Arabs flee home due to racist threats
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 23.12.10, 11:53
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1. arabs flee
debbie ,   israel   (12.23.10)
I wish that these mean-spirited bigots' names would be published, so that they would be outcasts wherever they go in the country.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (12.23.10)
Racism: Dogs & Jews forbidden in East Jerusalem and Hebron - the dwarf of Jordan before 1967.
3. debbie..? why not put your very mean spirited name?
Apess   (12.23.10)
4. let's all cry
fed up ,   J-lem   (12.23.10)
"I feel humiliated from this intolerable cruelty." That's how we feel when you and your brothers and sisters kidnap our soldiers, shoot rockets onto our homes, rob our homes and knife our people in dark alleyways. The roughly 800,000 Sephardi Jews who got kicked out of Arab countries got treated much worse than this and did any Arabs say anything against it? When Arabs stop dancing for joy when Israelis get killed or injured I'll feel bad for them not being able to find a place to rent. In the mean time it's nice to finally see them get a taste of their own medicine, maybe now they'll see how they've been treating us
5. Oh, poor Jews...
Brad ,   USA   (12.23.10)
"The neighbors came out and started to yell that they don't want to see Arabs in the neighborhood, and that it is for Jews only," he recounted." And if somebody says it is JUST LIKE IT HAPPENED in 1935 in Germany, only in place of Germans are now Jews, he is declared antisemitic and "no-reason-to-hate-us-so-good-Jews". Oh, and please do not say that Jews are turning racist - that would hurt their feeling very much. Cause Jew cannot be racist! He is Chosen, so he cannot be racist!
6. I would be happy to contribite to a prosecution fund
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (12.23.10)
I would be happy to contribute to a fund which would ensure the prosecution and incarceration of the scum rabbi and his followers. They descerate the religion
7. Racist Secular Leftists protesting in Tel-Aviv
Shalom   (12.23.10)
about non-Jewish infiltration are listening to Rabbis? How’s that?
8. Who is to blame?
David ,   USA/Israel/Egypt   (12.23.10)
The show of disloyalty to the state of Israel by the Arabs, always waving the Palestinian flag and calling for it destruction. Sooner or later, it had to come to that. The Rabbis have nothing to do with it. The majority of Israelis do not pay attention to what comes out of the Rabbis mouth. That's an other way for the seculars to blame and bash the religious. .Jewish Israelis are getting fed up that's all
9. Jail the perpetrators, compensate the citizens
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.23.10)
If the rabbi was responsible, then a cherem (boycott) of him is called for and he should be ejected by his synagogue for his sins. I'm sick of Jews who pretend that they are "religious" and then spit on Hashem by disobeying His laws that demand us to treat non-Jews with respect. The Israeli citizens who were chased out should be compensated for the suffering and indignation. Anybody who threatened these men should be charged by the police and prosecute. When we act like goyim, we become goyim. Feh.
10. What these bigots did is disgusting
aliza ,   Israel   (12.23.10)
but Ynet why not some responsible reporting. The rabbis letter did direct not to rent apartments to but not ".....vandalize their home and threaten to attach explosives to their car" as your report leads readers to believe. This irresponsible reporting leads to more hatred and bigotry.
11. Druze who served in "IDF" forced out of rented flat in TA !!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.23.10)
What you call this, Yair Lapid ?! Racism, bigotry, hatred or what exactly?!?! I think none of that, you call it "Civilized behavior" ...Ha!
michael   (12.23.10)
13. where is the flat owner? 5 people in one apartment
ghostq   (12.23.10)
is too much, how many people did he want to squeez there? sound like the flate owner should give some answers, more weird is that south TA is in the arab neghbourhood, I think Ynet missed a few couple of Facts. did the police interveaned, very weird when data is used in one way only.
14. #11 shut your scum mouth
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (12.23.10)
you muslims tought Jews to do muslims started kicking Jews out of your country and cities and now it is pay back time.The Rabbi's are right and i back them %100.When the arabs are kicked out they can no longer date our beautiful Jewish girls.Jewish girls i will be home very soon for you.I love you all.
15. While it's a crummy thing to read, especially
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (12.23.10)
against one Druse who served in the IDF, let's also be aware that no Jew is safe in an Arab neighbourhood in east Jerusalem nor in the Triangle area of the Galilee. Furthermore, this kind of racism and deadly hostility is prevalent in many other nations, including European and North American ones. For instance, no non-Moslem is safe in certain areas of Malmo in Sweden nor in Marseille in France. In the USA, there are certain Black areas of inner cities which remain especially dangerous to Whites. So this whole deplorable event should be better understood in context.
16. Loyalty.
Jules   (12.23.10)
The loyalty law is necessary, the sooner the better. It will provide complete clarity: who is Israeli (and therefore must be treated equally regardless of his/her ethnic origin) and who is not. There are secular Jews, orthodox Jews, Druzs, Russian Jews and others in the IDF. All are loyal citizens and defenders of the country. There is nothing wrong to apply the same principle to the whole country.
17. Prosecute those who made threats
R ,   Israel   (12.23.10)
That behavior is disgusting. If these haters were prosecuted it would discourage others from following their lead.
18. Absolutely disgusting
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.23.10)
I am truly shamed such racist haters who claim to represent my religion exist in my country.
19. Where are the Police?
Brod ,   USA   (12.23.10)
If they are genuine peaceful hard working people, they should be provided equal protection under the Law. The Police should not tolerate bigotry.
20. Racism against Druse is disgusting
Tomer   (12.23.10)
There is no excuse, they have always been part of this nation. Serving in army, celebrating independence day etc. racism against Druse is exactly equivalent to antisemitism in diaspora ie picking on a small minority for no reason whatsoever.
21. Re #8 Who is to blame???
Andrew Brehm   (12.23.10)
There is no evidence in the article that those Arabs (and the Druze) waved the Palestinian flag or have anything to do with people who do.
22. Re #5 Brad
Andrew Brehm   (12.23.10)
Oh boy, must you feel embarrassed. Every time there is an article about racism by Jews you come in and make wild claims about how Jews say that Jews cannot be racist and even weirder things. And then every time you are the only one who thinks that way. None of the Jewish commenters said what you claimed they would say. Too bad.
23. Lovely state of Israel.
Arabs do almost all construction and cleaning jobs in Israel. Israeli Jews call these jobs as 'Avoda Aravit-Arab Jobs' and 'Avoda Shachora-Black Work'. Sounds lovely, eh? Druzim serve in the IDF and more Israeli Arabs are starting to serve in the IDF. Israeli Arabs work and pay taxes like many other citizens. And Arabs' taxes usually go to feed new Olim Chadashim-Jewish immigrants in Israel, rather than on the development of Arab towns. Israeli towns in Israel are short of infrastructure and services. But, no matter what Arabs do, Israeli Jews do not hesitate to throw them out of their homes. What a lovely state Israel has become! Yay, yalla celebrate racism Israel!
24. Legal proceedings should be started
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (12.23.10)
First of all, against the landlady. And then the authorities should go after those who did this. I am extremely worried. Things are going to spiral out of control. We are a country of laws. Individuals have no right to do that!!!
25. This is unacceptable
Miocl ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.23.10)
I am a zionist and a likudnik and I love Israel - and this is something I hope to never hear of again. It is intolerable that something like this should happen in our country, to our citizens, no matter their religion. To people who say "your arab brothers throw rockets at us", have you no shame? Just because someone is muslim, they are not Hamas. To those who say "who cares, Jews aren't allowed in muslim countries", so what? You want to be at that level? We are above that, at least I would hope so. I see this as a shameful event, I hope the citizens get compensated, and though they'll never read this, I hope you can forgive.
26. Pathetic
Canadian Dude ,   Canada   (12.23.10)
I can't believe I'm reading about such things happening in Israel, that lynch mobs are apparently legal and tolerated, but not the victims themselves. And all the talkbacks cheering on the fascists who make such threats? Very disappointing indeed, you people need to see a psychiatrist and get your superstitious twisted little minds doped up before you seriously harm someone. Tell you what, you guys think every Israeli citizen of Arab descent should be held responsible for whatever the other several hundred million do? Or maybe you folks think every Israeli Muslim should each be held directly responsible for any actions committed by the other billion+ Muslims around the world? Ok then, don't complain when America pulls the plug on this failed experiment in Jewish ultra-nationalism. If Israeli society (minus the substantial Arab minority) is so much better than the goyim, they will have a chance to prove it when the goyim no longer pay the bills and close off their markets to Israeli trade. Maybe Lieberman will find a way to turn sand into beef and jet fuel, otherwise your country is screwed, and you will fully deserve what's coming.
27. n 2
aline silverman ,   israel   (12.23.10)
This behavior is disgusting not befitting Jews!.. .I am not a leftist but I am a human being and this bully attitude puts me to shame. This has to stop !!!!!
28. Real Estate Bubble in TA? No problem!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (12.23.10)
I call every Real Liberaral Leftist to support sellling \ renting in Central, Nothern TA.
29. druze are not victims of racism
ivan ,   haifa   (12.23.10)
they are even more racists than jews against palestinians, they are very very anti-arab, i think they have someting of self-hating.
30. the true face of israel
Clear ,   London   (12.23.10)
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