Far Left activist sentenced to 3 months in jail
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 27.12.10, 18:32
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1. Throw away the key!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.27.10)
2. Haha! :^P
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.27.10)
3. In short, leftwing protesters assert
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (12.27.10)
that no leftwinger should be required to pay any price whatsoever for advocating and acting on their personal beliefs no matter how much and in what way they break the law. I'd have some respect for them if they'd at least take responsibility for the activities which they undertake.
4. 3 months prison for driving bike slowly?
Firtz ,   Berlin&Germany   (12.27.10)
.. sounds a little bit harsh to me. no second thoughts (political?) about it?
5. they would praise the decision if he was right wing
zionist forever   (12.27.10)
The left wing activists & civil rightist groups would be the first to praise the decision and say justice was done if the jailed activist was right wing. The left see themselves as angels and guardians of justice and the right as enemies of the state.
6. Activist?????
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (12.27.10)
This Pollak guy is no activist. Just a cheap traitor!!!
7. such a severe punishment??
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.27.10)
Pollak was also ordered to pay a fine of NIS 1,500 ($418). hahahahahaha If it was a rightest, it would have been ten times the price plus more than a slap on the wrist. Justice here is totally blind!
9. About Time!
Ruvy ,   Samaria, ISRAEL   (12.27.10)
The bigoted courts in Israwel fine and jail right-wingers, holding them in communicado as though they were terrorists, and all this time the leftists have been getting a free pass for constant incitement and breaking the law. It's about time some of these traitors do hard jail time!
10. Send Pollack the traitor to Gaza. Let him stay there
Eyal ,   Singapore   (12.27.10)
11. pollack supports arab terror his place is in jail good news
mma guy   (12.27.10)
12. Free him,the only example of a good israeliand u punish him.
Ivan ,   Haif   (12.27.10)
13. Why doesn't this bum get a job?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.27.10)
Then he will have no time for frivolous activities like "anti-blockade protests"
14. If he were in Tejas, he'd go to jail for bein a DBAG
Manuel Rosenstein ,   Lee County, Texas   (12.27.10)
15. Couldn't you find a less annoying photo of this punk?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.27.10)
With this sneering smile he looks just so damn full of himself.
16. Why only 3 months,3 years would have been better
Yoav Molari ,   Beer Sheva Israel   (12.28.10)
About time that these idiots were pulled into line,they are a law unto themselves. Lieberman should be dealing with them not this weak government.
17. my heart goes out to Yonatan Pollack
Ali ,   Scotland   (12.28.10)
But he stands not alone! I love real jews like this man,salt of the earth.The world needs more jews like Mr Pollak .
18. He's NOT innocent but I disagree with sentencing
William ,   Israel   (12.28.10)
First, he did break a law so he's not innocent. Apparently, Leftists only support laws they can use against others but not follow themselves. Apartheid scum! Second, how many times did Amir Peretz tie up the road system in Israel for his stupid union protests? Way too many! Deal with these blackmailers first! Third, isn't the court going after some low-hanging fruit? In the grand scheme of things, this guy is nothing. Yet, when big fish like Arab MKs and Salah take part in racist incitement and sedition, they somehow are seen as innocent and even paid a pension. THIS is the real problem you must address - the unequal enforcement of the law which places ALL citizens in danger!
19. #7 - what was punishment for dati girls in 2005
William ,   Israel   (12.28.10)
who protested the (coward) withdraw from Gaza by blocking roads? Was it 10 times more than this guy? I truly don't remember, but I do remember that I didn't support their actions either.
20. #11- he's just a member of the self-righteous Left...
William ,   Israel   (12.28.10)
in Tel Aviv with an enormous, but unjustified, sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, there is a whole generation like that in Israel...usually born from parents who are equally self-absorbed and so focused on themselves they will never discipline their children for their bad behaviour. Is this guy's actions really all that surprising? His friends will probably chip in to pay the fine and together they'll go off to their Ecstasy party at Namal Tel Aviv
21. So much for democracy ;) ,...
split ,   US   (12.28.10)
22. Lieberman, we need you to take care of bums like this
Roy ,   Miami   (12.28.10)
This guy is a professional hooligan that incites and encourages pals to violence, shows utter disrespect to the IDF and its members who lost their lives for their country in the last Gaza war and other wars. He has such impunity that when judged to do social work, he refuses it, and thus has to go to jail. I wonder why and how I can see him interviewed in Israeli TV today. Shame to him and his followers.
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