Barkat delays Beit Yonatan eviction
Ronen Medzini
Published: 26.12.10, 18:34
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1. And who protects the Yemenites' rights???
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.26.10)
Abandoned again. Shame!!!
2. I accept Beit Yonatan under these circumstances!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.26.10)
3. #1 Paquid
Non-Jew ,   ENGLAND   (12.26.10)
Please excuse my ignorance Paquid, but I don't understand the issue you are referring to. Please could you explain?
4. This mayor is in contempt of court!
Besides that he's actually pulling a seriously fascist manuever.
5. #1 incorrect!
If it was the surviving members of the synagogue who were claiming the property then you would have a point. But it isn't the surviving members of the synagogue who are claiming the property it is the Ateret HaCohenim group who are claiming the property. And as you know the Ateret HaCohenim people are ashkenazim not yeminite. So your logic on this point is way flawed!
6. #3
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.10)
Shiloah was an empty area, the site of the biblical Jerusalem built by David and Solomon. In 1885, Jews escaping Yemen from Arab Muslim racism (including systematic rape of Jewish girls to bear Muslim children) built their homes there, establishing the modern-day Shiloach village. During the British occupation that started in 1920, Arab Muslims (who are now called Palestinians) immigrated from Jordan and lived with the Jews. In 1936, the Arab Muslims started a pogrom (their excuse was that a Jew blew a trumpet). The British police refused to protect the Jews, but instead forced the Jews from the homes. Thus, the British and Arab Muslims collaborated in ethnically cleansing Shiloach of Jews, and renamed the village "Silwan".
7. #6 Israeli, TA
Non-Jew ,   England   (12.26.10)
Thanks very much for the explanation. I knew the Jews living there had been displaced from their homes at some point, but I had erroneously assumed this was as a result of the annexation of the WB / E Jerusalem by Jordan in 1948, and I also hadn't realised the Jews originally living there were Yemenite.
8. Barakat
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.27.10)
Barakat's actions are purely and simply illegal. He should be arrested.
9. # 6 and # 3
gaby ,   australia   (12.27.10)
to # 6 - I suggest you go and read some history and find out just how long Arabs have lived in Jerusalem. Most did NOT come from Jordan during the mandate, as you claim. Some families can trace their residence there for over 1000 years. And if you look at old maps you will see that the land was called Palestine. So stop re-writing history and misleading others. And if you don't accept that I say, then I suggest you go to a library and get hold of a book called "Guide-Indicateur des Sanctuaries et lieux historiques de la Terre-Sainte" published in Jerusalem in the 1880s.. It tells you the population by religion of the various cities/towns (not many Jews at that time - no pogroms to blame either.) And remember when the crusaders took Jerusalem - from the Muslims - and killed everyone, Jews, Muslims and Christians, in the city? When Saladin took it back, how many did he kill? To # 3 - just added a bit of history as it was written back then - not a current re-write.
10. #5: Yisraeil is Am Ekhad (one people)
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.27.10)
When K'far Shiloakh has been restored to Israel then Israel--not goyim--will worry about restoring it to the Yemenite Jews.
11. #10 giving yourself away....
"When the Jews return to Zion" I have news for you my Christian friend... The Jews have returned to Zion and we can manage just fine!
12. Fake Salma has been posting today
Ali ,   Scotland   (12.27.10)
13. #9
Non-Jew ,   England   (12.27.10)
If you actually read what I wrote, you will notice that I did NOT claim that most of the Arabs came to Jerusalem from Jordan during the mandate, and I did NOT re-write history. Please do not put words in my mouth, or attribute other's postings, factually correct or otherwise, to me. I am interested in learning the history, but not in point-scoring by its distortion. While I would love to be able to check out your claims, sadly, a book in French is little use to me, as I am clearly not French, and I ceased to study the French language at age 16 (i.e. over 30 years ago) to specialise in other subjects. Do you have an English based source you can recommend?
14. # 13Non-Jew
gaby ,   australia   (12.28.10)
No, sorry if you got the impression that most of my post was directed to you. The part for you was at the very end. I wanted to make sure you had the chance to read it. The book in french has at the beginning of each chapter the relevant no. of inhabitants by religion: Juifs (jews) musselmen (moslem) etc. Otherwise get hold of any history of the ottoman empire.
15. #9 read #3 then read the Tanach
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH   (01.08.11)
for the oldest existing account of any deed in the Land. To be sure the land will go to the army with the heart to keep it. When the army with the heart to keep it also has a Torah heart, a heart of flesh and not a heart of stone, then it will be in the hands of it's rightful owners.
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