Soldiers named in 'Gaza holocaust' site
Roee Nahmias
Published: 27.12.10, 07:35
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1. Entire Hamas members should be listed as war criminals
Arul   (12.27.10)
2. Palestinian propaganda makes me puke!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.27.10)
This crap from the same people who dance and hand out candies every time they blow up an Israeli bus or restaurant. Not to mention, of course, the hero posters they have of their suicide bombers who are legitimate war criminals. Can there really be "peace" with people like this? It certainly doesn't look like it...
3. massive photoshop work worth nothing
ghostq   (12.27.10)
only Air heads really buy that crap, but than again this just to keep palis under control, otherwise the palis might blame hamas for commiting the same things they r accusing Israel with. they do worse from what I saw, taking someone eyes out just for suspition is something that isn't even human.
4. apolitical
observer   (12.27.10)
politically motivated site never calls Hamas fired government.
5. Look for Israeli leftists helping out....
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (12.27.10)
6. "Israel" cannot really be blamed for "war crimes".
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.27.10)
Even I think that's a slight over exaggeration : )
7. Rocks Vs Airbombers
david ,   Australia   (12.27.10)
Poor Arabs using stones and Jews come along in airplanes bombing the whole village hardly a fair fight
8. the definition of chutzpah
yael ,   israel   (12.27.10)
the story tells of a man who murdered both his parents. In court he begged for special consideration since he was an orphan. That is is the epitomy of Hamas' hypocrisy.
9. Arab self-examination is so alien...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.27.10)
No Arab will ever admit in public that his side may have been wrong. A list of Hamas war crimes from "Cast Lead" would just be dismissed as "Zionist propaganda" and forgotten. This inability for introspection and self-criticism is one of the greatest barriers to peace in the Middle East--not settlements, not the existence of Israel and not the "issue" of Jerusalem.
10. gaza holocaust
steve ,   perth   (12.27.10)
if opposing forces were equal, we would still be fighting WW1, u get my drift. quit whining, u took on a superior force and got beaten. no one cares. i certainly dont.
11. answer to 7, David
dina ,   israel   (12.27.10)
the fact that the Palestinians do not only throw stones but all sorts of rockets shows how much you are fed with palestinian propaganda which is very effeective. Just this week over 20 rockets were fired from Gaza into the south of israel making normal life unbearable. Consider the fact that the people of the area have 20 seconds to reach a shelter... what sort of a nervous wrack would you be if you had to go through this several times a day and night??? This is war, guerilla and terror are war and the weapons are hidden in schools and mosques, the price is payed by the population here and there. This is the sad issue...
12. #7 please send an example
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.10)
Can you give even one example where the Israeli response to anything was bombing a whole village? Either you are confusing Israel with US, UK, Russia, Turkey and Syria, or you are a liar.
13. PALLYWOOD online...sliced, diced, photoshoped, framed...
R ,   Jerusalem   (12.27.10)
Great, now they have a website to expose their Pallywood schemes.
14. 9 terrorists arrested 4 Planning war crimes in uk this week
15. Moronic
john   (12.27.10)
Damaging mosques, schools and the use of white phosphorous are not war crimes. Even the deaths of civilians in times of war are not war crimes, so long as they are not intentionally aimed for, which they weren't. The site is moronic.
16. 7 David remember the Australians at Bali nightclub.
17. Europe faces war crimes every Xmas and plots
18. # 7 David
Joav ,   Germany   (12.27.10)
Shalom David! How is it to live in Australia and give the jews the advices how to lead a war? The rockets never hit you home? Or that what you call the the "rocks" neverever did neigher harm to you nor to you famaly a someone next of kin? So "David" got a question for you, when you give back the Australia to Aboriginies? Is it not shame that not even one Aboriginie is in any Government in Australia? "David" keep you advices better by youself.
19. 7 Arabs have plenty of planes and missles..
Sugar Ray ,   NYC   (12.27.10)
or are they too frightened to use them on Israel?
20. # to the Hamas Salma
Joav ,   Germany   (12.27.10)
Salma where is the "Palestine"? Maybe in Jordanien or in Iraq, Syria? Salma you can go to Australia direct to "David". There you find you Australistan
21. If your house is made of glass don't throw stones on another
Itsik ,   Israel   (12.27.10)
think about it.
22. Soldiers named in "Gaza holocaust' site
Chagrined ,   La Jolla, USA   (12.27.10)
Every insidious member of the U.S. Congress who voted for the Senate Res. 10 and House Res. 34 supporting "Operation Cast Lead," a 'War Crime,' by Israel should also be named in the "Gaza Holocaust site. These unpatriotic, unAmerican members of congress have made the American people complicit in Israel's heinous 'War Crime" and we are mad as hell because the American people don't want to be complicit in Israel's evil, pernicious, abhorrent evil!
23. #22 war criminals
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.10)
If you weren't an insidious pernicious hypocrite you would stop criticizing Israel. You can't have it both ways. Either you are a patriot American and you support Israel's fight as well as Americas, or you first clean your own house. Hamas numbers talk about 10% non-combatants killed during Cast Lead, while the leaked US military numbers talk about 50%-60% non combatants killed in Iraq, and a much higher number in Afghanistan. And as for abhorrent and evil, look up the CIA-run KLA and Dyncorp. So please, prove that you are not an insidious pernicious hypocrite and call for every congressman, senator, the entire Obama administration, every US soldier above the rank of major and the CIA to be tried.
24. #22 he who lives in a glass house, should not throw stones.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.27.10)
As #23 pointed out well - your own country is guilty of much more heinous crimes against civilians, and to a much greater degree. I advise you to check the Wikileaks reports about your soldiers' doings in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Guantanamo detention camp. Silly hypocrite.
25. You never won a war you started.
noa ,   israel   (12.27.10)
This is a war of propoganda, and you will lose that too, because your motivation is warped. Cheaters never, never prosper.
26. Answer: Stuxnet Number ...'Two '.
Roland seener ,   London England   (12.27.10)
27. Why no such site for Israeli Victims?
PRFAILUREAGAIN ,   china and israel   (12.27.10)
Try to find a site dedicated to Jewish Israeli victims of Palestinian terror and those who purprtrated them and you will have a very difficult time WHY??????????
28. More..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.27.10)
According to the description of the site, we are facing some more Arab pornography (dead bodies of people who died under unknown circumstances, but blaming Israel..) , so I am definitely not interested on seeing it.
29. Propaganda
Lioness ,   Israel   (12.27.10)
Israelis have NEVER bombed whole villages they pin point terrorist targets, unfortunately the terrorists use civillians to hide themselves as human shields.. Palestinians HAVE BOMBED Israelis buses, cafes, hotels, pizza bars, shopping malls and of course indiscimately fire rockets at Israeli civillians in towns such as Sderot, Ashdod,Askelon and Be'er Sheva.
30. Pallywood
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (12.27.10)
This is another Pallywood production.
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