Ecuador recognizes Palestine state
Published: 25.12.10, 08:29
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1. Eeverybodies throwing in the towel it seems
tj ,   sa/usa   (12.25.10)
2. We do not recognize Palestine within 1967 bordes
sorry, it would be too dangerous for Israel. We are ready to discuss other options to create the last islamic fanatic state on hearth called Palestine, but this will be only according to Israel security and needs. Palestine never existed. Arabs did not accept their state on 1947, they moved 4 wars and lost all of them and now can't take whatever they want.
3. I too recognize Palestinian state within 1967 borders
Howie ,   Montreal   (12.25.10)
It's called Jordan. Jordan's population is over 60% Palestinian. King Abdullah and his Hashemite family are carpetbaggers parachuted in by Britain from Saudi Arabia to rule Trans-Jordan which was over 70% of Britain's Palestinian mandate that Britain originally promised to give to the Jews for the creation of a Jewish state. The rest of the Palestinian mandate belongs to Israel as a majority Jewish democratic country including the Golan, Judea, Samaria and all of Jerusalem. And there were never any 1967 borders for Palestine actually, it was just an armistice line created when there was a ceasefire between Israel and Jordan, Egypt and Syria. But the South American leaders of those countries are too ignorant, left-wing loony and Jew-hating to realize that. Palestine never existed not even from 1948 until 1967 when Egypt ruled Gaza and Jordan ruled Judea and Samaria. Egypt and Jordan could have created a Palestinian state then but didn't because the Arab leaders only wanted to destroy Israel, not create a "free and independent Palestine". Nothing has changed about that.
4. Well, that solves the refugee problem!
Al Levy ,   Toronto   (12.25.10)
Looks like the world is recognizing that the millions of "Palestinian refugees" are staying where they are wherever they are in Arab countries. Unless, of course, the West Bank and Gaza are going to take them in - highly doubtful. Hmmm....a very sly move by Abbas to rid himself of the refugee issue!
5. #3 Howie from Montreal
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.25.10)
And I recognize the rights of of the French over Montreal, brutally stolen from them by imperialist anglo-saxons
6. Equdor still around? I thought that the tsunami wiped them o
josef   (12.25.10)
Equador, another fart in S. American Politics
7. Another 2nd rate S.American nation recognizes us?
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.25.10)
Better than a kick in the backside, I suppose : )
8. Cheer up Salma!
Ali ,   Scotland   (12.25.10)
It will be time soon.We will all fight for Palestines recognition ;)
9. For all Salmas and their kind, be informed
id   (12.25.10)
that first and foremost, there has never been such a state, entity or land filled up with Arabs which was/is or will be called in Latin, Palestina or its English language translation Palestine. Nothing of that kind or any other kind. So, murky, backwater Equador politicians can only keep on deluding themselves together with the other samba countries of South America. Their will is not our will and their interests are certainly not our interests. For your information, we have the clear edge on all of your kind for we have lived here on the holy land for thousands of years. Then, south america had no countries, only Indian and other indigenous tribes. Even the Aztec and Inca civilizations were conquered and oppressed by "freedom loving" Spanish conquistadors sent to those lands by their no less freedom loving kings. So, who the hell should care here in Israel about South American anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli states spewing their garbage!!!
10. Talkbacker Sour Grapes
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (12.25.10)
Israel got Recognition because it sought recognition. Not all comes at once. Modern Israel did not exist before 1948. Now it does. It is a shame that the Israeli government is dedicated to the proposition that another people cannot have their own state.
11. First result : 40 + deaths in a bus crash
Jol ,   Belgium   (12.25.10)
12. You are correct Mr. id, # 9
roberto   (12.25.10)
south American States should spew their garbage at each other, as they have been doing it successfuly for many, many years, and stay out of the M.E., of Israel
13. #7 I wish you a Merry Christmas ; )
Salma ( the real) ,   Palestine   (12.25.10)
I wish a merry Christmas to everyone. and a happy new year for every nation recognizes Palestine : )
14. It is well know that South America
Israeli   (12.25.10)
It is well know that South America is a example of highest humanitarian and democratic values, to all world nations.
15. Kol ha'kavod Ecuador
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (12.25.10)
16. No. 14
Marcella ,   Haifa Israel   (12.25.10)
That must be why so many Jews live in South America
17. #7 Salma don't knock Ecuador
Judah ,   Golan Heights, ISRAE   (12.25.10)
Ecuador also recognized Israel when we declared independence and we were damn glad of it.
18. "Free " of Jews ? and "independant" financially ?? "palest?
Trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (12.25.10)
Eastern palestinian kingdom of Jordan answers to these parameters !
19. Ha! Ha! Will the land of Oz be recognized next?
Palestineisamyth ,   USA   (12.25.10)
What a joke!
20. palestinians lost wars but winning palestine with hummus
shin   (12.25.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.25.10)
He's the short bloke with glasses and a moustache.
22. #19 So recognized! The lion is the leader, the tin man is
Secretary of Defense, and the scarecrow is the Secretary of Interior! But-----the wicked witch is always lurking about looking for Dorothy and Toto.
23. Recognizing Palestine
Heather ,   Bonnie Scotland   (12.25.10)
Except for the lowly South American countries, I think that the muzzies can count on the Land of Nod supporting a Pali State.
24. Well
Andrew Brehm   (12.25.10)
So they recognise as "free and independent" a country that is neither in borders in which it didn't exist. That's not bad.
25. This is very foolish. Joel the Prophet in Scriptures said
Rivkah   (12.25.10)
the dividing of God's land leads to Armageddon. The end of Gentile world rule is near. The deaths of most of the people on earth is near, too. Equador thinks their people will escape the nuclear holocaust coming on the world because of Muslims claiming God's land. No, Equador will come under the judgment of being a goat nation. Zechariah the Prophet said the Jewish Messiah will come to judge the nations for how they treated the Jews. Equador has joined the goat nations now and will not be part of the Thousand Year Kingdom of the Jewish Messiah. Only sheep nations will be a part of that Kingdom which will encompass the whole earth. The goat nations like Equador will be cast into the lake of fire. One of the judgments that will come on Equador and other nations who insist on dividing God's land instead of giving it to the Jews is when Planet X, Nibiru, Orchus passes by the earth and causes fire and hail and burns the planet with its naptha tail (petroleum). The goat nations will get a pummeling as God laughs from his throne at those who thought they could attack His people and go unpunished.
26. Palestine a State?
Riman ,   Oxon, UK   (12.25.10)
What a dream these people have. I did not realise that leaders of countries can be so totally blind. I wonder what good they pose to their countrymen with such blatant politicking? Indeed, wish as they may Israel will never be wiped out. They must all been paid by some despot in Venezuela, with oil money most likely, supported by another despot in Iran.
27. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Riman ,   Oxon, UK   (12.25.10)
And this 'state of PALESTINE' has no currency, no money, no values, no security by the chaotic Hamas! Absolute madness!
28. so what...another unhinged lunatic in a photo op
haha look at him..he looks quite unhinged like the other nutz wacko i commmented on in yesterday's news.
29. #7 & #& you belong to the arab world
30. recognizing pal state
moron ,   galut   (12.25.10)
jordan is arab palestine and the remaining land is too small to divide again--see maps--latin countries are very catholic and facts dont matter when it's easier to emote
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