Seattle: Anti-Israel campaign called off
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.12.10, 14:15
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61. #27
but that loonie happened to be a MUSLIM! ARAB!
62. #27
are all the recent bombing attempts by "the loonies" arabs muslims in the usa and outside also a people with bi polar disorders and not terrorist scums??? please do not insult our intelligence. then maybe, themuslims are all loonies and all have bi polar disorder since they behave exactly like this "lone loonie" you are talking about.
63. every day add
ali ,   USA   (12.25.10)
to show their war crimes . read the Quran ,it is full of their war crimes .... very well documented for the humanity to come until it is over . the miracle part about it is that they will never change their habits . who need a stinking bus add ... part of the hate campaign against the Quran who exposed them fully . wow./
64. To: Cameron
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.10)
I don't know all that much about the left coast. I stay as far away from it as possible, except on those occasions I have no choice. Seattle? Boeing, grunge rock, drug addicts, Microsoft and highly overrated coffee. That's the extent of the "insight." Now, East Coast -- in that, I excel! "specially New York City and Boston.
65. palestine??
bart ,   craryville   (12.25.10)
In other words, you thrive on propaganda.....lies......congratulations "palestine"
66. # 50...Ah, Sarah, you're too smart for us...
Edithann ,   USA   (12.25.10)
As I's only a matter of there are bill-boards up already... While Israel and the Sarah's are running around creating more mayhem and threatening with 'money'......the Palestinians are busy creating the groundwork for delegitimizing Israel... hahaha... What Israel needs are more Sarah's... TATA
67. Sarah
Cameron ,   USA   (12.25.10)
Yes, I had forgotten some of those aspects of Seattle, it's been so long. Starbucks = downer grunge rock = enormous downer
68. #31 Apologists for Terror Campaign Dashed
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.25.10)
The War in Gaza was provoked by Palestinians who bombarded Israeli civilians with kassam rockets and bombs. That's the part you don't want the public to know. But alas, your campaign was opposed by an overwhelming response from the public. On a positive note, two pro-Israel groups stepped forward to place their own signs on buses, ready to counter your lies. Congratulations to the opposition who mobilized rapidly and in large numbers.
69. Article missing key points
Dina Tanners ,   Seattle, WA   (12.25.10)
I live in Seattle and was pleased how the BDS bus ad campaign was stopped. The group had paid a bit under $2000 ("thousands of dollars was technically misleading in the article) to place the ads on buses for a month. The county, which owns the bus system, usually only accepted commercial ads. A coordinated effort by a number of groups including Stand With Us, the AJC, and the Seattle Jewish Federation contacted the county. The groups strongly supported free speech, but felt these ads were inappropriate for buses. The county agreed that they could cause disruption of bus service and now has put in place a policy that no non-commercial ads can be on buses. The Stop Islamazation of America is a fringe group and had nothing to do with this effort. It is unfortunate that you chose to put it in your article.
70. Your on the wrong side
John ,   las Vegas, USA   (12.25.10)
Salma # 1 I know you don't know this, but Israel is the apple of God's eye. If you go against Israel you go against God. He is the One that created you. Why would you be against Him? Read the bible to learn about Him. He loves you! I will pray for you.
71. #66 How can the illegitimate delegitimize??
72. #30 split, #31 Linda Don't mess with Israel
Eran ,   Singapore   (12.25.10)
evevry time you will look like a stupid clown. Look @ The palestinian shills who started the bus ad wars are acting in a predictably cowardice manner. The Horowitz freedom fund is only responding to tell the truth instead of these hamas lovers spewing their hatred. I simply say they were right to not let these cowardly ads go unchecked. Hamas is in control of Palestine. They are commited to the destruction of Israel and her people. Hamas's goal is to use violence and terror to destroy the state of Israel and replace it with another Islamic state. No way never pal. Answer ONE question. And you won't..... How many suicide bombers has Israel used to kill innocent people?. No you won't answer that.
73. #36 Split; Let both sides pay for advertisement..
David ,   Miami   (12.25.10)
Let both sides pay for advertisement. Metro needs the income! If you don't like it, don't look at it and especially don't talk about it. There! Case closed! See what happens!
74. To: No. 66
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.10)
I strongly recommend that you acquire a copy of Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style" -- you need a lot of help with the use of apostrophes. The balance of your post contains your usual silly drivel and, therefore, is not worthy of a response.
75. #39; arik, what frank discussion are...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.25.10)
You talking about arik. Putting up misleading photo's is not a "frank discussion" as you put. We heard about starvation in Gaza but it was a fantasy as we see HERE: We hear and read that Gaza is an "open air prison", but as we see HERE; Sure if a funny kind of "prison" isn't it arik. Upscale restaurants, swimming pools, Water Parks. Yes let's have a "frank discussion" about fake pictures put on a bus, out of context, to vilify Israel. That's called propaganda, not "frank discussions". Save your silly remarks based on ignorance.
76. Inciting stupidity
Roy ,   Florida   (12.25.10)
Ads of this nature have no business in our culture. The messages conveyed are meant to incite stupidity. Only the President of the United States determines our foreign policy. We as citizens, make that determination at the ballot box. These ads should not even be considered as free speech, as they are meant to incite an action that is not in the best interests of the American people, Hate..
77. Anti Jew or anti Israel?
Abraham ,   Seattle   (12.25.10)
Some dorks say thet they are not anti Jew but anti Israel. I am a Jew, which may be obvious by my handle on this site. AbrahamGo literate folks. While I do not think that two wrongs make a right, and therefore I would welcome if all of these disgusting ads would not run, we Jews have learned from the past approximate 3000 years that pacifism doesn't protect us. Therefore, we fire back, when fired upon, like the Israeli Army. We drop leaflets on civilians in the attack zone, to request that they seek shelter, so we won't hurt them, while defending ourselves, after being fired upon (International law calls it self-defense). We Jews have 613 laws of conduct, not just ten. And, over and beyond that we have voluminous texts on Jewish Law (basically what's right and what's wrong) - perhaps you have heard of the Sanhedrin (more than a great racehorse). Those who feign to know the facts, may not know that Israelis are the loudest critics of Israel sometimes. Anti-Israelism equals anti-semitism. Don't kid yourself otherwise.
78. Seattle and Metro transit should be ASHAMED
Bill GATES ,   Seattle   (12.25.10)
Seattle and Metro transit should be ASHAMED of even contemplating running the pro arab terrorist ad - something that gives comfort to a terrorist organization and is therefore against the law. Those who run Metro Transit should be arrested for treason. Keep Seattle clean from Pal terrorists.
79. To: No. 30
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.10)
Genies out of a vodka bottle don't count.
80. And to prove your point
Stealth ,   Atlantic City, US   (12.25.10)
You send a bunch of kids out to break some windows to show that "Hate crimes" are a result of that ad. Yeah, nobody is believing it. If they weren't Jewish kids who did it, their race and creed would have been identified. Merry frigging Christmas. Enjoy your Chinese food.
81. targetted by terror organizations ?
Donatus ,   Strasbourg, France   (12.25.10)
does this mean Stern-Gang, irgun, Operation Cast Lead, Mossad ? Your reade ought to be informed.
82. To: No. 80
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.10)
Yeah, right. Sorry you're such a loser at games of chance. Keep trying, @$$hole. Am Israel Chai, bubbeleh. Repeat after me: AM ISRAEL CHAI. Merry frigging Christmas.
83. The publicity was more important than the campaign
IRAN#1   (12.25.10)
The fact that this got in the news and the average American taxpayer was made aware of it was more than enough. Israel is being outed now! No more don't ask don't tell for American jews, they will be asked and they have to tell.
84. #83 Moral of the story
Eran ,   Singapore   (12.26.10)
You remind me of the story ; One day, an imam was riding on his donkey. He was not careful and fell from the donkey, found himself on the ground. Children who saw this rushed to him and laughed at him saying Hocca, what happened to you? The imam said ; what is so funny?, I wanted to ged down the donkey anyway. This is what you try to say, just like the Imam. Funny.
85. Eran speak English por favore
IRAN#1   (12.27.10)
Se habla no chinese LOL!!!!
86. #83;Iran #1; you have it backwards
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.27.10)
You see when they see my post #75, and the video's I've linked to, they realize all your arguments are simply lies. You see now it is beginning to backfire on you and your ilk. You've taken advantage of "people of good will" who thought they were defending the oppressed. When they find out the truth the reaction becomes anger, at being tricked and their feelings being manipulated for cynical PR. As we see from my above post #75, there is/was NO crisis in Gaza, in was all a PR trick, your busted. So while you think you just won a PR victory, others are seeing the truth, how you distort facts, pull pictures out of context, to suit a political agenda. Your right "the publicity was more important than the campaign" it allows us to show more people how the liars lie. Starvation in Gaza - not; open air prison in Gaza - not, please keep it up, we need this audience in particular to show them the truth. BTW how did you like my post #75 and the video's?
87. Salma
red ,   US   (12.27.10)
Is an obvious troll -- There is no way you can read here everyday and not recognize this. Those of you who keep arguing with them are purposely playing along with this charade. You might fool some people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time.
88. Bus posters
S.Ducain ,   London   (12.29.10)
The posters were a great idea,taking them down was anti-demicratic.If the posters are lying then what do the Jewish/Americans have to fear?If they are correct then they have highlighted a problem which needs to be faced.
89. posters
S.Ducain ,   London   (12.29.10)
Dead wrong guy,the whole world DOESN'T KNOW about Israelis/Jews Why don't we tell them.
90. Seattle: Anti-Israel campaign called off
Mark Bowron ,   Seattle, WA (USA)   (04.22.11)
Local news just announced that the ads will be placed in the next few days. This is as of April 21, 2011.
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