Seattle: Anti-Israel campaign called off
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.12.10, 14:15
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1. Ha! Another propaganda failure for us : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.24.10)
2. just goes to show that fighting terror isn't "war crimes"
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.24.10)
but there will always be those who want to try to make the unwinnable case.
3. seem to be alive and well
the Nazi's in seattl   (12.24.10)
Wow. I can not believe this stuff goes on in Seattle. It is like the Nazi's woke up in the Usa alive and well in Seattle. How horrible to think that this almost went on.
4. Seattle.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
Bravo & kudos to the Jewish community of Seattle.
5. #1 You are Fooling Yourself
Dan ,   Florida   (12.24.10)
Rather than live your life you have have made yourself an apostate by nailing yourself to a cross. Beware what your fellow Muslims will do. If you valued your life in any way you would live it well in Jordan, your homeland, rather than waste God's gift promoting nonsensical lies.
6. Oh, yeah
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
Smart. If the Jewish community had responded by taking out even larger ads on buses depicting the aftermath of a "Palestinian" suicide bombing in Israel -- well, how much sympathy for the "Palestinians" do you think that would have engendered among the good citizens of Seattle? I will tell you. Not very much at all. In fact, probably none.
7. Salma, shouldn't you be building state
Jon ,   USA   (12.24.10)
Only the Palestinians could miss a state delivered to them on a silver platter. I have a lesson to you Salma, from the founders of Israel. Don't call us your children, call us your builders. You don't need propaganda, you need teachers, doctors, builders, farmers, entrepreneurs and law-makers. Is posting propaganda on buses really all that Palestine is?
8. Violence: By Whom?
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (12.24.10)
My sense is that the fear of violence is fear of violence by the anti-Israel/ Muslim communities, not the community that supports Israel. Isn't this backwards to what one would have normally expected; that the community that disagrees with the ad, not the one that agrees, would riot? Well, not any more. At least in this case. If the pro-Israel community would publish and ad against the anti-Israel community, the same anti-Israel community would still be the one rioting. This is the result of treating them like children and letting them riot whenever they want and about whatever they want (eg cartoons.)
9. Bravo!
Paul ,   NYC   (12.24.10)
Kol Hakavod and Bravo to the Jewish forum that managed to stop that b.s. Slama, take your daily pills.....
10. To: Jon at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.10)
"Is posting propaganda on buses really all that Palestine is?" Pretty much.
11. Hamas/PA Target Jewish Civilians. Israel Target Terrorists
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.24.10)
Col. Richard Kemp, a British commander in Bosnia and Afghanistan stated: "The Israel Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare. " (Guardian-UK) Goldstone Gaza Report: Col. Richard Kemp Testifies at U.N. Emergency Session Severely traumatized Israelis suffered through years of thousands of rocket attacks from Gaza. Every day filled with fear. In a military response several years overdue, Israel warned Gaza civilians via loudspeakers, thousands of leaflets and 200,000 telephone calls urging evacuation of battle areas. The IDF aborted missile strikes to prevent civilian casualties, opened a field clinic for Muslims on Gaza's border, and constantly gave humanitarian aid whilst Hamas waged WAR against innocent Israeli civilians. The Islamics commit war crimes: they use human shields; hide behind women and children; wage war from densely populated areas, store and fire rockets from residential buildings, schools, hospitals & mosques to deliberately MAXIMIZE Arab injuries and deaths so that when Israel fires back in self defense and accidentally kills civilians, the Islamics scream to the world, but the blood of the Arabs is on the heads of the Islamics.
12. #1 Fake Selma
Eric ,   Canada   (12.24.10)
To those answering to #1, can't you see that this is not Selma writing? This is not her style...It's another of these "fake" parasites who have nothing better to do with their time...
13. Salma no 1
Israel have the right to defend the Israeli nation.Let Hamas stop firing rockets to Israel,otherwise Israel will ========= Hamas
14. freedom
freedom of speech ,   asia   (12.24.10)
whatever happened to freedom of speech, i guess this proves jews really do control america what a disgrace
15. CUFI helped
Bruriah Sarah   (12.24.10)
Per the Christians United For Israel blog, 6,000 Christians participated in writing emails and calling the Seattle heads. They have made a tremendous effort for Israel and we are all greatful for their efforts!
16. What if there was hate speech about Asians?
Bruirah Sarah   (12.24.10)
What if there was a bus campaign ad that said horrible things about Asians? Would you agree to allow such a campaign to prevail? This could harm the entire Asian community as there would be anti-Asian sentiment created around the area. It is the same thing here for Jews. There is plenty of anti-semitism already, why add more fuel to the fire?
17. You're doomed to failure
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.24.10)
Your thoughts and words are always full of hate Try building instead of hating You threw away a chance for a Palestinian state of your own Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't "Salma" a derivation of "Salam", if so, the name certainly doesn't fit you
18. #14 FREEDOM
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (12.24.10)
Freedom of speech doesn't allow you to yell fire in a crowded theatre or to incite others to commit acts of violence or sedition All of which are crimes
19. The alternative was accepting "counter" ads
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.24.10)
If Metro had insisted on allowing the "hate crimes" campaign, a counter campaign was ready to insist Metro carry other ads among which were some depicting ... exploded buses. I live far from Seattle, but was proud to add my protest against this campaign. The Elder of Ziyon web site has also produced a number of visuals depicting Palestinians associating with the enemies of America. Those would have made good ads as well, and would certainly have resonated among the good people of Seattle.
20. I Agree With Salma in her Response Calling
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (12.24.10)
it a failure, then showing she was joking with a smile. For just a few thousand dollars, this got the attention of millions of people twice. The first time when the signs went up and the second when the signs went down due to pressure from the pro-Israeli "speach Nazis". Both the posting publicity and the "speach Nazi" publicity help the Palestinean cause.
21. No. 1 Salma
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
Ha Salma! Exactly propaganda, i.e more Moslem lies. And I personally know some who were involved in helping to get that vicious campaign stopped. another triumph of good over evil.
22. I regret signs did not go up or did not stay.
leo ,   usa   (12.24.10)
Jews missed great opportunity to dispel lies with counter campaign. Not everything our enemy does is inherently bad for us. Most of the time it is just the opposite.
23. #6 - I doubt it, Sarah
William ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
In Seattle, the population already believes this garbage and showing them facts, either of Israel's innocence or Arab war crimes, will not make a dent in their stubborn bias. It's like placing a billboard in Nazi Germany that reads - "Jews cause all wars". Everyone would say "yeah, we already know that. so what?" Remember, the Corries are from Washington State, not far from Seattle. That should tell you something about the mentality there.
24. #11 - Hamas also just admitted most killed were terrorists
William ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
Hamas, until recently, pushed forward the narrative that 1400 civilians (some how all women and children) were killed by the IDF during Cast Lead. It's so impossible to believe this yet the UN never questioned Hamas' testimony and Goldstone wrote a report around it. Recently, Hamas admitted that over 900 killed were infact their terrorist members, matching IDF numbers which Israel put forward in 2008.
25. #14 - speaking of disgrace....
William ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
where in the world is "freedom of speech" defined as "say whatever you like, proven or not, with no consequences"? There are laws against telling lies, but apparently many laws are ignored by liberals with an agenda. Your ilk sicken those of us who really do value freedom and democracy.
26. #20 - the signs never went up, Doug
William ,   Israel   (12.24.10)
The campaign was set to run from Dec. 27th but has since been cancelled. They were running these ads (which aren't based on any legal fact - which is called libel) in a city that already loves their Pally babies. They might as well run the ads in Ramallah. They didn't gain any supporters nor did they lose any. Same as if they never ran the ads. I tend to refer to the wider scale polling of US citizens which overwhemingly support Israel and urge the govt to do the same. The same poll showed a majority that distrusts the "Palestinians" and about 30% who consider them terrorists. Not hard to reach considering the picture in the minds of Americans of "Palestinians" are: bus bombings, plane hijackings, Achilli Lauro, Munich, dancing on 9/11, etc. That's a hard image to overcome even with the Seattle Anarchists' help.
27.  In July 2006, a Jewish community building was attacked
split ,   US   (12.24.10)
That was a lonely loonie with bipolar disorder not a terror organization,...
28. Sign got PR around the world for cheap price, not good
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (12.24.10)
While Jewish groups won on the signs but may have lost on PR war due to all the press showing it around the world. Right now the Vatican and world Catholics are a major threat to the settlements, with more pressure on US than directly at Israel. A US veto in UNSC may become very costly to US world influence and give China/Brazil more power.
29. #20.....WRONG! Maybe for YOU, but for
ME ,   USA   (12.24.10)
me, it's just another 'stunt' bought for a small sum of money as you said. It's just another stunt added on the others, it does not equal proof or 'help' their cause....which is anything negative towards Jews/Israel. I see through it with disgust.....It won't last long, the world really is getting tired of the fake 'Palastinian' "question". THE ANSWER IS NO to your damn question. YOU CAN'T have what does not belong to you. Make up all the stories you want, and deny all the facts you want.....but you discredit yourselves with the lies and false accusations. The world is getting tired of trying to make you happy, and it's obvious you will only be happy at Israels expense. just want to have, AND want Israel not to have. If I have to choose.....I choose to good guys.....ISRAEL / ISRAELIES.
30. I see it as a success !!! ,...
split ,   US   (12.24.10)
The genie is out of the bottle thanks to exposure by idiots like sarah b or birdi,...
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