Israel helps China combat child abuse
Published: 02.01.11, 08:55
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1. Good Luck!
Wang Jian ,   China   (01.02.11)
So they will then be able to determine if there is abuse, then what. The Chinese police won't do anything about it. We have children working in coal mines and brick kilns some as young as 8 or 9 (many against their will). The police don't do anything about it. The corruption is so bad that nothing will be done.
2. Wang, one needs to start somewhere. The rest will come later
leo ,   usa   (01.03.11)
3. Leo, that is wishful thinking
Wang Jian ,   China   (01.06.11)
The rest will come later? That is wishful thinking and a totally naive western viewpoint. You can start anywhere you want, but it won't make a difference as long as governmental corruption exists, and there is no rule of law.
4. Wang Jian, this initiative can still be effective
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (01.06.11)
without police involvement. The shame and awkwardness involved with the doctors or social workers discovering the abuse (not to mention the family, friends and neighbors finding out), would serve as a deterrent to the potentially abusive parents.
5. #4 Tahl- it doesn't work in Israel, why in China?
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
6. This is Very Upsetting News
David Samuel ,   Isreal   (11.11.11)
Israel has the worst rate by far of children removed from homes that could be rehabilitated at home in the world by far. Over 5% of Israeli children are taken out of homes - most because of simple, remediable poverty? Israeli boarding schools are privated, for profit. Conditions are poor. Abuse and worse is rampant. China chose the worst possible country to learn from.
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