. I hope G-D can forgive the souls of these terrorists after the IDF sends them to meet HIM. (And I hope the IDF sends them packing soon). Stay strong, Israel!
2. It is time the leaders of terror are targeted.
Said ,   Nablus, PA   (12.21.10)
3. Yasher Koach!
Yaakov ,   USA   (12.21.10)
Great job Israel!
4. INTENSIVE, continued attacks on hamass can stop the rockets.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.21.10)
Anything less is just encouraging them.
5. Why do we always have too wait for them
Dyslexic......... ,   Israel.......   (12.21.10)
too shoot first ? We should shoot everyday untill they sign a agreement not too shoot rockets at us period.
6. Deterrence
shlomo ,   USA   (12.21.10)
The only deterrence that Hamas will ever understand is "unacceptable casualties". To the IDF: Figure that out and deliver it. Damn world opinion.
7. thanks!
itay ,   israel   (12.21.10)
Our brothers from the U.S., thanks! continue to support us is important to Israelis, the whole world knew that Israel is not just attacking the Gaza Strip, this is our home. And if the house attack the house we must respond, those of our children - we must not remain silent.
8. Terrorists
Elizabeth   (12.21.10)
Why stop, Israel? Bomb the hell out of these terrorists and get it over and done with chop chop!
9. Good Hunting ...
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.21.10)
to the brave and skilled members of the IDF. Well done, G-D strengthen your hands. To #1 Erk, agreed! We'd rather that they not die but instead repent, but as Hamas and their dogs have shown repeatedly that they will not repent, best we can hope for is that they will be removed from the world quickly before they do more harm.
10. #5 dyslexic
Moragh   (12.21.10)
Why waste bombs EVERY DAY until hamas signs an agreement etc. Bomb the hell out of them until there is no more Gaza. Come on (Israel... stop fiddling and start ignoring that little puke ehud barak. He's a non-entity!
11. air bombing to take out the the Kornet missiles?
observer   (12.21.10)
No!, it may only take out anger from the public but only for a short while. Do you know what strategic gain really mean?
12. no. 11, NO, it was intended to take you out
better observer   (12.22.10)
all hamas supporters from the mentally disabled asylum are at risk of being taken out
13. terrorists
terrorists   (12.22.10)
enough ! stop these murderers once and for all Israel tries to placate the world It does not help look after your own
14. These tit for tat retaliations are worthless...
Malone ,   Hfx   (12.22.10)
....they fire a few mortars/rockets,then scurry like rats to their bunkers...Israel must do an extensive bombing campaign,not just one or two missiles. Collateral damage be damned.
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