US memo: Israel bombed Syrian reactor
Published: 24.12.10, 06:45
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1. I like this leak. Nothing new or unknown.
leo ,   usa   (12.24.10)
2. Who read Uri Misgav's foolishness
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.24.10)
When someone tries to be serious about Israel's missed opportunities with Syria, they should remember this confirmation of Syria's attempts to make and use a nuclear bomb on us.
3. EVERYONE knew Israel blew it up. Not much of a leak.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.24.10)
Still, it is nice to read about Israel protecting the world from a nuke in the hands of a baby dictator.
4. There were still a few stupid people that refused to belive
Omri ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
that syria lied to them. Wonder how they feel.
5. Syria doesn't have anything else {([ under or above])}
LMAO   (12.24.10)
6. is Assange less dangerous than nuke?
observer   (12.24.10)
there are activists who help him. Assange said that "the Mossad and other intelligence agencies were closely monitoring the website.". Is he challenging the Mossad? Well!, blow them up. if you can.
7. Question WL
D   (12.24.10)
8. Syria still denies that Israel attacked
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (12.24.10)
This is because it will be tantamount to admitting the building of an illegal nuclear reactor. I know this because I am the Best World Affairs Expert in Training. My Tex-Mex Burrito Crystal Ball still informs me Obama reelected and it is always right even if Obama will not be reelected. It is all true, I only report the way I see it with 100/100 vision through Al Jazeera colored glasses 8000 miles away from Middle East. BLOODYTHIRSTY SCOT GREATEST EXPERT OF TEX-MEX BURRITOS, ENCHILADAS, FAJITAS, MIDDLE EAST, FAR EAST AND NOW HUMAN RIGHTS IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!!!! DALLAS, TEXAS
9. Way to go Israel!!!!!
John ,   Europe   (12.24.10)
10. has Israel really got the lesson
observer   (12.24.10)
the Holocaust’s survivors had taken refuge in Israel only to become the targets of another Holocaust. The nightmare seemed to be coming true in July 1962, when Egypt’s then-president Gamal Abdel Nasser announced four successful tests of missiles capable of striking anywhere “south of Beirut”. But the program had a weakness, and the Mossad found it: the Egyptians still needed the German scientists’ help to start mass production of the missiles. At that moment Israel began a decades-long campaign to eliminate scientists Israel was occupying Egyptian Sinai and to justify that made PR campaign of lies of the type: holding strategic defense posts. Sinai is more than double the area of Israel! Israel used its air force to strike the depth of Egypt in a trial to win a home front aggression. Egypt warned that it can't hold its restraint anymore, however Egypt did not use its large stock of Al-Kaher and Al-Zafer rockets which the Israeli intelligence tried to stop its project in the 60s by targeting the German experts sharing to develop them. Many were used only to strike 31 strong posts on the eastern line of the Suez Canal. that would have been looking illogical in the eyes of Israelis, but that did happen. Had Egypt used the stock of rockets in its arsenal to strike the Israeli home front; Israel would have come to its knees. In 1981, Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor while risking itself by using the Saudi air space as a rout of attack. has Israel really got the lesson of 1973 in the early 80s or in 2008?
11. Heavens to Betsy!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
Israel destroyed Syria's nuclear reactor? Gracious me! What's the next leak .... oh, let me guess. A confidential internal State Department memorandum concluding that Israel destroyed the nuclear reactor at Osirac? Who'd have thunk?
12. observer no 10
mossad best and IDF the best in the world. Eat your heart and I will supply you with beer. Cheers to the JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL
13. has Israel really got the lesson
JUDAH THE LION   (12.24.10)
14. "first official and detailed confirmation " - No
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.24.10)
This came from Rice / USA. Not Israel. and despite what some people seem to think, we are not part of the USA. (as Obama is finding out). This leak is nothing new, and not mind blowing, but I still disprove of a thief who is exposing only one country to danger. And of course Mosad is watching him. EVERY country in the world, that has the capability, is watching this. He's dangerous and unprincipled.
15. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
What "lesson?" The one you need to learn about not using other people's work unless you attribute it properly? Israel brought to its knees? Kind of hard to do that to a nuclear power, and I ASSURE you that Israel would have turned Egypt and Syria into large glowing cinders had the need arose. But it didn't, did it? Despite being attacked on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, one universally observed in some fashion by Israeli Jews, Israel managed to cross the Suez and stood poised to march on Cairo, with nothing standing in their way, and to push Syrian forces back into Syria. The war was costly to Israel in terms of what matters most to us -- human losses. Over 2,000. Which is nothing compared to the several hundred thousand troops lost by Egypt and Syria. The one lesson Israel did learn from the Yom Kippur War has been a valuable one: Israel cannot depend on any country in the world (in the instant case, needed spare parts from the United States). Israel's military industrial complex today produces among the best and most highly-sought weaponry in the world. By the way, I doubt that your English is up to the task, but if you ever manage to grasp more than a rudimentary command of the English language, go back and read what you posted. Gotta love that rueful tone. Must have been crafted by one very, very disappointed Arab .....
16. can Israel repeat it with Erdoğan
observer   (12.24.10)
In the strike against Syrian plant, Israel did use Turkey's air space in the go and fro routes. The aircrafts wouldn't have dropped fuel tanks except in the forward route, not the return one; a routine procedure in air strikes. The newly elected Turkish PM Erdoğan was fooled by the military; both Israeli & Turkish. Israeli military wouldn't fool him twice.
17. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
Wrong. Israel came in from the Med. Flying across Syria undetected was actually Stuxnet's first test drive. Worked really well, too, didn't it? The Syrians never knew we were there. And if we ever come after your nasty country, Erdogan won't know it until it is way too late.
18. # 15 excellent, except regarding syria
martin ,   uk   (12.24.10)
towards the conclusion of the war, israel pushed the syrians back beyond the former lines gain in 1967.israel then withdrew to the position held today on the golan. insofar as "observer" is concerned, he needs to get his face out of his bum and open his eyes to reality. i have no doubt that nixon only sent israel weaponry during the war because israel threatened to go nuclear. the soviet union was already sending massive equipment for the war prior to, during and after the yom kippur war. if iran does attempt to carry out his threats, oil will no longer be needed by the world. unfortunately barmy obama is too weak against his own
19. Observe it Ahmad
20. israelis with big mouth talk
abdul   (12.24.10)
we know the most coward people on earth are the israelis. we will die one day but with dignity that israelis will never test it while they behaving like congruous prostitutes time for change is coming and whatever you have we are not afraid and we will go after you street to street house to house and nothing will change that at all and no matter what
21. Sarah B.
Mumbo Jumbo ,   Pride and Prejudice   (12.24.10)
Shalom Sarah. I admire your pride and feistiness for sure but ya know that flying so high or low as the case may be, without a reality check can really get you into a fine mess, and while exaggerating Israel's past prowess on the battle field may make you feel good, it doesn't do anyone else much good in facing today's real and qualitatively different dangers. First of all the Arabs did not loose hundreds of thousands, not even all of the wars combined facts that are easily checked. Second, the capability of the IAF is the stuff of legend it is true enough, but that was then, today we have an aging fleet of aircraft that were designed in the late sixties and built in the seventies and early eighties...not good Sarah. The technology has changed by leaps and bounds and the overwhelming array of missiles aimed against us is like nothing we have ever faced, or anyone has for that matter, save perhaps the South Koreans. As far as Turkey is concerned, one should always remember the first rule of war, NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY. That sort of thinking gets you in a real fix, as was the case with the IDF in 2006 and during Cast Lead and the recent Mavi Meshunganah episode. So while waving the flag in the face of our enemies is a good thing, it is also good to have a grip on the battle space, and the next war is going to be like nothing you or I can imagine. Stay calm though, always stay calm and take very careful factual aim. Again Sarah, Shalom, MJ
22. To: JB at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
1. The battlefield losses incurred by the Arabs in 1973 numbered in the hundreds of thousands. That, I have on very good authority. Once Israel gained the upper hand, the decision was taken to punish them, relentlessly. The numbers which are readily available were provided by .... Egypt and Syria! What does that tell you? 2. Do you think that Israel does not retrofit its fighter planes? Guess again. Besides -- the age of the fleet is irrelevant. America's notorious sexy-looking stealth bombers notwithstanding, when they need the workhorses -- out come the B52s. 3. Do you have any idea the degree of punishment that will be brought to bear on Southern Lebanon if Hezbollah gets stupid? Iran has been goading them for quite a while, but what with the 40% decrease in funding to Hezbollah, they seem to have lost some affection for their Islamofascist masters. Same holds true for Hamas in Gaza. How long do you think it would take Israel to neutralize both Hamas and Hezbollah if Israel were not to care all that much for collateral damage (you know, conduct Israeli operations much the way NATO has conducted its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq? Very un-Jewish, I admit, but if those rogue terrorist organizations have been re-armed as qualitatively as you suggest .... oh well. Gotta do what you gotta do. 4. Turkey is a joke. It doesn't think it is, but it is. Membership in the EU is off the table. They're about to be unceremoniously booted out of NATO (together with those income-generating NATO bases, which will find homes in Greece, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Armenia. And points further east, I imagine, as well). Turkey has not been militarily tested since Galipoli. That was a long, long time ago when they held the high ground. The invasion of Cyprus could have been conducted by a troop of well-trained Girl Guides. And while the Turkish military has launched itself vigorously against Kurdish civilians, I wouldn't exactly call that being "militarily tested," would you? 5. Lebanon 2006 and Cast Lead was flawed only to the extent that Israel paid far too much attention to collateral damage. That is not likely to happen again. MAVI MARMARA? Correct. The proper response with respect to an attempt by a vessel to run a fully legal and internationally-recognized blockade is to send one warning shot across the bow and, if the ship does not heave to or turn -- one shot amidships.
23. abdul no 20
JUDAH THE LION   (12.24.10)
Abdul saying the Israelis are the most coward on earth, and that is the reason why Israelis win all the wars with the Arabs,running for their lives WITHOUT SHOES.For more information ask the SYRIAN,EGYPTIANS,JORDANIAN,AND THE LEBANESE ARMIES. You are 100% right the FOUR ARAB ARMIES ARE COURAGES PROSTITUTES.
24. Israel bombed Syrian reactor
JUDAH THE LION   (12.24.10)
Where are NOURA YA NOURA & the sexy Salma or SALAMAT
SEXY Syrian & Lebanese belly dancers & bed dancers best in the world
26. #20 - Hahaha - YAWN!
William ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
"One day, we will die with dignity" I believe that's what the Syrians said when they were pounding farming communities in the Galil and salivating over a potential death of Jews. That is, until Eli Cohen infiltrated the Baath Party and gave it all away to Israel. You celebrated when 9/11 occurred, you hand out candies when a pregnant Israeli is shot point-blank. You carry your children in front of you like a shield, and wear women's clothing to hide. There's nothing courageous about that, except in Arab culture. Kind of underscores the reason why you go backwards....and Israel continues to move forward and succeed. Soon, you'll be drinking your oil as the world begins driving Israeli electric cars. A poetic ending to your racist existence.
27. hadn't Israel nuke-blackmailed US, no Nickle Grass would hav
observer   (12.24.10)
in 1973, Golda Meir had been secretly warned of an imminent war by King Hussein of Jordan on Sept. 25. Israel's first attempted counterattack on Oct. 8 was a miserable failure. At the end of that day, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan was heard murmuring about ''the end of the Third Kingdom.'' The commander of the air force, Gen. Benny Peled, warned that with the rate of losses his forces were enduring, within a week Israel might no longer have any effective air power. It was in the early hours of Oct. 9 that Moshe Dayan told Golda Meir to prepare the nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union had sent nuclear arms and missiles to Egypt. Any use of nuclear bombs by Israel on Egypt and Syria would have provoked retaliation by Russian nuclear weapons that had been placed in Egypt. Officers of the Strategic Rocket Forces were sent to Egypt. Any use of nuclear bombs by Israel on Egypt and Syria would have provoked retaliation by Russian nuclear weapons that had been placed in Egypt. Kissinger persuaded Meir not to fly to the US for begging or blackmailing Pres. Nixon. Shortly later, American intelligence had signs that Israel had put its Jericho missiles, which could be fitted with nuclear warheads, on high alert. Israel blackmailed the USA by threatening to nuke civilian populations of Cairo and Damascus. within three days a tremendous United States airlift to Israel was in action. I agree with you, Sarah & martin, that Israel threatening to use the nuke had deterred the US from refraining to rescue Israel. Self Dependant blackmail indeed.
28. Sarah @22 Part 1
Mumbo Jumbo ,   Hells Bells   (12.24.10)
Sarah it would be good if you show us all your wiki insider info on Arab war losses...which does not exist except in your imagination. Total Arab and Israeli losses are posted anywhere you want to see them by historically reliable sources including by Israel's pre eminent military historian Martin Levi van Creveld in his magnum opus on the 73 war. "Military Lessons of the Yom Kippur War: Historical Perspectives". As far as anything the Egyptians and or the Syrians have to say on the matter… really surprising that you quote them as a reliable source of anything Sarah I am a pilot and am quite aware of the upgrades to the Sufa and the Baz, but we are in a new era of so-called 5th gen stealth platforms and while Israel has some 20 F35s or so on order, the first group will not arrive before 2013-14 at the earliest. In the meantime, spare parts and munitions resupply for the F16s and F15s are in the hands of the Americans as they were in for the F4s and Skyhawks in ‘73 and did not arrive until the very last minute of a very desperate situation. And yep, the ancient few B52G and H variants of the “Big Bad Buffs”, based in Missouri and on Diego Garcia sure do scare the daylights out of the mountain goats in Afghanistan, BTW each sorti would break the IAFs budget for the year. It is important to get these sort of details right Sarah. As far as the 2006 idiocy, I am very well aware of that blundering mayhem. Sarah, avoiding collateral damage is the name of the game in today’s military-political landscape. Billions are developed in pin- point targeting devices and remote control delivery systems, or haven’t you noticed? The US has been in Iraq and Poppystan with 2/3rds of its army for more than a decade and avoids collateral damage like the plague…do you think Cast Lead was a public relations success for Israel? The ongoing war of attrition being fought 24/7 /365 by everyone takes it all into account —no more massed air raids, no more unfettered targeting by us. If Hezbollah does do its thing with rocket blitzes, well I do pity them and their meshpucha holed up in the beautiful hills of Southern Lebanon to be sure. It will be a bloody frikkin' mess across both borders, with the world screaming for Israel’s scalp in the process. But you are right, if that sort of thing goes down, we will do what we have to with a much larger and coordinated combined force than last time. As far as the Turks are concerned, you still don’t get it, you daydream of past glories and failures. Turkey is a large, wealthy country that has lots of pull and historical memories in the ME and their current leadership is not focused on Europe but on their ambitions of hegemony in the Muslim world. For example the multi -tiered deal they just signed with Syria expedites border crossing arrangements and removing trade barriers and technology transfers. And by extension military logistics supply during any war with Israel. To cast them as mere Keystone Cops is to make a mistake that can only be put in the category of blind hubris. The Turks are also very well versed in Israeli Naval and Air Force doctrine and to face these guys, in a multi-front war situation even on a political level is not going to be a few hours worth of joy riding. As was the case against the sleeping Egyptians in ’67. continues
29. Sarah @22 Part 2
Mumbo Jumbo ,   Hells Bells   (12.24.10)
Sarah in conclusion, I can only gather from your off hand generalizations, is based on pure fear and unreal understanding of the historical facts. And you should be afraid, as the next war will be hell on Earth. But as any trooper learns during their basic training, fear is the best motivator to prepare you for survival and if all things survive the fog—victory over the enemy. Am Yisrael Chai. Peace. MJ
30. To: MJ
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
I'll keep it simple (although I do thank you for your articulate posts, however misinformed they may be). The next war will not be hellish. Well, not for Israel. That's what the nuclear arsenal is for, dear. And if we have to break it out -- well, no one can say they haven't been warned. G-d bless you and your tayeset. (By the way, my information is pretty good. Further up the food chain than you eat.)
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