800 Turkish workers may lose Israel jobs
Tani Goldstein
Published: 27.12.10, 08:06
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COLIN   (12.27.10)
Wonderful news!!!!! Get rid of the turkish workers and let them be replaced by Israelis,Russian olim. or anybody in Israel Who wants or needs these turks to foul our sacred land.
2. To Colin #1
EP ,   Israel   (12.27.10)
The problem is that Israelis don't want these jobs.
3. Colin #1
Yisraeli   (12.27.10)
aww cummon Colin why so harsh just coz theyre foreigners? You dont know them, chances are they love everything about Israel otherwise they would have sought employment elsewhere. Besides if you think Israelis or Russian olim would replace them then your very much mistaken and is not very familiar with working trends in Israel. I for one feel sorry for them as individuals if having to have to face this hardship. PS. I have nothing against non jews in Israel provided they are not disloyal/enemy to my country. All those disloyal should be deported in my opinion.
4. To Colin #1
Proud Israeli   (12.27.10)
We don't need racist like you polluting our wonderful country.
5. to # 4
Benny ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.27.10)
Please name at least 3 properties that make Israel such a wonderful country . alreadyLOL
6. #2 Job opportunities
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.27.10)
for haredim: "Torah ve avoda"
7. No genie out off the lamp this time.
josef   (12.27.10)
Like most despots, dictators, strong men, its always " I decide, I call the shots, because I AM! And for a character like Erdogan, 800 turkish workers means nothing. In the scheme of things, they are irrelevant. Turkish mentality?, arab mentality? And I agree with Victor Lieberman " the Turkish P.M. is a liar ! ! !
8. Racist and very stupid decision
With this decision, Israel tells all Turks and to the world that Israel has problem not only with current Turkish government policies, but also with all Turkish people. This is clear racism. With this decision Israel is seeking vendetta like a typical wild Middle Eastern behaviour. Israel shows where it belongs politically and mentally. Another stupidity of this Israeli decision is that the CEO and executives of this Turkish company are leading figures of Turkish opposition party, and they are all anti-AKP and anti-Erdogan. Well done to current Israeli decision-makers for turning against even anti-Islamist, anti-Erdogan Turkish people. What's next? Israel has diplomatic problems with the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France due to passport theft issue. So will Israel end its deals with all their citizens?
9. For your Information: 2 Laws in Turkie
Reality   (12.27.10)
Oblige all Turkish citizens working abroad to refer to MIT. Especially those in Banking, Military and Technology Sector. So, it is not about racism but Defense.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.27.10)
YOU . I have nothing against these turkish workers but if they are evicted from Israel ,their nasty Prime Minister Erdogan will be the one who is to blame.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.27.10)
Trashing Israel has its consequences.
12. #8 where does it say...
courney ,   usa   (12.27.10)
that it is only the israelis that are holding up the deal? Turkey is the nation that banned israelis from owning land in their country, canceling military drills, etc etc...
13. We must deal with erdogan
Istanbulian ,   Turkey   (12.27.10)
but Israeli people should clearly understand that millions of people have no problem with Israel in turkey so Erdogan supporters and the opposite make a huge difference
Yossi ,   CANADA   (12.27.10)
Turkish people do not have to pay for their stupid Pm. Israel has to behave with wisdom and show the word that BB is better than Erdogan. Turkish people are not against Israel , Erdogan is, do not play into its hand.
15. #12 read the article and learn more about Israel
Steve ,   J-lem   (12.27.10)
Israel doesn't and has never allowed Turkish or any other foreign national to buy land in Israel. Selling land to foreigners is strictly forbidden in Israel. Many countries in Europe also ban foreign nationals to buy&own land.
16. Israelis must boycott all those that the Turks are building.
Which includes: the YOU buildings, Azrieli Towers, Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel Museum's new wing and Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. Also, Israeli Air Force Headquarters, Israeli Defense Ministry building, and several higways in Israel were built by Turkish companies. Yalla Israel, boycott all those buildings or destroy and rebuild them :)
17. Turkish Workers
Ayla Akman ,   Turkey   (12.27.10)
How pathetic is that! All because of a few Mickey Mouse politicians like Erdogan? bit silly isn't it? we all know who (which high ranking power) was behind him when he made those comments towards Israel. Israel is one of the most powerful countries in the ME and for Erdogan to challenge Israel in that manner only explains one thing in my view! A bit like getting supernanny to help deal with your very spoilt child which you obviously are incapable of dealing with yourself as a parent! ;-)
18. to benny 5- i guess you must think Israel
Barney ,   USA   (12.27.10)
is wonderful if you live there because certainly you have the freedom to leave. As for working with the turks. they have an islamist in erdogan. working with them is one thing. working on them on security and technology is simply stupid. they have given up the right to benefit from superior Israeli technology.
19. "racist"
Dave ,   Canada   (12.27.10)
I am amazed at how easily the term "racist" is flung around in these talkbacks ( usually by those of leftist persuasion), at those with whom they happen to disagree with. Misuse of any work renders it meaningless- especially when applied to a purely political and economic problem.
20. #1 and #5 Impostors. If you don't like it, get the heck out
...of the forum! #1 injects poison and masquerades as a "racist" Israeli and impostor #5 throws dirt supposedly at this own country. You both are pathetic! We LOVE the Turkish people - especially those who work here LEGALLY! We also love most of the Turkish people who are not aligned with the Muslim crazies from IHH and their Turkish Dictatorship government. They know this and the majority of the Israelis know it. You two monkeys will not succeed in dirtying our carpet. Take your trash back to Gaza, Lebanon or even Turkey and eat it.
21. #8 The most stupid post! READ THE ARTICLE!
22. #13 - we know that! Wishing you luck with returning to...
... saner times with a more civilized government! You are always welcome here!
23. #16 Idiot! Have you read your own post?
24. I hope, that these workers will stay in Israel...
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.28.10)
the live here for years.... they love it here, and don't forget:: THE COMPANYS'S CEO HAS FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST HIS GOVERNMENT!!!!!! if every Turk who is against Erdogan, would protest, file lawsuit, maybe something would change... kol ha-kavod le Ahmet Yilmaz!!!
25. #15 - Only Israelis are banned from buying in Turkey
William ,   Israel   (12.28.10)
It's true that many other countries including Israel ban foreigners from owning land in their respective countries. However in Turkey only Israelis are banned from owning property...Everyone else is welcome, which makes the directive from Erdogan's office extremely racist.
26. These 800people are bridge between Israel and future Turkey.
leo ,   usa   (12.28.10)
27. Good news Ill come over and pack for them...
Gr ,   USA   (12.28.10)
28. #8
excuse me, but DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE WHERE IT SAYS THAT IT IS TURKEY THAT DIDN'T RENEW THESE TURKISH COMPANIES CONTRACTS TO WORK IN ISRAEL??? IT IS TRUKEY THAT IS TO BLAME HERE. THE CONTRACTS WERE NOT RENEWED BY TURKEY ITSELF!!! why do you blame israel and call it racist? israel had nothing to do with these turkish contracts not being renewed by erdogan. hameed aboughaze, iranian
29. #15 learn in general
courtney ,   usa   (12.28.10)
the article still says nothing about israel not renewing the deal, and Turkey has banned only Israelis not all foreigners from ownership. come back down to earth
30. Hey number 8 REad better dont be stupid
Ari ,   Romania-Israel   (12.28.10)
It's not Israel canceling the Jobs of Turkish Workers is Turkey not renovating the deals and Contracts. Go tell Erodgan. Israel has to be liberal but Turkey wants on top of that to Humiliate Israel. Turkey wants to bash Israel with any excuse. They send the Flotilla with their governments provocative approval, and Israel has to apologize. Israel has nothing against these Turkish Workers, I am sure, probably a solution will be fined. But let's put things in perspective. These are, in first place Turkish Companies. These are bilateral deals that for the meantime Turkey don't want to renovate. What should Israel do expropriate those companies and give official residence to this workers and create another International scandal???
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