Report: Syrian official spied for Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 24.12.10, 16:06
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1. Israel has lots of spies and know it all
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.24.10)
Open letter: To all Arab/Muslim countries, Israel has spies on the ground in all your countries. There is nothing you can do about it, which is sweet. The fact is there are a myriad of reasons they work for Israel. ( i.e. Some may need money and want to leave with their family in a WPP(witness protection program) and disappear, some are just greedy, others know their countries are immoral, others want to destroy personal enemies, etc.). The bottom line you can bust a spy ring here and there, but like the iceberg at sea, you only see the top 10%. Your problem is the other 90% you can't see, like what sunk the "Titanic" the unsinkable ship. If I were you guys, I'd be worried, very worried. Israel knows where you hide, all your secret bases and most things you believe to be safe. Sleep well tonight. Remember what the soldier said to Saddam when he pulled him out of his rat-hole, "President Bush send s his regards", soon it will be Israel sending you those regards. Be careful when you answer that cellphone.
2. You're one to talk, inferior being
Human Being ,   Canada   (12.25.10)
Lol, stupid red neck. Your days as a nation are numbered. If you're lucky, you will remain alive long enough to witness the obliteration of what you perceive to be the 'Invincible Israel,' followed shortly after by the erasure of your own crummy hometown, out in the middle of a desolate swamp. You will then know that you were born a fool and destined to live out your last days as an immoral wreck of an inferior being. The morals of the Arab/Muslim people are rock solid, which cannot be said for the likes of slimelords such as yourself and most other Americans and all Zionists, and their methods are just. To butcher a Zionist is to do your part in keeping the world a safer, cleaner place. The last thing Americans and Israelis will see is a fiery rain; that's us sending our regards to all the criminals of the world, letting them all know that their crimes, as well as crime of existence, will not be tolerated by the human beings of the world. Enjoy your final days of wallowing in your own filth, for you are nothing more then a filthy animal, as are most Americans and all Zionists, and you will all be butchered like disease-carrying animals.
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