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'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 12.01.11, 08:30
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1. Brain^s Rabbi = Senile's brain
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (01.12.11)
2. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Narah Correa ,   BRASIL   (01.12.11)
3. The only one not 100% is Rabbi Dov Lior
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (01.12.11)
If his royal holliness Rabbi Dov Lior is normal than i advise every women to have the child of a non jew as Rabbi Dov Lior quite obviously demostrates there is a defective gene which caused people to have the arrogance to think they are better than others. Just goes to show how clueless and blinded such people have become.
4. What about the mamzer risk?
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (01.12.11)
One of the reasons for the non-jewish sperm was to prevent any possibility of a mamzer situation, where the sperm is inadvertently from a donor included in the Torah's list of forbidden relationships between family members. Given the anonymity of the donor process in these matters, is that idea out the window now? We're not supposed to create situations where mamzers can be created. The social consequences are too terrible for those involved.
5. Gentile sperm
Avraham ,   herzlia   (01.12.11)
Only in Nazi Germany could you believe such comments
6. then how does he explain the following?
mea   (01.12.11)
1.) In America, the attendance and participation in synagogues by observant mixed families where a Jewish woman married a convert is far, far, far higher than couples who were both born Jewish. 2.) It is a fallacy that children of single mothers have higher criminal records or more social problems than other demographics. I am a single fairly observant woman who has two children who have never been anything except exceptional people who are quite respectable. I compare them to many of the social misfits and abusive crazies issued from yeshivas and I thank G-d I did not go further into the religious camp at a time long ago when I felt real social pressure to "do the right thing" and get married for my children's sake. The good rabbi, like so many others, sees a profit in "gathering" a flock by issuing his commandments. It makes him look like another mini Jesus. No thanks. That's not the sort of Judaism I connect with Hashem through.
7. Genetic compatibility
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.11)
I know many beautiful people born from mixed ethnicity. I think that no one should lessen to this rabbi. He should travel around the world and see for him self. Genetically the human race on our planet don't have any barrier. Mentally is another story. Old age absurdities , specially when they come from religious authorities,should not be published.
8. 'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring'
Natalie Irene Wood ,   Karmiel   (01.12.11)
I understand that the rabbi's congregants at the shool in Bedrock, where the Flinstones are residents, claim that he is nowhere nearly enough modern and forward-thinking!
9. gentile sperm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
elsie ,   gush halav   (01.12.11)
please ,please ,don"t tell this article is true, is it the 1st of april???let me know, because it defies logic.
10. what about Ruth? Yitro? Onkelos? was Schindler cruel?
Gedalyah ,   Israel   (01.12.11)
11. 'People of israel'
Davina ,   Johannesburg, South   (01.12.11)
It's articles like this that make me ashamed to be Jewish! According to Lior 'a baby born through such an insemination will have the "negative genetic traits that characterize non-Jews." further quoting him - ''Child cannot be 100% normal' What an absolutely horrific thing to say!? My children have a non-Jewish father! They are Orthodox Jews and an asset to the Jewish people, our family and community! Watch what you say Rabbi Lior, this kind of behavior pushes Orthodox Jews like myself further away from a religion that's meant to embrace and uplift! Every time my wonderful non-Jewish husband opens the door to our home and respectfully welcomes Rabbonim collecting tzedakka, we have the grace not to generalize nor pre-judge. Extremism breeds hatred! Watch it!
12. Interesting.
Jules   (01.12.11)
I have never heard that biology and genetics are studied at yeshivas, but apparently my educational background is flawed. Still, it would be interesting to find out from the most respected Rabbi: which exactly chromosomes out of 23 in each sperm cell are affected ? The human genome has been investigated in great detail, so a scientific answer, well-founded and solid, with the exact list of genes that differ (to such an extent that they ultimately define the behavioral patterns) between Jews and Gentiles, would be appreciated.
13. Next pronouncement from the good rabbi...
Scott ,   USA   (01.12.11)
Everyone must change their underwear twice a day, and wear it on the outside, so he can check. And it is now illegal to wear tennis shoes because their laces and tongues are too long, giving people evil thoughts...
14. I never thought that one day
Israeli 2   (01.12.11)
I would say to this rabbi of K-4: Kol Hakavod Lecha Rav chacham
15. If the father is not Jewish ...
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.12.11)
what character can the child have ? barbaric [ and so .. ] That's good to know and only confirms what i always said : converts can't be Jewish . Thank you rav Lior .
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (01.12.11)
17. Crazier and crazier
Just when you think the ultra-Orthodox can't possibly get any crazier, they prove you wrong. He never should have been given a public forum. Padded cell maybe, but not a public forum.
18. only trait jews might get from gentile sperm...
bigus dikus ,   italy   (01.12.11)
... is longer rabbis
19. Rav Lior's position is not the only halachic perspective
Religious Settler ,   Shomron, Israel   (01.12.11)
First, there are numerous examples in chazal of righteous non-Jews, including: One example of Dama ben Netina is known to all Jewish children (Kiddushin 31a). Another example is the story of the King of Katsia and his subjects (Genesis Rabbah 33:4). Another is the story of the righteous Roman guard (Avoda Zara 18a). And there are more. Rav Lior is not the only halachic view. In fact, there are poskim who say it is actually preferable to have a non-Jewish donor in order to prevent the possibility of future marriage between siblings.
20. Response
Gila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.12.11)
Reminds me, when I was early on in the conversion process, hearing a rabbi in a shiur referring to the low moral qualities of non-Jews vis-a-vis Jews. I didn't go back to any more of his shiurim and felt deeply offended. Frankly, though there are many deeply wonderful Jewish people, some of the nicest and most ethical people I have had the pleasure to know have actually been non-Jews. Jews are not "better" or worse than others, but we do have a special soul and more responsibilities - the 613 mitzvot - from Hashem as a result. I didn't convert because I thought Jews were somehow better, but simply because Hashem had given me a Jewish spark which came alive, I found I was supposed to be Jewish and could not rest till I came home as fully part of the Jewish people.
21. @ Charles
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (01.12.11)
So 80% of ashkenazim are not Jewish.
22. race supremacists
jj   (01.12.11)
are the same everywhere and in every culture. "dont mix with unpure blood" is a very old direction given by these vile creatures to the wretches that follow them.
23. He's so wrong
R ,   Israel   (01.12.11)
Throughout a difficult time my family endured abroad, the greatest help and understanding came from our gentile neighbors. People are people and traits such as kindness are not indigenous to any religion.
24. I am A jew and I am ashamed of you
udi ,   Tel Aviv   (01.12.11)
25. Israel must help world
Danny ,   Israel   (01.12.11)
everyone know Israel has best scientists in world -- Israel scientists must identify the barbarian criminal gene in gentiles and share the knowledge with whole world and then world know Israels more in genes Israel scientists then to set up clinics to remove criminal gene from all the gentiles all over world . America then will see it need Israeli no how and gene technology for survive
26. Torah and Tanakh
rathod ,   long beach, us   (01.12.11)
These so called Rabbis do not have any authority in Torah (5 safers of Moshe) and Tanakh (24 Safers). Furthermore who made him an authority on human body. These Rabbis have fooled everybody in Yisrael. There are part of big racket. These lunis have asserted their authority since coming back from Babylon. Shammai was from Holy Land and Hillel was from Babylon.
27. of all the disgusting things this people
david ,   jerusalem   (01.12.11)
say, this has to be, by far, the most disgusting of them all. By reading this i underastand this god believer agrees with what the nazis said, that the jews are a race. Judaism, and all other religions for that matter, are an illness, a mental one, so in that aspect i would have to agree that crazyness is in fact passed from generation to generation. Other than that, this is just disgusting speech
gary speiser ,   herzlia   (01.12.11)
gentile sperm=work,army ....
29. Our rabbis are worse than catholic priests
Yossef   (01.12.11)
30. Stick by Halacha
Yossef   (01.12.11)
A kid born from a jewish mother is jewish independently of the father. This is the law, anything else is insanity. Lior: Go and study!
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