UK cable in 1980 said Israel ready to use bomb
Published: 30.12.10, 21:55
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1. "They(Israelis) will be ready
New Immigrant ,   Israel   (12.30.10)
to use their atomic weapon" - sounds good for me.
2. Wrong assessment
YOSSI   (12.30.10)
Since 1980 Israel had more wars and did not use atomic bombs.
3. Salma I hope you read this article!
4. what is so revealing about this cable?
zionist forever   (12.30.10)
This cable didn't list any spesific incident for which Israel was plannig to use nukes in 1980 all it does do is confirm the policy that Israel has always admitted to. You dont destroy us and we wont take you down with us .. code for we wont nuke you. All the worlds nuclear powers baiscally the samekind of policy that nukes are not first strike weapons so as long as you dont destroy us we will have no need to use our second strike capability. I really don't think there is anything thats news to anybody in this cable.
5. Robinson didn't give Israel enough credit
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.30.10)
Israel used none of its alleged strategic weapons in 1973, even when at existential risk. Nor did it use them in 1982, in 2006 or in 2008. That's not to say it won't use them in a future confrontation involving thousands of missiles or a nuclear attack on its homeland. But then, what nation *won't* go down fighting when its existence is threatened? If Robinson though Israel would quietly accept its fate he was just one more British fool.
6. news about nothing and if US RUSSIA or CHINA...
Yitzchak ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.30.10)
was to have an Existantial threat they wuld use everything they had as well. Yitzchak
7. either use it or it goes into Arab hands, not much a choice
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (12.30.10)
The fact is that if Israel would lose any conflict it would have no choice but to use the bomb otherwise it would fall into Arab hands. Given how friendly the Arab and Muslim world has shown itself to be in the past years I don't think anyone would blame Israel for doing it either. Let's just hope we never see the day, and let's hope we never see a Palestinian terrorist state emerge like in Gaza.
8. YOSSI @ 2, time is fluid.In 1980 Israel was weaker than
leo ,   usa   (12.30.10)
today and Arabs were stronger than today. I am sure Samson option is still on the table. It is that necessity of it is not as high as 30 years ago. With that said I still afraid Israelis getting complacent as they have in 1973 and in 2006. Israel still must keep its ax sharp and ready to hack at the moment's notice and without hesitation.
9. Aren't we in 2010 ... ???
King   (12.30.10)
The British MI had 30 years to learn that Israel doesn't have WMD, and therefore a UN inspection would be pointless. The US understands this, and puts a veto on wasting the UN time and money.
10. And what would the arabs use?
wait and see   (12.31.10)
11. Even If
Egyptian   (12.31.10)
israel does have nuclear bomb, do you see any Palestinian or Arabs losing sleep over it? the day it will be well known that we have a lot of wonderful stuff for long time, most israelis will by one way ticket out of Palestine to safest place on earth. And we know that we have a date or an appointment will have to be met. We will go after you in every street, in every house and all you can do is to hide.
12. They were ready to use it already in 1983.
Dave   (12.31.10)
Its common knowledge, the ambassador does is not reveling anything new. If anything Israel shifted quite bit to the right since then and there is no doubt those in government today wouldn't hesitate using it.
13. 25 Nukes Keeps the Arabs At Bay
Noah Lev ,   Hollywood.USA   (12.31.10)
Come on guys, everyone knows that sans a nuclear deterrent, the "Mother of all battles", and "The final Jihad" would have been launched years ago by 22 Arab nations (not to exclude other Muslim countries). Read Michael Orens account of the Six Days of War, for the line-up against Israel, and their goal. Israel (aka Palestine) would have become Judenrein..the slaughter so extensive, the living would envy the dead. 100,000 Egyptians on the border..supplied by the Communist Jew haters in the Soviet Union with Sams and other medium range missiles, missle boats, (later Sagger Sapper), thousands of Stalin Tanks, chemical warfare and gas vans (gas vans?). Israel now has 400 nukes, mostly high fusion ( 1megaton or over), cobalt/neutron bombs, 3 platforms to deliver (soon a 4th with the F35s). Jerichos can reach 9,000 miles..or every Arab capital. Missiles have pin point accuracy. Iran has 10m soldiers..Syria-Egypt have 1.2m each. Turkey is the 2nd largest military nation in NATO, and hating Jews more and more..wants an apology for the flotilla incident or else. Egypts Aswan Dam is a prime target for Israeli F15Is. The USA/Russiaq under salt have 1500 nukes...all of them hydrogen bomb types..and thousands of tactical nukes. So who is kidding whom..and why this article? What purpose does it serve? For info: read : Wikipedia's description of Israel's atomic capability.
14. #1 The Israelis will be ready for what??
Chris.B ,   Australia   (12.31.10)
To die from the fallout themselves??? Military power,nuclear weapons its crazy talk designed to keep the generals aroused at night. The limitations of this should be quite plain to see for all Israelies. What a waste of money, build friendships instead its a lot cheaper. And unlike military hardware it doesn't need to be upgraded every 2 years.
15. Duh!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.31.10)
Does this actually come as a surprise? More fool you. We are graduates of Auschwitz, Belsen, Buchenwald, et cetera, et cetera. We will not go gently into that good night, ever again. And should it come to pass that we think we might, we will take a significant portion of you with us. Keep that in mind. In the forefront, actually. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
16. Not "the bomb" but as many as needed to win the war.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.31.10)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.31.10)
Israel has had nukes since the mid 1960's, big deal. Everybody knows that if their backs were against the wall and Israel faced total annihilation, as has been promised many times, the whole area goes up in smoke. So the Arabs take advantage of that fact, and just kill a few, or a few dozen at a time. They know Israel will not use the nukes in that situation. Since the world doesn't care if a few Jewish people die anyway. But that's why Syria wouldn't back Iran in the recent Wikileak release. They know Damascus is first on the list, followed by Iran and some others. Why do you think Iran wants nukes so bad. They think they can get in a first strike, because they're stupid idiots. Just a bunch of big mouths, like Nasrallah telling the world he isn't afraid of Israel, while he hides in his bunker, like a scared little rabbit. Saddam had the big mouth too, as they pulled him out of the rat-hole he had been hiding in for weeks. The dirty. filthy homeless looking guy, it was hilarious and humiliating. That the way Nasrallah will go too. Or maybe like Arafat, died in the hospital with his quivering lips sick as dog. Not the glorious gun in hand fighting the IDF to the death. Just a scared, humiliated and sick old man, that nobody gave a shit about, they hung around like leeches to find where he stashed his stolen billions.
18. You'd be writing your end too
Son of Yaffa, ,   Palestine   (12.31.10)
19. Great tradecraft Sherlock!
shrinkDave ,   miami usa   (12.31.10)
If there's one thing you gotta believe it's British Intelligence. Look how nicely Brit Intel Services have rearranged the world. God save the queen.
20. Israel will only use nuke first if it has no other choice
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (12.31.10)
to survive. If Israel used nuke it would likely be the end of Israel, the world pressure would crush it. So its a weapon of last resort only. Also no one has said that Iran doesn't have some nukes, just that it can not make its own yet. Its reported that Iran has 2 Soviet nukes from black market, to be used only if attacked.
21. Enemies of Israel, Listen Up
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (12.31.10)
Israel is a major nuclear power with 200+ nuclear weapons, and has a submarine-based second strike capability. If Israel is ever pushed up against a wall, she will use these weapons (albeit reluctantly). All of your attempts to isolate Israel diplomatically and economically simply cannot succed in destroying that state. You have about as good a chance of destroying Israel as you do colonizing the planet Mercury in the next 25 years. Your 'cause' is completely and utterly hopeless. Ha!
22. #14 and #18, I do not think you get the idea.
leo ,   usa   (12.31.10)
23. I think it must be known that Mecca and Medina
leo ,   usa   (12.31.10)
will immediately become forfeit. Then most populated ME cities and then the rest of Israel's lovely neighbors.
24. is the clock ticking??
josef   (12.31.10)
If it comes to that, and Israel is at the ready, as it should, within seconds, 24 hrs/day, then the the total obliteration of the cursed islamic world (to the max) would be a blessing to the entire world.
25. They will go down fighting "this time".
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.31.10)
Since 1948 when have they ever gone down?
26. FACT
P.C   (12.31.10)
Some of Middle East countries helped Pakistan. Israeli the most to lose, Muslims would recover
27. Bomb
David Asleson ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.31.10)
Iran or president ding dong Did you read this article.
28. @25
and we never will, slama.
29. If Israel goes down - the world should go down!
jordan is palestine   (12.31.10)
30. @26 FACT
Sugar Ray ,   NYC   (12.31.10)
Israel would also recover, with US help.
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