Seattle ad: Taxes funding Israeli war crimes
Published: 22.12.10, 10:57
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1. Seattle Jews should learn from Texans
Golan ,   Modiin   (12.22.10)
In Houston Texas a group named Bridge Houston countered a pro-Hamas billboard with an anti-Hamas pro-Israel billboard. That is how you respond. You don't cow like the Jewish "leadership" in Seattle. (and in Texas they too have cowards in the Jewish Federation, but Bridge Houston took a stand and did something!)
2. Ah, the ignorant Seattle Palestinian lovers
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.22.10)
Maybe there should be a counter campaign showing all the American citizens murdered by Palestinian and Islamic terrorists. Or maybe just a picture of Hamas supporters celebrating and handing out candies on Sept 12, 2001 - to ask American taxpayers if they want their tax money supporting these same Palestinians...
3. Not only but also funds the illegal settlements
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.10)
American tax money also funds the illegal settlements. So that religous fanatics can claim more stolen land. learn to say NO ! and protest to your goverment
4. Excellent, repeat the exercise in all major US cities
Nour ,   One-State   (12.22.10)
5. Amazing, the efficiency of the Pali propaganda machine
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.22.10)
First the anti-Israel week in Berkely, then the Irvine riots, then the St. Louis mall, now this. Gotta give those Pali activists their due credit, they certainly are a devoted bunch, and they sure know how to spread their lies and poison for all to see. Would be interesting though, to see this "tax dollars at work" demonstration being held at the American Defense companies which make their living off of US subsidies, as part of the US military aid to Israel.
6. To the Zionists : -
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.22.10)
The sea is behind you and the Palestinians before you....................Let's Make Peace.
7. Disgusting lowlifes!
mike1947 ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.22.10)
The city is complicit in spreading anti-Zionist and antisemitism. I think the city should be sued.
8. I agree with Seattle.
Michael ,   USA.   (12.22.10)
I'm glad because as an American I am so disgusted knowing that my taxes go to Israel.. A lot of people out there do not realize how bad our government is with giving our money being given to this criminal state. Good for you seattle. The people tax's should be FOR the people of America!!!! and if you don't like then you are ANTI-american.
9. truth hurts.
Michael. ,   USA.   (12.22.10)
Sorry to see that the truth hurts you... Israel should not be associated with America that is why we have the problems that we do.
10. oh brother, mind your own.
Michael. ,   USA.   (12.22.10)
When you decide to pay taxes to AMerican's then you can have a say.. but because we support you with our sweat and tears.. mind your own!!!! You are clearly ANTI-AMERICAN.. because we Americans are sick of the bull your country creates..
11. #6. Peace?? everyone talks of peace but not of justice
ari   (12.22.10)
leave my land and there will be peace.
12. #3 you are also living on "stolen land"
ari   (12.22.10)
please change your name to idiot. suits you a lot better
13. Seatle Anti-Semitism
frank ,   israel   (12.22.10)
Seattle, how about some pictures of your imprisonment of the Suquamish, Muckleshoot, Skokomish, Nisqually and other tribes. Aren't these the people who actually OWN that land and you are occupying???? How about taking a little responsiblity. You are nothing but self-rightous crap who have no problem with occupying other people's lands without a hint of conscience but when jews defend their lands, yes and that includes the West Bank and Gaza, you are up in arms and then have the audicity to say it is nothing against jews....what garbage and who do you really think believes it is not anti-Jew? only your anti-Jew friends. Tell you want, LEAVE SEATTLE, PAY REPARATIONS TO THESE OPPRESSED PEOPLE, APOLOGIZE and then come and tell me how I should give something that is MINE to someone else. You are the occupiers but your american sense of I own everything will not allow you to even consider for a second that you are occupiers, nothing more, nothing with that!
14. @ # 2
Hakim ,   Palestine   (12.22.10)
Thats a thing of the past we are moving towards the future and its looking very bright. Like your stories we have stories too the diiference is that our stories are true and yours unfortunatly are not. P.R Palestine Revolution
15. #12 Dear Ari allow me to clarify matters
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.10)
Well oquite bviously you are a few sandwiches short of a picnick so let me keep it simple for you so that you may understand. The state of Israel is recognised by the UN and world powers apart from hostile nations. The illegaly occupied west bank is not, i suggest you check out UN Resolutions 446 (1979), 452 (1979), 465 (1980) and 484 but you and your type ignore international law while at the same time picking and choosing which UN Resolutions to obide by and which resolutions are to the advantage of the state of Israel. Sorry buddy but the world no longer buys these lies.
16. To Michael, USA
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.22.10)
If indeed you are an American who pays significant taxes (and this I doubt), then you should be much more concerned about the trillion $ or so your government spent last year on bailing out your irresponsible bankers, bailing out your ailing car manufacturers, and financing your dubious Health Care Reform - than the 3 bil in subsidies spent on keeping your Defense companies heads above water, and upholding US interests in the Middle East. Still, I agree that US aid to Israel must stop, we don't really need it, and this would finally shut off ignorant whiners like yoiu.
17. We will do the same
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (12.22.10)
We will do the same in Belgium. Our money will not be spent on israeli war crimes, demolishing of Palestinan homes and buliding of setelments. We are fedup and we must put a stop to this.
18. Powerful forces.
Jules   (12.22.10)
Some very powerful forces are working hard to destroy the strategic alliance between Israel and USA.
19. If only it wasn't true
bartholomew   (12.22.10)
then maybe we could complain about it, ya know.
20. To the Zionists to Salma
JUDAH THE LION   (12.22.10)
Read the bible or your quran. When MOSES took BNEI ISRAIL out of slavery from Egypt,we Jews were on front and we passed the sea safely,and the pharaoh were behind and were drowned. HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF
21. Hakim no 14
JUDAH THE LION   (12.22.10)
Firstly your name is Hakim,but I don't think so. Are you calling your QURAN is false? How dare you ? You must be KAFER. Your Quran is our WITNESS,unless you will find another Jewish Rabbi to re-write your quran again. Hakim,Palestine Revolution will never happen,you tried before but failed.MUSLIMS are the best and PROFESSIONAL to TWIST THINGS FROM BLACK TO WHITE,and FROM DAY TO NIGHT.
22. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.22.10)
Your ranting & raving here about your taxes coming to Israel, wont help you one bit. Take it up with your congressman.
23. good wine doesn't need praise, and
tiki ,   belgium   (12.22.10)
good products don't need advertising. The Pal's & friends need to 'advertise themselves NON STOP, for they have nothing good to offer, and their products (lies) don't work. Bottom line......."They protest, ISRAEL builds, invents and prospers and doesn't need to advertise silly messages on busses.
24. this is old news
anon ,   Johannesburg   (12.22.10)
Firstly, this is old news, and thousands of letters andd e-mails have already been sent to local municipal and metro bus company. It looks as if the racist ad campain will not go through. About the Pal PR... Its very easy to pay for an advert and cause problems. Its not that their PR is good... Its just that they are so racist in their wording that is the diff. Lastly, and most importantly. The 3billion Israel gets MUST be stoped. Israel does NOT need this money, and the strings that comes attached to it arte horid. This money goes to buy only US made products. Thus, Israel must ask the US to stop with the handout... Cause Israel does not need it. And anyways... The 3billion is more of a stimulas for the US econmy and is a burden on Israeli export oppertunity. Israel and the US are friends... Money should not be involved
25. Now, See It All
Mumbo Jumbo Rumba ,   See At Ill   (12.22.10)
The poor lefties of Seattle need a winter break, the lousy weather is getting to them, and as they live among the largest US corporations that are part and parcel of the US military -industrial complex... Microsoft, Boeing, TRW, etc etc,,,they wouldn't dare to protest them as they would no doubt loose their meaningless jobs, so who you gonna hate? Yep Da Juice, so why be truthful when you have a few yids to kick around. Pathetic losers that the left has become. BTW Michael, you are one f the biggest loser talkbackers, check your facts before you foam at the mouth moron. Your tax pennies gone to the Jews are loan guarantees that are them by US Law, mandated to be spend in the good old loser USA military contractors and on dopes like you who work for them....oohrah,
26. You seems to be a very fool man
Joav ,   Germany   (12.22.10)
Hey body I,ve got a hint for you, if you sooo love arabs, what to hell do you do in Israel? Imigrate right away to Saudi Arabien and "have fun". But dont stink here around you double crosser.
27. To the Hamas Salma.
Joav ,   Hebron   (12.22.10)
We know my dear Salma what you mean by "Peace". So take you "Peace" and put it where you it take back.
28. Funny
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.22.10)
Funny that these people are angry that Israel use their "tax money" to defend Jewish lives but don't protest funding for real crimes like rape and child slavery in Afghanistan (look up Dyncorp). Are they racists or just hypocrites? And #8: As an Israeli, I demand that you stop sending any money. Keep it. Write Obama. Or maybe, you aren't giving any money and this is all BS?
29. #9.Michael. , USA. (12.22.10)
Joav ,   Germany   (12.22.10)
Hey Miky, tell one thing, why do care about arabs in some "occupaid" territories and do not care about the Indios in you own country? Are american man Mike? Where you next of kin coming from Mike? Ireland, Germany, England? Mike and what abou the Aboriginies in Australia? Kurds in Turkey?
30. #8 but you are perfectly happy with it going
Danny   (12.22.10)
to Hamas and Hizbollah?
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