Report: 3 out of 4 Israeli citizens are Jewish
Published: 29.12.10, 14:50
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1. jewish by what standard or measure?
stude ham   (12.29.10)
the shasniks and haredim do not give the conservativim jewish status... and the political rabbis want absolute control over calling anyone jewish... and then we see the statistics people using their own rules... so how many in israel are jewish... by what standard and according to what measure?
2. Bluff
drouch   (12.29.10)
Only "11,000 Israelis who have been living abroad for over a year" were subtracted from the count. ..... hmmm.... I'm so not sure about this number
3. many more would like to be considered jews!!!!
according to their father'. WE have to consider modern times and DNA!!!!!
4. To: Stude Ham at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.10)
I think we can safely exclude the Neturei Karta and Satmer.
5. how many christians in israel?
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (12.29.10)
6. "75% Jews" Thank u religious Jews !
ZeroSecularBirthrate ,   china and israel   (12.29.10)
If the figures are to be believed it is quite evident that the figures reflect the large birthrate among religious Jews and they and they and their posterity are all that stands protecting leftist Tel Avivians & other secular communities from being inundated by a sea of Arabs not that many there would care they seem to have a death wish and want to take the rest of us with them!
7. I am Jewish but...
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (12.29.10)
I am not an Israeli citizen (and will never be)... Do I fit the Israeli society standards and statistic? What do they do with Jews like me who refuse to make alliyah?
8. Non-Jews in Israel
Harold ,   USA   (12.29.10)
Never underestimate 1,900,000 non-Jews in Israel. They can flatten the whole state.
9. What a stupid and stuck up thing to say!!
Me ,   USA   (12.29.10)
YAWN!!!!! Of course 4 0f 5 isreali citizens are jewish,that`s because they ONLY grant citizenship and human rights to jews.
10. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.10)
They dont allow you to vote in an election. You hold a tudat zeut (Israeli identity card) you are not an Israeli citizen so you cant have an Israeli passport,(citizenship) If you work, you pay taxes. You would not be accepted in Zahal either. Other than that being Jewish, they wont "do" anything to you !!
11. To #5 Rami
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.29.10)
According to a website called Palestine Facts: "Christians make up 2% to 3% of the population. Of the Christian population in Israel, over 80% are Arabs. Many of the non-Arab Christians came to Israel with their Jewish spouses during the waves of immigration in the 1980s and '90s, mainly from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia." The website is careful to note that Israel has freedom of religion and means it. Christians and other faith groups worship freely there. However in areas Israel has less control, the situation is not as pleasant for Christians: "In Nazareth, the Christian population has decreased dramatically due to the rise and spread of militant Islam. ... On the West Bank, a nearly-permanent Muslim boycott of Christian businesses is achieving its objective: driving the Christians to emigrate." I hope this answers your question. It was fun to research, but as with much I find out about the Middle East, it was also pretty disturbing.
12. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.10)
Oh yeah, tell us exactly how ?????
13. 2#, its 12 years
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.29.10)
Other Israeli websites said 11,000 were removed fromthe count who lived abroad for 12 years. Ynet made mistake saying "one year".
14. Uh oh! There's NO apartheid!!!!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (12.29.10)
Funny how all those non-Jews are allowed to vote. And sit in the parliament. And ride the buses. And go to the same universities. And can marry a Jew if they want to. But in 20th century apartheid South Africa that was all illegal and legislated. Yes, Israel does have a discrimination problem. Yes, there is racism here. But then again, there are discrimination and racism in many countries (like Egypt, for example). Yes, there is also the question of the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by Hamas, and the Arabs in the west bank who are mostly ruled by the Palestinian Authority. Yes, Virginia, the vast majority of Palestinians go to schools run by the PA, vote for the PA, and don't have any Jews living in their neighborhoods because the PA doesn't want them. Actually, when you get right down to the details, it really is the Palestinians who are the racist apartheid government.
15. #6 ZeroSecularBirthrate
Thats strange as I see lots of young non religious women walking around with small babies or big tummies . (My daughter in law had 3 babies in less than 4 years)
16. 9 - ME - Not so
Bruriah Sarah   (12.30.10)
The Israeli arabs have human rights. Please explain how 20% of Israeli arabs attend university, please explain how the hospitals treat Jews and arabs alike and receive good care? Please explain how there are Israeli arab knesset members if there are no human rights. Also please explain how Israeli arabs can use the court system. Israeli arabs live better in Israel than in arab countries.
17. #9
crawl out of your cave of ignorance. there are almost 2 million israeli arabs with full citizenship since 1948, granted by israel to all these arabs that chose to stay in what became israel rather than flee like the others. they increased and multiplied, have israeli citizenship, knesset members and representatives, serve in the army or national service, sit as judges in the israeli court room and live in israel with full rights to education, civic rights, government representation, right to vote for any party they want to vote for. there is 100% human rights for all arabs living as citizens in israel and no one is killed, maimed, denied education, medical care or government reresentation. looking at all arabs in muslim lands, they only wish they had the freedom that israeli arabs have in a prosperous land. compared to that, look at all jews who have lived in muslim lands and you'll find only terror against them, no rights at all, no ability to own land or vote, etc... stuff it. you are an uneducated ignorant fool, or a liar at best. why don't you high your arse to israel and see for yourself. israel doesn't have highways that are some for jews and some for arabs like saudi arabia who has all highways some for foreigners and most for muslims. it says so on every highway sign in both saudi arabia, bahrain, etc.. so, shut up with your lies.
18.  i long for the day
pini ,   usrael   (12.30.10)
where i read 99.9 percent of Israel population is jewish
19. 3 out of 4? There's room for improvement.
manicdrummer ,   Madison, WI, USA   (12.30.10)
If we can just get more Jews from North America to emigrate. And they have less than a year to do it. The US and OPEC have a secret deal hammered out. OPEC will provide cheap crude oil to the US. In exchange, the US will sever all diplomatic ties with Israel, which will include and end to all military aid. Donations to Israeli charities, which could be used to fund the IDF, will also be banned. And the worst of all is that North American Jews will not be allowed to leave North America. The idea is to isolate Israel completely from its allies in the West. Cheap crude will easily trump Israeli national security. So make Aliyah now while the gettin's still good!
20. the israeli policy is bound to fail
offcourse you will be the majority as long as you keep on bringing nonjews from the rest of the world . and writing thier religon as jewish on there israeli id cards . when they are obviesly not , here in haifa the majority of the russians put on there necks a cross , just to remind themselves that they are christians and not jews . and all those coming from the west are christian zionists .and not jews . and sooner than latter they will all turn against us . WATCH OUT ....
21. To Brian #14
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (12.30.10)
What's this "Judean People Front"? Is this some kind of a youth movement? Are you running around over the hills dressed like rebels from 2,000 years ago? And you, being a Cohen, are you dressed with a replica of the High Priest uniform? Do you do sacrifice? Human sacrifice or do you catch stray cats for this purpose? Can I apply to join?
22. # 20 is right
Miriam ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.30.10)
Walk around Haifa, Ashdod, Carmiel, and other places in Israel and see all of "olim" with crosses around their necks. I made aliyah to be with my fellow Jews and this situation sickens me. And it's also true that many Christian missionaries somehow get here as olim. How is that possible? I've met several of them and don't understand how they came as immigrants as they are not married to Jews. It is also known that each year the majority of olim from the FSU are not Jewish and have no interest in converting. Thanks to the religious Jews here that we are still a Jewish State....but for how long??
23. #15 iIlusions are important for some
SecularFearOfReligis ,   china and israel   (12.30.10)
Very happy for your daughter and may her children be well and have a strong Jewish i.d. unfortuantely most secular children do not their hearts are in the west while religious Jews heart are here in the east the choice secular parents made for their education,but you are certainly in denial about the massive conribution of the religious Jew & if there is a slight increase in secular births no doubt it is in the irrational fear they have of one day waking up to a truley Jewish state.So go luck to you and your grandchildren and keep dreaming illusions have there part in life tool.
24. affirmative action for Jews is perfectly acceptable
anton orde ,   Global   (01.20.11)
What's this nonsense talk of discrimination. Affirmative action for Jews in their quest to consolidate their national homeland is perfectly legitimate and necessary in their current context. Beyond this quest of consolidation, no citizen should be discriminated against. PS. Israel should be looking East for allies in the form of India and China etc. The west is declining and you can expect anglo-saxons, and their relatives, to become much more unpredictable, resentful and dangerous as their decline accelerates. The world is very interested in what the Jewish brain can do. I hope it helps to find the clean energy alternatives required to save the world from Muhammed's oily blood and other dirty carbons! Keep growing!
25. #3 I agree , So many jews through their father are jewish
who cares what these stupid rabbis think ....judaism is an open minded religion .....
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