Train fire leaves 121 injured
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 28.12.10, 12:59
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.28.10)
Yet another example of the need for Israel to invest in first-class firefighting equipment.
2. Four firefighting teams?
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.10)
Four firefighting teams, for a fire like that? In Europe, it would be ten at least. The amount of diesel potentially involved makes it quite dangerous. Further: don't refer to the Kiryat Gat accident as a "train disaster" - it was a road accident, the result of a reckless driver. The railway company is not at blame for that at all, and nobody on the train was injured there, I believe. It's unfair to use that accident to portray Israel Railways in a bad light. Also let's not forget that buses have accidents also, just a year ago (I think less) there was a severe accident between Safed and Karmiel, I think, in which 5 people were killed when an Egged bus hit a truck. And cars, I don't need to mention how dangerous they are. And walking as a pedestrian, you could be killed by a car or other vehicle, you could suffer heatstroke in summer, frostbite in winter and exhaustion all year round. And airplanes crash. So in short, no method of transportation is free of risks.
3. fire sensors: radio to train driver
moshe ,   Tivon   (12.28.10)
A former employee of Israel Railways told Ynet : " THE DRIVER HAS NO WAY OF KNOWING IF A FIRE BREAKS OUIT IN ONE OF THE CARRIAGES " How strange: the train driver has NO way of knowing that there is a fire on the train ! ! Is that possible ? Is it SO difficult to have fire sensors and radio transmitters on each carriage that notify the train driver , the station, the fire dept ? such equipment is NOT expensive moshe
4. missing info
yehuda ,   israel   (12.28.10)
One or some of the carriage doors would not open. In addition, the windows could not be broken because equipment was missing. That is why shots were fired, in order to break open the carriage windows.
5. #2
JB ,   Rehovot Israel   (12.28.10)
"In Europe, it would be ten at least." What bible did you pull that out of? In the U.S. and I'm sure anywhere with adequate resources, they throw people at the fire until it's out. Israel obviously needs firefighting help NOW and with the number of smokers here and the lack of safety oversight, we don't have time to ramp up.
6. Who designed the pasenger rail cars?
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (12.28.10)
Where were the cars manufactured/assembled?
7. Check It Out !
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.28.10)
Arab teenager walked near the Jewish train . This is probably the cause of the fire.
8. Smokh attitude
Eshkol Hakofer   (12.28.10)
This is a result of the arrogant and criminally negligent smokh attitude, that encourages the public to take everything in stride without caring at all to take the necessary precautions. This attitude is prevalent thruout the israeli public .
9. Who designed the passenger cars??
josef   (12.28.10)
An imbecile < sans doute > without a doubt. A horse and buggy expert ? Only a genius in the field of mass transportation, probably an israeli, was capable of designing an overhead rack that could accomodate only a news paper or magazine, but not both on the same spot, while the suit cases, bags and other luggage filled the isles together with the passengers.The attendants running (jumping) up and down non stop are a pitiful site, incompetant at best.The toilets (when not occupied ) would be repulsive to a pig. Indiscret question . How much money did slide under the table during the blueprint / contract cessions ?
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