Rabbi arrested on rape charges
Ahiya Raved
Published: 31.12.10, 11:59
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.31.10)
Keep it up Ynet
2. Above the laws?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.31.10)
Do you mean this chikd abuser should retain his rabbi titles and benefits? Taht's OK in Iran, not in Israel.
3. Rabbi charged with rape
LAURENCE ,   TZFAT   (12.31.10)
Is he a religiou man ?
4. Rabbi rapes minors ?
Leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (12.31.10)
He was confused...he thought he's a Catholic priest.
LORENZO ,   TSFAT   (12.31.10)
Maybe he was bound by duty ?
6. Castrate that disgusting hypocrite
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (12.31.10)
When religious or public figures perpetrate heinous crimes they should be held accountable. They believe they are above the law and should be dealt with firmly and swiftly. He has betrayed us all.
7. Why is it always, the kids conspire agaist us
josef   (12.31.10)
because they want to get back at us. What can you expect from a bunch of govt imbeciles doling out Millions of our money toward educating young haredim who turn into perverts, sex crazed, not different from catholic priests?. Among " normal " youngsters, this feeling is allowed to play itself out amoung peers, classmates, outside literature, TV, computer. etc. Locked in for hours, days, in yeshivots; turning countless pages, the mind is wandering and girls and sex come into the picture. Repressed by parents and other rabbis,all is locked inside. Sooner or later it explodes, dragging many victims along ---- all children.
8. Rabbi Rapist
LORRENCIO ,   TZFAD   (12.31.10)
But surely this is against the Torah ?
9. He's not the worst
anonimo ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.31.10)
At least he's not Reform. Only three children suffered, whereas each Reform and Conservative rabbi is responsible for the spiritual deaths of millions. Actually, he must be innocent, Torah study gives him great middot, it's probably anti-Semites or self-hating moserim trying to get at him. /sarcasm
10. Every religion has had leaders who molest children
Sean Greene ,   Pasadena, USA   (12.31.10)
It's not the religion it's that smart pedophiles seek a position of trust.
11. Rabbi
Mike ,   Uk   (12.31.10)
Child abusing Rabbi, so what's new? All sorts and worst goes on in their fantacy world. Absolute paradise for the paedophiles and wife -beaters.
12. Pedophilia exists in all religions and sectors of society
Leon Zacharowicz ,   NY, USA   (12.31.10)
Child molesters exist in all religions and sectors of society. There is no evidence that being religious or even a rabbi predisposes one to become a molester. It is simply libelous to suggest that. What does happen, as noted above, is that people who want to molest children generally seek positions wherein they will have access to, and preferably authority over, their potential victims. They may therefore gravitate, as this alleged molester apparently did, to elementary school education, or to volunteering to run a summer yojuth group, and the like. It is rare that a child would lie about such a matter, and even more rare that 3 children would join a conspricacy. It would be child's play for experienced investigators to determine that children were lying.
13. At least Rivka isn't here spitting on the Victims
Israelit ,   Israel   (12.31.10)
Like she did in the Katsav case. Bastard Rapists need to be castrated.
14. Rabbi??
Wearing a Kippa is not what makes someone a Rabbi. He may call himself religious but if this case is true he is definitely not.
15. Rabbi Raper
FLORENCE ,   SAFAT   (01.01.11)
Maybe he was preying too much ?
16. confusion
jakov ,   istrael   (01.01.11)
he thought he was a president..
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