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Women Reform rabbis: Stop the hatred
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 30.12.10, 14:23
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1. who are they?
yossi ,   beer sheva   (12.30.10)
they are sitting comfortably in the us and yet have the gall to tell us what to do...
2. Everybody wants attention
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.30.10)
If your grandmother warned you not to date a non-Jew, are you going to publicly denounce your grandmother as "racist" and "hate mongering" and compare granny to Hitler?
3. Speak louder, please!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (12.30.10)
We need to hear more from Rabbi's, who still maintain some sense of rationality. Unfortunately, here in Israel, we have almost no representation from the reformed movement and almost no female Rabbi's. It is a shame, being Jewish in Israel is monopolized by the Orthodoxy and by men. Essentially, this shuts out anyone not Orthodox from having a synagogue to call home, or a female Rabbi to lead a congregation.
4. Imprisoned for love
Aviela ,   KochavYaakov, Israel   (12.30.10)
Okay, dear girls, go ahead then. Is the reform movement going to kick in the money to rescue these girls when they're imprisoned by their valiant grooms? There should be a drug test for kumbaya overdoses. Thank you, reform community, for advocating intermarriage.
5. Reform=Intermarriage
moti ,   rbs israel   (12.30.10)
if you look at the intermarriage stats of reform judiasm it is at over 65%...Conservative is in the 30% range and orthodox is less than 2%... I dont think we can take advise from these so called Rabbis based on the result of their product.
6. sure why should intermarriage bother them?
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.10)
let their daughters date the arabs and see if they dont care enough to call out! what chutzpah these ladies have!!!!!!
7. Why do we even consider them Jews
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.30.10)
That is right, why do we consider them Jews. Just because they have "Jewish" names or they eat bagels and lox does not make them Jews. Reform people do not believe in one fundamental basis of our Torah that the dead will rise again so why bother to even listen to them. Let them bark as much as they want we know who they are
8. Women Reform Rabbis
Rabbi Shael Siegel, ,   Chicago, USA   (12.30.10)
While I am diametrically opposed to the values of the 27, nevertheless, Reform rabbis need to tread very carefully. Reform Judaism contributed more than their share to intermarriage and assimilation in the USA.
Christian Hart ,   USA   (12.30.10)
If you don't want to intermarry or make significant social contracts with Arabs it is 'hatred'...this is so over the top and non biblical it is bizarre... But its not about your so called 'hatred' (?) its about control...these women want to control you and MAKE you see things their way...otherwise they are going to call you a 'name' here is the real question, are you going to bend to their will (irregardless of what it means to your future) because you are afraid of being labeled? This attempt at social control and dominance is WEIRD at best and potentially damaging at worst. Why can't you seek a win win situation for yourself without their interference? Why do they need to dominate your position with their opinion? Are you a little child incapable of making adult decisions for yourselves and your children? What do they gaining by insisting that you act in a certain way? If their wrong, are THEY going to pay the price for interfering in your business? Or will they sit back in their big houses with big paychecks and feel 'sorry' for you from a comfortable distance unaffected by the consequences of what they advocated you live by? I can't help but question who it is that they 'care' about...themselves and their opinions or you and your real life situations... Like armchair quarterbacks...its so easy to call a shot when you don't have anything to loose.
10. "Condescending Attitude"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.30.10)
If anyone knows about a "condescending attitude," it's these pompous elites.
11. How did they become rabbi?
tejas ,   India   (12.31.10)
12. reform females
moron ,   galut   (12.31.10)
just say no to arab dates if as you say you oppose intermarriage...not racist just logical
13. my support to reform
Daniel ,   NY, USA   (12.31.10)
I wish israeli jews had as much freedom as US ones, the funniest thing was reading to number 7, saying that "Dead will rise again was a fundamental basis" in judaism, when hundreds of modern orthodox rabbis have opposite opinions. The one about orthodox better at preserving jews from interfaith marriage is also LIE
14. # 12
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.31.10)
Exactly.Logical & common sense. Like saying no to drugs, say no to Arab dates.
15. Stop their" Mickey Mouse Judaism"
MickeyMouseJudaism ,   china and israel   (12.31.10)
How many Reform American Jews i have heard say if they send our Temple one more rabid Lesbian feminest rabbi and her gentile girlfriend were out of here . Get real you are playing at being Jewish nothing more.Go join the Unitarians or the Methodists same thing and dont need a Hebrew school.
ALan ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (12.31.10)
Dear Mrs/Ms/Miss or ? please take the "log out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of others". You bring enough splintering and assimilation to our religeon that you have no right to comment. Try and make Jews, not weaken and debase my religeon. Stand up for what is right not what makes you a pasifist. Do the right thing, not the thing to seem right for the world's eye's. Make a stand like our four mothers. Learn the lessons of our history! Don't take us back to the inquesition. Be a proud jew. You can do it!
17. they are not rabbis
Soviet Jews ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.31.10)
"You shall take the Torah as the sons of Aharon give it to you." It's a mitzva of the Torah that only men can be Rabbis, while women still can teach, but they can not hold the title of Rabbi. These women are but hypocrites. Their children intermarry and they themselves find always new reasons to declare interfaith children Jewish. Like patrilinear descendants are considered "Jewish" by the reform movement. With "Rabbis" like them, the Jewish people would expire within a hundred years.
18. please speak louder and stronger against orthodox monopoly
David ,   Santiago; Chile   (12.31.10)
i one hundred agree with the coment regarding that in Israel you need to hear more from Rabbi's, who still maintain some sense of rationality. Also is true and sad that in Israel, there are almost no representation from the reformed movement and almost no female Rabbi's. and unfortunatly and sadly is a real a shame, being Jewish in Israel is monopolized by the Orthodoxy and by men. the real and complex problem is basically that only the fanatic Orthodox f having the chance to lead a synagogue in Israel. Sure inChile and Israel we will be better if more a female Rabbi will lead a congregation.
......DACON9   (12.31.10)
20. This letter is wrong ...
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (01.01.11)
... only in this one point: "To our sons and daughters we say: We returned to our historic homeland after 200 years in exile ..." It was actually more like 2000 years. But if you bothered to read the letter, it is intended to reiterate their opposition to interfaith marriage, while still encouraging social contact and dialog. There is nothing wrong with that. It does seem to me like this letter is their effort at "damage control." But it isn't saying "go on and marry Muslims." It's saying "we of course oppose interfaith marriage, but we're not racists."
21. Only Male Rabbis
Yehudit ,   US   (01.02.11)
Where does it say in the Torah that only males can be Rabbis and where is this stated as a commandment of the Torah b'yad Moshe?? Nowhere in the Talmud does it state that women can't be Rabbis.
22. Fundamental Jewish Belief
Yehudit ,   US   (01.02.11)
is not that the dead will rise again. This is a later religious tenet of the Rabbis, not of the written Torah. Nowhere in the Torah of Moses does it say that the dead will rise again, this is a later religious development. The #1 Jewish religious belief is the belief in Hashem as the one deity of the world.
23. They simply want the words "Reform" Judaism in the press as
L ,   Israel   (01.03.11)
often as possible. They are trying to impress their existence upon you. The Reform movement continues its struggle to get a foothold in Israel. Their lawyers and publicists ("Rabbi" Kariv and his ridiculous "Religious Action Committee" et al) are working with a hefty budget from their rich American intermarried flock to legitimize themselves by de-legitimizing Judaism and turning it into a feel-good/ do-whatever-works-for-you shell of a religion. Reform hasn't caught on here in Israel for a number of reasons. The main one being that Israelis are not bullshitters. You're religious. Or you're not. If you go to shul/beit knesset/temple, you go to a real one. Or you don't. Or you go sometimes. ...but you don't drive up to the "Temple parking lot" and munch shrimp-cocktail at the Oneg Shabbat with your "Rabbi". Only Americans will do that. Usually because they just don't know any better and are being duped by "Rabbis" who DO and are making a really nice salary while keeping their flock in the dark (just keep paying your membership dues). Y'all can keep trying this "women of the wall" and other PR stunt machines run by "Reform" Judaism (whatever that means), but it just isn't going to catch on here in Israel, no matter how hard you try to wave the name around in the Press. It's a watered-down bastard movement. ...and as the saying goes, "there are no Israeli suckers". (we're on to your tricks, ya hear me, Kobi?)
24. Notice these anti-Haredi "protesters" in one Ynet article or
L ,   Israel   (01.03.11)
another always offer ultimatums that it's either their way or no way at all? For people who are supposedly advocating tolerance, they sure don't offer any other way than their own perspective. In this article the oh-so-tolerant-ones spout, "There is no point to our heritage if we don't..."(see it/ do things their way). In another current Ynet article, so called "Intellectuals" and "artists" call for Rabbis to see things their way or ELSE be jailed and again, it'll be armageddon and "the state will have no right to exist", in fact, " will be our end and we will no longer have any right to exist." How very dire. My way or the whole thing, religion or state, must be dismantled. Tolerance indeed.
25. Reform: with record of 80%+intermarriage: shut up!
You and your "Pride and Tolerance Rally" in our Israeli universities. You have no pride in or tolerance of your own religion and you are shamelessly trying to gain a foothold for Reform in Israel by associating yourselves with the Israeli Left and "Gay Pride", groups which would usually spurn Judaism altogether, but you are somehow "kosherizing" the unkosherable just as you do in the USA. You're every kids favorite parent, you never say "no". It's ice-cream for dinner every night and *hey* it's OK. Religion isn't so bad after all...where do I sign up.....and pay my membership dues. You're average Israeli doesn't have the stomach for this kind of snake-oil salesmanship, but there are those who want it all and, by golly, you're offering it.
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