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Study probes religious teens' sexual guilt
Tzofia Hirschfeld
Published: 05.01.11, 08:59
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1. as T.S. Eliot put it memorably
that Phepps dude ,   Netanya   (01.05.11)
"And should I have the right to smile?"
2. Job made a covenant with his eyes and that is what young
Rivkah   (01.05.11)
people must do, too. They must also make a covenant with their ears. When sexual urges come that are not within marriage with one's spouse, one must call upon YHWH to help them. That is what King David did as a youth when his glans was enlarged. He called upon YHWH to have mercy on him and to hear his prayer. (Psalms 4:1). Cry out to YHWH to be delivered from sexual desire. Other youths were more like Micah 2:1 which says, "Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand." Masturbation is prohibited by YHWH, so one must call upon YHWH for deliverance from sexual desire if the desire is outside of coitus with a spouse.
3. This is putting trouts in carps water.
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.05.11)
4. #2 Rivkah
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (01.05.11)
What planet are you on woman? It's because of people like you strutting your "only within marriage" and anti-masturbation nonsense that so much self-deprecation and guilt exists. Go back to the cave........
5. Did the parents give autorisation...
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.05.11)
to do this kind of filthy test to their pure children?Was this research purely scientific?What kind of persons were these researchers? I would not trust them any children. Porno watching is disgusting(did i say something not politically correct?).I am in shock,that this could happen in a Jewish state.
6. #2 and what did King David make a convenant w/?
In case you missed the section in the Tanach I am refering to King David's relations with Bathsheva! Of course if you like we can discuss Shlomo HaMelech and his poligamy or perhaps you want you will feel most comfortable talking about Jesus his group of 12 men and the Magdalene? In other words Rivkah! it doesn't matter if you look in the Tanach or your New Testament -- they were human they had sex period! So give it a rest already!
7. Leave the kids alone
Sarah ,   Israel   (01.05.11)
Who is the idiot who comes up with these rediculous ideas. Can seculars not tolerate any form of purity in the world???
8. Religious rules to create guilt...
Ex-Orthodox Jew ,   Israel   (01.05.11)
...are the most efficient way to govern people. Nobody needs Halacha.
9. theres also alot on how
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.05.11)
sexual inhibition promotes violence - cases in point: raping priests, murderous islamists, right-wing religious (jewish) arab-torchers. and, on the other hand, how easy and peace loving the girls in hashomer are, how peaceful (and drunk) they are in scandinavia. maybe there is an element of truth in the old adage: make love not war... unless, of course, you love war.
10. Rivkah! u r here that means ur parents had sex!
Yep! OMG! teehee!
11. There is so much wrong with this study
David ,   Jerusalem   (01.05.11)
There is so much wrong with this study and the reported conclussions that I have no idea where to begin. Firstly, If these young people indeed watched "Porn" then I am disgusted with the scientists. Porn is to Sexuality what Ultimate fighting is to sport... and even that is poor comparison,. Porn degrades sex and sexuality. If young religious people are disgusted by it I applaud them and their values. It is true that many religious youn people do not have a clear picture about what sex, sexuality and love is , but that is very true of many secular youn people. And when young people abstain from doing things which they can not understand fully or appreciate they may be doing themselves a favor. Why has our society pushed youngsters to engage in sexual acting out at younger and younger ages? Why does love and commitment no longer enter anyones equation? where are our values, anyway? What is wrong with not giving in to every single urge and desire? at every single moment?
12. #2 but sweety thats how i discoverd God
avi ,   israel   (01.05.11)
Yes yes oh yes oh Jesus yes yes !
13. a foot in each camp
observer   (01.05.11)
From such a short and incomplete article, it is nigh impossible to evaluate the value of Dr Asif's work. However, from the comments reported from the kids themselves, it is clear that they have been badly let down. These kids are described as religious - not haredi. In other words, they live in a totally secular world, but are expected to adhere to orthodox values. That will simply never work; they are not given the tools - neither the secular nor the religious tools - to deal with life in either camp. Orthodox kids are given their tools to deal with their surrounding, whilst secular kids are given theirs ('psychological tools' as Dr Asid rightly points out) - but you can't mix and match, it just does not work. No wonder they end up totally confused, and no wonder so many reject religion after such experiences.
14. How to teach healthy sexuality
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (01.05.11)
Teaching sexuality, sexual health and sexual assertiveness is essential. Sexual assertiveness is having the confidence to say no when appropriate, yes when appropriate, and how to know the difference. Teaching sexuality, in an open and non-judgmental manner, is essential to young people, regardless of religion. Taking the position of paternalistic control only results in misinformed and misdirected youth. Further, attempting to control the world by instituting a "kosher" internet, and a long list of repressive controls simply does not work. One only need look at societies, where sexuality is managed openly, and without fear of judgement, to find lower rates of anorexia, unplanned pregnancy and lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases. The Orthodoxy may not like this, but removing sexual control and repression from society does NOT result in unbridled sexuality. Just the opposite, in fact. The more you control, the more slips through your fingers.
15. #8 Ex- Orthodox Jew
Avraham ,   Sweden   (01.05.11)
You mean you dont need Halacha. The way i see it Ex- Orthodox for you really means Ex (tremely) Orthodox Jew. My guess is that your Having a problem with decent and moral boundaries for your life was your issue Not Halacha, The Torah is not a law book, it is a guidline to living a life of fulfillment and happiness, sadly and unfortunately for many the idea of being religious is just another aspect of their obssesive compulsiveness. Live free. Live Torah
16. #9
American Sabrah ,   Givas Shmilkeh   (01.05.11)
When was the last time a Jew touched an Arab? What makes you think that religious Jews are sexually repressed?Sexual repression and dysfunctions are a medical issue that has nothing to do with whether you are religious or not. There is a kernel of truth to what you said about sexual inhibition. Yes it could lead to destructive behaviors like it did in the Roman/Greek cultures and as it does in the Arab world since they have used ( and continue to use ) women for babies and boys for pleasure. Judaism discourages celibacy for that reason because it is biologically impossible for a normal human being to remain celibate.That's partially the reason why we encourage marriage so it prevents us from engaging in illicit activities.There is a purpose for those halachic rulings. It teaches us how to treat others like human beings.While we naturally have impulses doesn't make it acceptable for us to cave in to them.That is what distinct us from animals.The secular world is voided of morals and guidelines.Pornography has proven to be destructive to relationships.It gives men illusionary and lewd images of women thus degrading them to sex objects. Statics show that porn has also increased domestic and sexual violence towards women including sexual harassments at workplaces.Women/girls dressing like street hookers doesn't help their image nor earn respect for themselves either.That's where the institution of modesty comes in.Things are not so peachy keen in more sexually permissive environments.I believe those living in more conservative/religious communities that promotes family values and sexual purity are better off in most ways.People who surf through porn should feel guilty about it and require counseling to help kick their addictions.
17. Sexuality
Moses   (01.05.11)
I think it is obvious that less guilt and conflict is better. Isn't it obvious. If children and thereafter adults would not need to feel guilt every time they see an extra bit of skin which will inevitably happen it is certainly a much more preferable reality. period.
18. Stupid Relgious Teachings
Rachel ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.05.11)
Rabbis taught us that masterbation is bad , others relgeions say that it will make you blind Mother nature is far smarter than these holy mis-lead people Sex drive is normal , and nature allows us to "Blow off steam" by masterbation. This is normal and functional behaviour , at the right time and right place .Trying to suppress ones natural needs will only cause frustration and acts of perversion , and guilt after one "Gives into" ones needs Just lately, how many rabbis have been charged with sexual abusue , not to mention Catholic priests and their choir boys...maybe if they let out steam in a normal fashion , their perverse acts would not have happend
19. 6: King David had unlawful sex once in his life. ONCE.
Rivkah   (01.05.11)
And that ONE time took peace from his life and his family and cost the life of his first child. ONE sexual error. KIng David and King Solomon provided for every woman they had sex with, unlike males not worthy of the name man who love 'em and leave 'em. People do have sex and it is imperative for their happiness that it be within the guidelines of God's instructions. If David had made a covenant with his eyes as Job did, he would not have erred sexually the one time that brought so much grief. You cannot see the wisdom of all the correct things David and Solomon did. Rabbi Yeshua you wrongly call Jesus (Je-Zeus to appease pagans was name Jesus came from in the edit of Emperor Constantine and the apostate Council of Laodicea) suffered as humans do but he kept the Torah and Tanakh perfectly unlike males described in Micah 2:1 who masturbate. Yeshua did not masturbate or have immoral sex and was a virgin from birth to death and resurrection.
20. 6 Mary Magdalene was the stepmother of Rabbi Yeshua.
Rivkah   (01.05.11)
She married Joseph of Arimathea who was the brother of Miriam (Mary) mother of Rabbi Yeshua. Joseph of Arimathea adopted Yeshua after the death of Joseph the Carpenter. Joseph of Arimathea had the throne seat on the Sanhedrin which made Rabbi Yeshua eligible for the Throne of Judah after the death of Joseph of Arimathea. That is why Mary Magdalene was brought to Rabbi Yeshua when she was caught in adultery. Obviously, the adultery was not with Rabbi Yeshua or she would not have been brought to him for judgment since the next of kin judges such things and throws the first stone and obviously Joseph of Arimathea her husband was out of town. You read too much fiction like the DaVinci Code nonsense.
21. Made man verses nature
Talula ,   Israel   (01.05.11)
Religious people and also secular, are suppressing a normal and healthy part of adolescent life. To make oneself ill over looking at porn - which is also against any religious belief - is actually sad. What is worse is that these strong suppressed sexual feelings can often manifest into something far worse than having consensual sex. Religion is a man made thing – someone decided it was wrong, and followers conform – healthy sexual urges come from a far greater and much older place than Judaism or any man-made hogwash,
22. Forced to watch porno
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.05.11)
Where can I sign up to participate in this study?
23. maybe if hitler had some good sex he might not have been a
lunytunes that he was...i know some people in germany are so messed up sexually and repressed it isnt funny...which is why they hate everyone during ww2
24. Rivka & Jesus unlawful sex
Joe ,   London   (01.05.11)
Jezz Rivka, are saying you are aware of what Jesus did or didnt do under his blanket sleeping alone..What insight, Amazing
25. #20 Rivkah
Yehudit ,   US   (01.05.11)
Where are you getting all of this garbage from???? You don't know if Jesus masterbated or not., Something like that would never be in scripture even if he did. Also, Adoption never makes anyone eligible for any throne in Jewish practice. It is the actual seed that counts. Therefore, he would not be eligible for any throne. Of course, none of this "story" is in the New Testamen, but conveniently made up.
26. 10: Sex within marriage is allowed by YHWH.
Rivkah   (01.05.11)
But how can you enjoy sex in marriage if you mind is wandering to pornographic photos or misses a previous sex partner, so you treat your spouse like a masturbation recepticle instead of turning your heart toward her so she feels your love emotionally as well as physically? Your desire should be toward your spouse but that is impossible when there is no covenant with your eyes and ears to protect that sphere.
27. 7 Sarah, Israel: A child left to himself brings the mother
Rivkah   (01.05.11)
to shame, King Solomon said.
28. they are not even allowed to play doctors
josef   (01.05.11)
with little girls. What else can you expect. Cooped-up in this devil's den called 'yeshivah' all day, bent over a book(I might add worthless) and not being able to interact with ' normal ' human ', creates an environment that these young haredim cannot sustain forever. Results after graduation?: molestation, rape, sodomy, explode in kindergartens, in schools, in synagogues, at private tutoring. ---- Just like catholic priests allowed to "play" with their little boys all over the world with the pope's blessings To late to be controlled . With the same background, same " education ", the rabbis, the haredim are unable to cope. And to you Rivkah # 2, They have been calling your YHWH for 4000 years. 10.000 from now, they still will be calling him.! I feel sorry for you and your kind.
29. Rivkah! u never fail to provide a good laugh...
Let me see if I have this correct you know what Job, King David, King Solomon and Jesus all thought, felt and did while they were or weren't having sex and/or masturbating or not! Is that correct? Further you know all about the covenant of one's eyes and ears to protect that sphere...honey bunny you need a remedial sex education class because humans don't have sex with their eyes and put it politely they use other organs for their sexual activities. Woman, you need help! Don't you realize that we are all having a really great time laughing at you and gording you on?
30. Ignorance
Moe ,   USA   (01.05.11)
Porn is a customized drug for lust addicts! Reactions to porn are a barometer for attitude to sex?! That has little connection to healthy sex.
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