Obama names ambassador to Syria
Published: 30.12.10, 07:43
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1. Good News For Hizballah : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.30.10)
We are waiting for the U.S. ambassador to State of Palestine in Jerusalem, our beloved capital, hope It will happen soon .
2. Great idea - legitimise the dictator
Shame   (12.30.10)
And this is the leader of the free world
3. Replay the Appointments Game
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (12.30.10)
The Dems did it to Bush and now the Reps plan to do continue doing it to Obama. the delaying of appointments game is interesting. Obama should take a page from the Republican book and get Harry Reid to go nuclear on appointments. The Senate rules can be changed next Wednesday and do away with the filibuster entirely or maybe just on appointments. The Dems still control the Senate. At least the article got it right, Ros-Lehtenin has no say whatsoever. And the Senate Republicans can suck eggs if Harry Reid decides to make them - all on January 5 and then for the next 2 years.
4. @Salma
Paul ,   Israel   (12.30.10)
Live by hate, die by hate. By showing your support for the Hizballah, you have removed the veil and exposed your true ugly, hateful face. Now you can stop wingeing about HR violations against Palestinians and how badly you are wronged. You are consumed by hate towards Jews and Israel and that is all that matters to you. As Golda Meir said: There will be peace when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate us. How true. This move by Obama also exposes his agenda - after tricking the American electorate to elect him on a ticket of moderation and maintaining the American status quo for Israel, he has done nothing more than use Israel and America's policy towards it as a "dowry" in order to court the Arab world. He will learn soon enough that he cannot rely on Arab allies - in the end they will stick a knife in his back - and not too soon! Oh and by the way: Jerusalem will NEVER be the Palestinian capital, as long as Israel is around.
5. Obama! A Messiah In His Own Mind!
Steve ,   USA   (12.30.10)
The man is so wonderful in his own mind. This latest move takes him to the top in the list of Nobel Prize candidates for the category of "Hero of the Third World and Beyond". This is a new category for those that enthusiastically support the rise of Islamic Terror and other wonderful things like 'surrendering to our enemies' before the battle even starts or if it already did start he'll 'sit down and talk' thus appeasing the Third World. Again. Next on the 'Anointed Ones' agenda............... Dragging the US into the fold of the Arab League as an honorary member. Also in the News........ Right after he gives up (failed) with his efforts to control Israel by forcing her to do his will, he finds another avenue to his devine immorality..... Helping Syria get the Golan back and rewarding Assad for greeting the wonderful terrorist Kuntar ...who likes to smash in the heads of little girls...(of course only little Jewish girls) . The Third World will love and respect him for it! Such a man of courage!! And also.......... Another of Israel's great friends, Turkey, is being rewarded for their great 'humanitarian' gesture of trying to run the Gaza blockade with it's peace loving and pacifistic terrorist passengers. Obama is also rewarding Turkey for it's efforts to rekindle the friendship with the Monkey King of Iran (a lessen that the Turks picked up from watching Obama at work). Alas........... The man (Obama) will bring about the fall of modern civilization as we know it, Soon Iran will get the bomb (thanks to Obama's 'firm hand') with only Israel standing up to fight. Stay tuned for new developments from the 'Anointed One' ........ visiting N. Korea with his family for a working vacation.....While golfing with 'Baby Huey' he will promise to keep the south from attacking it and will work a deal between the despots in N Korea and the despot in Syria (Obama's buddy) for a brand spanking new Nuke Plant. ........"This one the Israelis won't find", he told the supreme leader while they sipped tea together on the little turd's veranda ........... . Stay tuned .... updates to these exciting new developments will be here all to soon!
6. 5 Wow Steve - Better than WorldNet Daily
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (12.30.10)
But you forgot to include giving Manhattan back to the Indians since Obama signed the US on to that UN indigenous peoples resolution and he was made an Honorary member of some tribe when he was a Senator. But tell us, why did he OK expelling Venezuela's Ambassador? And why didn't Bush invade North Korea or Iran?
7. You mean in Maale Adumim, Salma... #1
John ,   Europe   (12.30.10)
Let's not forget you did not have whole Jerusalem, even before 1967. :) You constantly tell us that we should not take "what is not ours". You seem to be sick from the same disease. :)
8. Salma after Jerusalem, you will liberate Washington!
9. Salma why do you avoid EU terrorosm artcles?
10. Salma, the fact that spend a great deal of time
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.30.10)
posting sarcastic or rude posts here, doesn't that somehow affect you negatively? If you really feel that this is the best joy you can get out of the day, aren't you really missing out on life and happiness? Think about it! If I have now woken you up a little and what I say will lead to the slightest positive changes in the way you live your life, remember that it was an Israel Jew that improved your life, by just typing to you common sense.
11. US Diplomatic relations with Syria restored
Spencer ,   Israel   (12.30.10)
This good for nothing President who has done nothing to either maintain or enhance the prestice of the USA has done it again. Now he's restored Amerrican diplomatic ties with a country listed by the USA as a country supporting terrorism. What will he do next? Appoint an ambassador to Iran and kiss the Iranian dictator on each cheek. How low can he go? Oh, and by the way, now Salma has shown her true colours. No doub;t about it....a supporter of terrorism and one of the worst kinds of anti semites that can be. Salma, you belong in a sewer together with all your other similarly opinioned friends.
12. #10 Yaniv ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.30.10)
The greatest joy in my life is to tell the truth that You don't want to hear. Don't worry bout me Yaniv , I have positive energy which makes me energetic and happy most of the time : )
13. A New Low for Obama: Rewarding Terrorists
izzie irgun ,   usa   (12.30.10)
The recess appointiment of an ambassador to Syria marks a new low for Obama. Here we have a country who does everything it can to suporrt terror and enemis of the US and he rewards them. It is simply amazing how naive obama is in thinking that Syria will ever stop playing the US against its Islamic buddies in iran and lebanon. Assad has shown over and over again where he stands and its certainly not in favor of the west. The real joke is that his biggest selling point is that since 1973 he has refrained from going to war with Israel because he really wants peace. The truth is that he doesn't go to war because he has his proxies do it for him and he knows the consquences would be devastating. So he sneeks around building anuclear reactor, giving hezbollah scuds, egging on demonstators over the Mohomad cartoons and other acts to inflame and incite. And obama the community organizer and sucker fails for it hook, line and sinker. No one Israel supporter believes that obama's approach will do anything except fuel the delusions of people like salma whose post is what is going through the minds of other palestinians .. but the reality is that he gives them false hope for an outcome that will never happen.
.....DACON9   (12.30.10)
15. I am surprised he didnt ask John Kerry
zionist forever   (12.30.10)
He os very pro Syria and wants Israel to give up the Golan for the peace process. He sounds like Obamas kind of man.
16. It will be sabotaged by the Israel lobby...
Chris.B ,   Australia   (12.31.10)
Why can't America have relations with Syria? Because Israel doesn't like it. I wonder what story will be used this time to sabotage any dialog between Syria and the U.S ? Syria gave Hizbollah space The scud story was just ridiculous showing how desperate Israel is to thwart any communication that it doesn't control. As for Selma's comment.. well there will never be a viable Palestinian state while Israel continues the status quo. The Israelis have no intention of letting you have self determination or a state. Its a false dream. Best to become Israelis and fight for rights from the inside.
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