Hamas commander: Israel will disappear
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.12.10, 13:19
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1. And people wonder why Israel is not running to appease Abbas
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.25.10)
With Gaza run by these guys why would Israel be rushing to form a new Palestinian state?
2. Another wack muslim who wants his 15 minutes of fame. They
are so damn pre- ,   dictable!   (12.25.10)
3. Dream on Baby
Arul   (12.25.10)
4. This dog is still alive?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.25.10)
We should have put this Deif dog out of his misery long ago. Hopefully within a few weeks this dirty job would finally be taken care of.
5. this guy
Moran   (12.25.10)
just signed his own death sentence........
6. Israel must make them wave the white flag!
period!   (12.25.10)
7. Either US or THEM!!!! NO 2 states!!!!!!!!!!
8. Muhammad Deif - what
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.10)
a miserable creature! His zoological hatred brings on him real disaster.
9. Let's assess
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.10)
"Muhammad Deif, the commander of Hamas' military wing, said the Palestinians will not give up their struggle until Israel ceases to exist." Why don't we just cut to the chase and turn Gaza into a giant, glowing cinder? What is there to be gained from the silly little checkers match that seems to be the extent of Hamas' abilities? Another child injured -- and traumatized -- in an Israeli kibbutz? More children in Sderot and environs developing post-traumatic stress disorder? I realize that Hamas does not enjoy the support of most Gazans. I recognize that those people just want a normal life. That said -- I am sure that a great many German civilians did not deserve what happened when the Allies carpet bombed Germany. I am equally certain that the Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not deserve their fate, either. Sorry. Sometimes, the greater good takes precedence. Allied carpet bombing brought an end to a horrible war. The atomic bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki achieved the same end (please do not overlook the fact that it took two -- not one -- atomic bomb to achieve this). I care as much for Gazan civilians as their so-called "leadership" does. Hamas needs to be destroyed. They are a threat to civilization as we know it. Consider the Gazan civilians with the same regard that the Allies accorded German civilians and that the United States accorded the civilians residing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Israel is a country which has contributed much to the betterment of humanity and is worth preserving. Gaza is violent, useless and totally expendable. That's just fact.
10. These people speak what the HAMAS Charter says
Galut ,   Selah   (12.25.10)
let there be no doubt - google the hamas charter. fatah a hezbulah have similar goals .... These people are building thier foundations on Hate - even if they were to suceed thier nation would be tainted with hate for the rest of thier existance... Israel would be foolish to dis obey the torah by dividing the land !
11. Rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q.Khan has provided
Rivkah   (12.25.10)
nuclear weapons to rogue nations and terrorists. According to the ELS Scripture codes tables (matrix's) in MIchael Drosnin's third book,"BIBLE CODE III, Saving the World", there are nuclear weapons at a terrorist camp in Yemen that has not been attacked by Israel or the USA which means a nuclear attack on Jerusalem and US forces in Iraq is very close to occurring. The code tables (matrix's) indicate a nuclear attack on New York City when President O. visits there in 5771 which began in the Fall and ends September 28, 2011. Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem and US forces in Iraq will also be attacked with nuclear weapons in 5771 on the Jewish calendar. That corresponds to Ezekiel chapter 32 when a sword of the King of Babylon destroys the multitude (military) and Pharoah (leader) of a young lion nation (America is an offspring nation of the older lion nation Britain). Ancient Babylon included Saudi Arabia. So it is likely a Saudi is the King of Babylon whose sword destroys US forces in Iraq when they are nuked. Drosnin's Bible codes indicate it is a Bin Ladin who obtains nuclear weapons and uses them against Israel and America. He is likely in Yemen, not Pakistan through his terrorist orgainization. World War III is about to begin and 2/3 of Israel which includes America and Britain and much of Europe will die. But a third of the world will die in retaliation: 2.2 billion people will die in all. The earth will no longer bury its dead and a world government will be established with people required to get a mark (rfid chip) on their forehead or right hand to buy or sell. All who take the mark will forever be barred from God's Kingdom. The world leader will pretend to be the Messiah but he will not be. He will be indwelt by Satan.
12. Hey, M. Deif, don't hold your breath
Bat Zion ,   Central Israel   (12.25.10)
13. Aha - So Zahar is a prophet as well?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.25.10)
Well heres another That Zahar, his band of cohorts in Hamas have as much use and future as a toilet without toilet paper! That Hamas will be gone with the wind with nothing to show but failure and corruption Because the ONLY reason they want Palestinians to continue to spill more blood is so that THEY can continue to subjugate Gazans and pocket millions from Ahmadinejad to fight a proxy war They do not want AT ANY COST a negotiated settlement because in a democracy they would lose their power and wealth. Its that simple ....and that sick!
14. Israel to Disappear??!!!!!
Riman ,   Oxon, UK   (12.25.10)
What a bad dream you have! That will never be. The rest of the world may but Israel will remain. Why do you think it has survived and thrived in the midst of such hostility?
15. big words from someone in hiding
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.25.10)
let me get this straight: someone who is hiding somewhere inside a place that is under siege says the country that has limited him so completely will ... disappear?? i think the man is clearly not rational.
16. what a bluff...
bruno ,   Portugal   (12.25.10)
Look at these bastards, hiding behind their masks and worse even, with the blessing of the EU and UN.
17. Islamo-Nazi morons
X'   (12.25.10)
Talk about projection!. If I were him and his ilk, I'd start praciticing kissing my butt goodbye
18. How many times in our history have...
our enemies detailed their own fate with their procamations of our demise...
19. Hamas are backward and cowards.
USA   (12.25.10)
They threaten to make Israel disappear, yet it would be a Zionist "crime" for Israel to kill a thousand or two of them. That's not a crime that an obligation. However Israel should consider bringing Hamas over to West Bank so that they all speak with one voice. Fatah wants to achieve the same thing as Hamas does but with different means.
20. This is a DECLARATION of WAR by the democratically elected
Israel must= ,   finish the war   (12.25.10)
hamas terrorists!
21. Their secret weapon
jay3 ,   Israel   (12.25.10)
Arafats shit stained undies! Hahahaha
22. Sarah Blah
Hakim ,   Palestine   (12.25.10)
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. "That's just fact.
23. with arabs, the bigger they talk, the weaker they actually r
it's when they'll stop threatening is when we should be concerned.
24. Zahar: more like "committed to a 'hudna' "
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (12.25.10)
...we know what that means.
25. I wonder if Hussein Obama will soon
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.25.10)
close ranks with this guy and his peace loving followers...( Jimmy Carter already did...)
26. Merry Xmas Muhammad D and Sarah B
Mumbo Jumbo Jingle ,   Santas Workshop   (12.25.10)
Two genuine psychos, one hints of secret weapons of mass destruction tthe other talks of cindering Gaza. You both deserve each other forever tied up in your Gordian knot of lunacy and endless, stupid hatred. Ho. Ho, Ho, and Bah you, messianic, moronic humbugs now go and dissssssappear into the misssst.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.25.10)
Rocket and mortars at Israel, but if Israel defends itself, that will be considered an act of aggression/oppression by Israel. This will give Hamas the their minds...reason to abandon the so called truce. So far since the truce has been declared, how many attacks have there been against Israel? I believe 26 rockets were fired yesterday. Nice truce, so far! Now does Israel have the right to respond? Will the excuse makers (pro-Pal / anti-Israel writers) suddenly appear? What is the typical excuse we see, hear or read about, from the apologists? It usually is the David vs Goliath myth. This goes something like this: Israel has a stronger army and shouldn't be allowed to use it, why? you ask? It constitutes "disproportional use of force". So by that logic, weaker armies can always attack stronger armies and they (the stronger army) lose the right to fight back. How many of you morons buy into that line of reasoning? After all in Gulf War 1, the Coalition forces led by the U.S., and Gen. Colin Powell used the doctrine of "overwhelming force" to end the War as quickly as possible. Was he and the U.S. wrong? We did kill, some say, as many as 250,000 people in that war. Many were civilians. Was it a War Crime? Nobody thought so then or now, right? The double standard is a fascinating thing, isn't it?
28. To Hakim in Israel (22)
Yaron ,   USA   (12.25.10)
It must really bug you to come on this site and see the truth staring you directly in the face. Forget what the leftists write here in the actual news but rather look at the logic displayed by Sarah B and more importantly the vast majority of clear thinking people who wish you people would just grow up already so we can get on with it already. That is the primary problem with this conflict and that is that your peeps are for nothing more than destruction and suffering whereby all we really want is to get on and not be distracted by your movement's stupid games. One more fact for your to think about....there is no Palestine, there never was a Palestine, and.......if your leadership does not get their act together there never will be a Palestine. Stop the hate and start teaching your children about coexistence and that the Jews are there to stay.....then you will see peace.
29. Deparment of devolutions?
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (12.25.10)
Reading the declarations of Mr. Deif, make me remember one of the most beatiful songs of the history of the music, Stairway to Heaven of Led Zeppelin, which have one of the most beatiful plays of guitar never heard. What is the most fast way to go to heaven in the Arab world?. The stairway called Israel -althoug the music and the terrorism have nothing in common- everytime one Arab leader have a problem, the solution? Israel, If the economy go bad, the culprit?, Israel. If they spend lots or money in arms and no on the health of their people, guilt, Israel. If they do not agree, what they want, destoy Israel or do the peace, the blame falls on Israel. When a Arab leader as Mr.Deif want to die quickly, the solution?. The stairway called Israel. We do not konw, when Mr. Deif get to heaven by his obsession with Israel. If the virgins does not like. because are uglies, do not have teeth, have bad breath. In the heaven will exist deparment of devolutions?
30. To: Tahl at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.10)
Not for long, dear. Not for long.
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