Ben-Eliezer: US may recognize Palestinian state
Ronen Medzini
Published: 26.12.10, 11:11
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1. Obama may recognize Palestine, but congress never will.
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
2. Not Time To Flee.......Palestine Is Coming : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
You do not realize until this moment what does recognition of many countries of Palestinian state within 1967 borders mean !
3. Unlikely
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.10)
The USA recognizing Palestine, without clear verbiage of non-aggression from the Palestinian leadership is not likely. Making Palestine, a sovereign state, when so many terrorist entities salivate over the opportunity to operate in Palestine is not in the USA's interest. The Latin American countries, recently "recognizing" Palestine are tokens, trivial and largely far-left leaning entities, with nothing to lose when New Palestine is taken over by Iran.
4. Ben Eliezer
Eyal ,   USA   (12.26.10)
Why don't you start believing and see for yourself you pus. As a Minister, I am a bit puzzled to why he doesn't realize war is coming with Israel's enemies. The US will not cave and if they do, then be it. Israel will stop the peace process and will prevail by being strong and not weak, as you are.
5. Recognition
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.26.10)
I can decide to recognize anything I want. that doesn't make it a reality. Possibly would make me delusional, though.
6. So what
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.10)
As the minimal Arab demand is the destruction of Israel, there is currently no chance of a negotiated settlement. Except for the rise of a Zionist government that distances itself from the Obama regime to assert Israeli interests, the best thing that could happen is that the US recognizes the new Arab state. Instead of a farce of negotiations where Israel makes concessions and gains nothing in return, the negotiations would be over. Israel would be forced to stop protecting the American puppets of Fatah, Hamas would take over, and the domino effect would bring Islamist rule to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It would be clear to all Israelis that under Obama the US is an enemy state that will not keep any promise or treaty with Israel. Israel would finally be able to ally itself with honorable countries like Russia, China and India. And importantly, we would save the eternal shame of a corrupt government surrendering our birthright for the privilege of being slaughtered by the Arabs.
7. The labor minister needs to avoid
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.26.10)
that third pastrami sandwich and the second helping of latkes.
8. So, take the wind out of their sails
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.10)
Annex Judea and Samaria and repatriate its Arab residents to Jordan, country of their citizenship. Let them depose King Abdullah and declare their "Palestinian" state where the overwhelming majority of "Palestinians" already live. Jordan has never been a "friend" of the United States, anyway. Remember the 1991 Gulf War? Remember the economic embargo imposed upon Iraq? Remember who the biggest violator of that embargo was? Jordan. Heavens, the queen is more Arab than King Abdullah. Who knows, maybe the "Palestinians" will keep her as queen. She's one of them.
9. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.10)
What you do not realize is that state will be Jordan, and its borders will be those of June 11, 1967.
10. C'mon, the US isn't that stupid...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.26.10)
although Ben-Eliezer might be.
11. @5 You're not delusional. Palestine is a pipedream
12. Ridiculous and despicable
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.26.10)
What contemptible nonsense. The U.S. is for years publicly committed to a negotiated settlement. Here an Israeli Minister for internal political purposes, feckless ones at that, attempts to put pressure on his own government. What is Israel supposed to do agree to a Judenrein Palestine which does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to appease Ecuador and the Israeli Labor Minister?.
13. It means nothing Salma.
Arul   (12.26.10)
14. To: Shalom at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.10)
Don't forget Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay! Scary, isn't it? I'm quaking in my snow boots.
15. That would be a cold day in hell!!!!!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.26.10)
16. No Salma - you don't know what recognition means
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.26.10)
It means that Fatah gets a state and doesn't have to solve any of the thorny issues like refugees. They'll get their state, get their recognition, and the refugees will stay exactly where they are. That's what it means. We Israelis are pretty much resigned to a new country called "Palestine" being created out of nothing more than media spin. There never was a "Palestine" and we'll figure out how to live with one. However, you obviously haven't learned anything about unilateral moves. Remember Gaza? Is that a big success? Is this new "Palestine" going to include Gaza? - of course it isn't! A unilateral declaration of independence will just bring you more troubles and sorrow. Count on it.
17. Maybe Recognize Them As Threat To World Peace
emanon ,   USA   (12.26.10)
18. If so, Israel must recognize the Confederacy!!!
Steve ,   Haifa   (12.26.10)
Along with independence for Cosica, Scotland, Wales, and many other places.
19. Ben-Eliezer's agenda
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (12.26.10)
He's worried about massive Israeli business opportunities in the world arena hampered by the Pally PR machine which is currently faring quite well. Israel's security must remain non-negotiable and those who need our wares will co-operate with us regardless.
20. War and peace.
Jules   (12.26.10)
The "peace process" has left several thousand Israelis dead and maimed. But now THERE IS PEACE. Because PEACE means "NO WAR". And there is no war. No "intifada", no "Cast Lead". If people want another war or intifada, they might elect another Kadima/Labor/Merez combination. But the Israelis are not stupid. The right-wing, patriotic government means PEACE. Anything else means war and destruction of the country.
21. Another Pressure gimmick....
Harry ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.10)
from the Left. Wow!!! I am peeing in my pants at the fright, that even the USA will recognize the Pals as a state. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT IN 1988. There was and always has been, a HIGHER AUTHORITY, that calls the shots, and it ain't YOU. The USA recognizing the Pals as a State is the Last nail in the coffin, that will bring on the LAST BIG WAR OF WARS. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!! or just go back to Syria, Egypt or wherever you were before and leave us alone, THEN THERE WILL BE PEACE, but we all know that it is never going to happen THAT WAY.
22. Israel should work for -
Orao. ,   Sebia.   (12.26.10)
- the Homecoming of all Jews in the world, and dont wast time on other Ideas coming from Her National Foes. Orao.
23. #18 One problem though
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (12.26.10)
israel is a single country under pressure from the world to recognize a pali state. Your recognition of those entities would not only solve anything,it would literally turn you into the laughing stock of the world.
24. Avishay Braverman, What happened?
David ,   USA/ISRAEL/EGYPT   (12.26.10)
You were supposed to quit, Why don't you...... take Ben Eliezer with you, he was a complete failure with Turkey. Now Israel should move fast and annex Jerusalem and all of the settlements in Judea and Samaria and build new ones....South America can now welcome the Palestinians as their new neighbors
25. would mean tthe end of the
RichBoston ,   BOSTON USA   (12.26.10)
democratic party as we know it.
26. Israeli "politicians"
Simon ,   HCMC Vietnam   (12.26.10)
During Second World War ex-king of England Edward VIII advised Hitler that bombing English cities and towns could make England more agreeable for peace. Churchill give him ultimatum: to be court marshaled or shut up and go to exile to Bahamas. Maybe it is a time for Israeli “politicians” stops their mouths diarrhea and start to think how to pressurize the enemy of Israel and not Israel to submission.
27. The Kingdom of Darkness.
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (12.26.10)
Fatah is not interested in sit with Israel at the negotiation table, and make the peace. Even if Israel offer him all Jerusalem and half our territory, they will find any excuse for not negotiation. Their objective is continue delegitimized Israel worldwide, searching the recognition of many nations, and turn Israel in a bandit state at international relations. With Obama as president of USA, in any moment the power of veto at the UN, may cease to exist. And would pass infinity of resolutions with the goal of weaken Israel, politics, economic, military. Many Western governments are blind and do not see, what happens to Israel today will happen to them tomorrow, The Western World forgot very fast the lesson of WWII, appeasement have a limit, and do after that limit is suicidal, The kingdom of darkness is coming again upon the world. the people of Israel have only two pillars, Himself and His God. God bless Israel.
28. #16 told you Brian Cohen ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
you don't know what recognition means ! by the way, Gaza was a unilateral "Israeli" move, you who should remember that.
29. there's a time for accaptance
to eliezer - ,   il   (12.26.10)
dont say that Mr oink oink wants power again- it's so difficult to leave a place of power- that they would engage in any thing to say- they warned- wow such a prophet- whats new? so farfetched is for us to think that obama alibaba wont support the palestine state? what snew eliezer? you aren't for sure- you are burned out- forget it- now is time for you to accept that it's over for you- no votes
30. Ben Eliezer, dont sell your country. RESIGN
Eran ,   Singapore   (12.26.10)
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