Lieberman 'won't accept Turkish lies'
Boaz Fyler
Published: 26.12.10, 20:40
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1. The foreign minister of Israel is miffed...
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.26.10)
his yacht can't gain access to the Black Sea and the upcoming winter olympics in Sochi.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.26.10)
Go Lieberman ,he is worth more than all the other israeli political leaders and politicians put together. Fight fire with fire .I admire Lieberman more than words can say...
3. what kind of stupid minister he is!!!
mohammed ,   jerusalem   (12.26.10)
the guy only wants war
5. Shame on you Israel
Turkish_boy ,   Brussels, Belgium   (12.26.10)
Israel is going to pay a very high price for this remarks. We Turks are NEVER gona forgive Israel. We Turks helped you when you were in NEED. What Israel is doing today against Turkey is DISGUSTING.
6. Lieberman
debbie ,   israel   (12.26.10)
I wish to applaud Mr. Lieberman, and to strengthen his hand. We finally have a politician who tells the truth, however unpleasant it may be to hear. It is beyond time for Israel to stop apologizing to the entire world for every move it makes. This flotilla violated an Israeli blockade, and was given fair warning to stop, and an alternative to have its contents checked before continuing to Gaza. Its passengers attacked Israeli Navy commandos, and were killed while doing so. They were not "civil rights or human rights activitists", as they would like us to believe. Their attack was planned in advance, they were armed, and they knew exactly what they were doing. Israel owes no one an apology for protecting its soldiers, on the contrary, Turkey should issue a full and immediate apology for sending terrorists in the guise of good samaritans, to break a fully justified Israel blockade on Gaza. Thank you, Mr. Lieberman, for giving us the privilege of standing up in dignity.
7. Bravo Lieberman
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.26.10)
Finally a Jew who does not drink the spiked Kool-Aid that makes most of Israel crazy for delusions and lies of peace with Islam. The change within Turkey is the poison asp of Islam,the same evil that infects Iran,Hamastan and Hizbollahland.
8. To #5 Turkish_boy
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (12.26.10)
Please try (may be you will be able) to understand that your remarks as well as your country's repeated attacks to Israel are absolutely irrelevant. Nobody cares about what you say or if you are real or just a fake!
9. Oh, if only Bibi were as forthright.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.26.10)
Lieberman is absolutely right. Netanyahu's talk of finding the words that don't say "apology" and payment that doesn't look like compensation only express his reticence and weakness. Today we witness the fruits of that weakness. Israel held, but released the Mavi Marmara without extracting any concession from Turkey. It's now returned to a celebratory welcome, with yet more anti-Israel diatribe in the air.
10. Go Lieberman
Rachel ,   US   (12.26.10)
This guy will wind up the next PM of Israel!
11. Look Who's Talking!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
12. Well done Lieberman!!
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.26.10)
to Turkish boy, Mohammed etc. Truth hurts. It might be politically incorrect and probably political suicide - but at least its TRUE. How dare Turkey just ignore the number of times we have helped them. How dare Turkey ignore the amount of trade between us. How dare they tell us how to run our country and defend our country. "Lieberman wants War" - he's already got that. He's trying to win it. Sorry guys, we're not going to roll over and die for you.
PERIOD!   (12.26.10)
14. There's no point in not saying the truth about Turkey
Messiah King Ofer ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.10)
Voting against NATO allies and in favour of Iran has nothing to do with the Israeli handling of the IHH martyrdom seekers. Turkey is going in a dangerous direction.
15. To #5
Joshua ,   USA   (12.26.10)
Hey Turk: If I was you I would keep my mouth shut out of humility! After sponsoring a terror flotilla like your country did and allying yourself with Iran - who are you to criticize anyone?????
16. leiberman speaks the truth
alexi   (12.26.10)
while lieberman speaks the truth, ben eliezer begs arabs for forgiveness. How pathetic!
17. After Sharon just Liberman.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (12.26.10)
The next prime minister. The arabs fear Liberman,because he is the "Putin Jews".
18. I have a grudging respect for Avi the Bouncer.
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
But I would never admit it !! : )
19. (End)
Dave ,   USA   (12.26.10)
Yes, look again who is talking Palestine????????????????
20. Netanyahu should speak like Lieberman
Sidney ,   USA   (12.26.10)
Israel should not be anybody's punching boy. And Netanbyahu should remind those countries that have recognized Palestine that they are recognizing a country which will not allow Jews on their territory. This smells like 1937 when Jews were turned into homeless refugees while the world closed its eyes.
21. Shame on you Turkish Boy
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.26.10)
1. When you help you don't brag about it. If you do then I will remind you of Omer Seyfettin's story called DIYET. 2. Since you are bragging about it I will remind you that Israel and the Jewish lobby in the USA influenced the US government to lift the crippling embarrgo established after Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974. Turkey was the first to send help dirng the Adapazari, Golcuk earthquake and the israeli aid was the most6 effective in saving lives and building long lasting housing. (The Israeli pre fabricated houses were complete with electricity running water and sewage. They are still used). Historically Israel was alyas there for Turkey in its dark days (KARA GUNLERDE) but Turkey abandoned Israel in its Kara gun.
22. I won't accept Zionist state!
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
Now either accept right of return of all Palestinian refugees or go back to Moldova!
23. 5 Attaturk is crying uncontrollably now at what is happening
24. Mr Lieberman thank you ,thank you-We dont need wimps!
Alan ,   SA   (12.26.10)
25. Future diplomacy?
Reuven ,   Israel   (12.26.10)
Lieberman is not the world's greatest diplomat, but one can't deny that he is speaking the truth. And he makes a very good point about Wikileaks, almost as if he is a forerunner of the way diplomacy will be conducted in the post-Wikileaks era.
26. Turkey's potential loss in the Billions of Dollars?
Yossi ,   Australia   (12.26.10)
This is a truly delicious situation. Turkey only now realises the huge mistake it made to appear ‘macho’ in the Arab street, and is trying to back peddle without losing face. As a consequence of this, Israel signed a maritime border agreement with Greek Cyprus, without seeking Turkish permission. If oil or gas even half the size of Tamar and Leviathan is found in the Cyprus/ Israel areas, Turkey, which holds the other half of Cyprus, and as a potential interested party, will lose access to this. The lost revenue could even be in the tens of billions of Dollars. Israel also now had a chance to participate in joint war games with Greece, Turkey’s arch foe, teaching Greece Turkey’s vulnerabilities. Greece, from being Israel’s arch enemy in the EU, now stands as one of Israel’s newest advocate there. Many European countries that hated Turkey, and resented our friendship with it, now have moved to Israel’s side. So even if Turkey provides a full apology to Israel and payment of say a $200,000 to every IDF soldier that was so traumatised on the ship, Israel should in hindsight reject the offer, as things have turned out exceptionally well for us.
27. muslum crazies like erdogan are the problem, not the regular
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.26.10)
turk in the streets who could be a friend of Israel and the rest of the world if not for the koranic lunatics.
28. Lieberman should apologize for immigrating to Palestine
Mohammad Goldstein ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (12.26.10)
29. Salma do you want Palestine or World first?
30. Lieberman - We can't afford you any more.
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (12.26.10)
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