Report: Mossad chief to apologize to Britain
Published: 25.12.10, 22:09
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.25.10)
A.K.A you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours .Perhaps the perfidious brits can put a stop to their harassment of israeli officials and servicemen who visit Britain who are threatened with arrest ?
2. Handled poorly
BH ,   Iowa   (12.25.10)
Israel should came pout strongly and say they did it. Lives were likely saved. The world is better off without this terrorist. It should have been a warning Israel is coming after the rest.
3. lots of info in this (?)
eporue ,   europe   (12.25.10)
(i) mossad "officially" admits it. (ii) probably, to not catched cold by the wikileaks, which seemingly indeed might prove it. (iii) all other passports were of "real" persons. ...but to be fair, they could also apologize at dubai/tamim - for "the inconvenience caused"...
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.25.10)
Would get along very well with Henry Kissasser ..I mean Kissinger .They are both of the self-hating hebrew persuasion are they not ?
5. So why hire this guy
John Cohen ,   Canada   (12.25.10)
If he is so weak to have to apologize to the British they are the enemy not friends they are probably the ones who setup Mossad in Dubai and they fund Israeli left wing and BDS groups. This new guy should resign for appeasement.
6. I say BEE ESS!!!
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (12.25.10)
Does anyone, anywhere, anyhow actually believe this story hs ANY credability? Ya' gots ta be joking Bunky. Seriously? OK. Good enough. I have this wonderful magic ring. I know it does not look like much, BUT, has wonderful powers,....etc.
7. England should get over it.
Barry ,   Tokyo   (12.25.10)
The Israelis are fighting mutual enemies for heaven's sake. They should be thanking Israel - bloody hypocrits as usual. No wonder their nation is sinking down the toilet so quickly.
8. London is HQ of Islamic Terror outside Muslim States
Alan ,   SA   (12.25.10)
This past week UK Secret Police arrested 12 Muslims said to be plotting a nightmare Xmas Week.They are being entertained at this moment in Custody Suites around UK. Of course after a few weeks most will be released for "lack of evidence" One or two will be charged for not returning his library bpooks on time or not paying his TV Licence UK needs Israel Co Operation never mind humiliating Israel. One day UK and EU will learn that ISLAM is a federation of extremist political organisations that they are dealing with and not a "Religion "as such. The Khalifa is on its way!
MO SAD ,   ISRAEL   (12.25.10)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.25.10)
Sorry....not much love lost then .
11. This closet Jesus should join a convent ,not
ab   (12.25.10)
become one on whose judgment future of Israel might depend upon.
12. in the mike
evry body to apologize to any body and evry thing will be RIGHT
13. TO 9
BE SAD it is a malignant disease / abologize better than this cough
14. No to Appology
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.25.10)
No to apology fire the guy for even thinking Israel should apology for doing what every country in the world is doing.
15. I'm confident
Yossef   (12.25.10)
we'll find another way. Let's be sorry :)
16. The Mossad has no more guts ??
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (12.25.10)
17. It's only logical since his name is Pardo(n)
18. they can borrow my passport for the next operation
zionist forever   (12.26.10)
i am made aliyah from the UK and I keep an up to date British passport so if they never need to forge it they are welcome. I know somebody who is also from the UK and one day via somebody he knew he was approached by Mossad wanting him to led them his British passport for a couple of hours. So Mossad obviously approach olim ask to let them forge real passports.
19. WAKE-UP!
Rachmiel ,   MechburgUSA   (12.26.10)
Apoligize? Right after the UK apoligizes for giving weapons to the Arabs and giving Israel a menoriah. Right after the UK apoligize for giving forts and strongholds to the Arabs and giving Israel the shaft. Right after the UK apologizes for giving the Arabs a head start in their warring upon Israel and allowing Israel to almost disappear before it began. Yeah, sorry Queenie and all you Limies for not dying faster than you would have liked. Go suck on a pint of bitters and leave the world alone. haven't you already done enough damage?
20. Muslim Terrorists use UK passports to kill babies
Leo ,   NYC   (12.26.10)
Why cannot Israel "borrow" these worthless passports to kill a master terrorist? Britain is the largest base for Islamic terrorists worldwide: (xmas bombers, shoe bomber, Stockholm bomber, tel-aviv coffee shop bombers, etc. and etc.. They will soon reap the benefits of appeasement yet again. Churchill must be turning in his grave. Sorry, but I despise the British hypocrit cowards. They are a disgrace to humanity.
21. I would tink!
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (12.26.10)
let's put everything in place, though Israel must to Great Britain two important documents, that was origen of the State of Israel, the Balfour Declaration-1917, and the Palestine Mandate -1920, and the help of many British, whose gave his support. His posterior attitude was not precisely of one who deserve apologies. From his behavior during the Arabs revolts against the Jews, the creations of 3 White Papers, which forbade or limited the income of Jews into Palestina, the last in 1939 while millions of Jews died in Europe, and put more of 50,000 refugee in camps in Cyprus, its continue politics pro-Arabs. his abstention at the partition, the alleged boycott of weapon at Palestine, while sold the Arabs all the arms they wanted. By not speak of the today attitude, the economic, academic boycotts, take the arguments of the Arabs in the negotiations. I think not twice, but at least twenty times before apologizing.
22. After the assisination had occured
John Robey ,   Austin TX   (12.26.10)
all sorts of Mossad defenders proclaimed "WHERE IS THE PROOF" in their letters on talkback...well here is the proof.
23. #3 - Russian spies caught with UK passports
William ,   Israel   (12.26.10)
shortly after the Mabhouh incident. It can be accepted that the UK and Russia are friends, yet no one batted an eye when the Russians were caught red-handed with fake passports. The UK certainly didn't object. Mabhouh himself was traveling on a fake passport yet Dubai seemed comfortable with this, even though he was in the country to facilitate illegal weapons transfers. Many other criminals including Iranian and Chechens use fake passports for their illicit actions. And Dubai didn't say a word. Dubai also didn't release details of the "palestinians" they caught as part of the Mabhouh killing who were directly involved. Doesn't seem like a fair, equal diplomatic process when Israel gets singled out, possibly without proof.
24. #5 - article is in the it really credible?
William ,   Israel   (12.26.10)
First, we have the Telegraph which has been known to put out "feeler" articles - that is, writing about assumptions as if they were facts and watching the reactions to gauge its accuracy. They've done this on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Second, we have an author who supposedly has insider connections to the Mossad, an agency so secretive but apparently they would have no problem sharing info with a buddy over a game of shesh-besh. Does that sound like a solid intelligence agency to you? I believe, as #3 alluded to, that this article was a shot in the dark tied to the upcoming Wikileaks announcement regarding Mabhouh.
25. to whom will Israel apologize next
observer   (12.26.10)
first to Canada, then to UK, then to whom? Marshall Islands?
26. I won't believe it ....
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.26.10)
... until I see it in a Wikileaks release! :D
27. The way I look at it....
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.26.10)
One less terrorist to worry about. The British government as well as the rest of the free world should be happy and the agents should get a medal. Thank you to all Mossad agents.
28. Wow, I hate this guy already...
Jake ,   USA   (12.26.10)
29. Mossad apologizing for being awesome???
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (12.26.10)
how bad ass is that... good move by the new guy. I think it's pretty obvious they are trying to restore better relations with the British government which is increasingly leaning anti-Israel thanks to it's major Muslim population. Every little bit counts and if this helps relations between the two countries then good.
30. This is how top secret documents are
Vardina   (12.26.10)
guarded. High technology defeated by high technology users... Where will it lead?
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