Palestinian shot to death at roadblock
Yair Altman
Published: 02.01.11, 11:24
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1. GOOD!!!!
David ,   Haifa Israel   (01.02.11)
2. Broken glass bottle
OLGA ,   KARMIEL   (01.02.11)
The troops also speak Arabic !
3. @ Olga #2
brother bear   (01.02.11)
and the troops are heard, understood, and disobeyed. What's your point?
4. dont investigate!
anon ,   Jozi   (01.02.11)
for the pali's death from old age is an israeli war crime. there has not been a natural death in the pal controlled area in 20 years all deaths are blamed on israel... such is life
Benjamin ,   singapore   (01.02.11)
6. Palestinians account reliable
John ,   Wellington NZ   (01.02.11)
Anyone believe what the Palestinians say - have they been honest and reliable in the past? When Israel complete their investigation I expect to hear the truth; after all, Israel is a democracy with a free press and legal system which is something that cannot be said about the Palestinians.
7. Another case of "Justice for the Palestinians".
8. The right to defend ourselves
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (01.02.11)
Why should the army launch an investigation each time the arabs say a different story? Every time something happens the arabs say we are to blame! And "somebody" believes its important to publish their crap! Why? Have you ever asked yourself why we publish this crap?
9. well done
moshon   (01.02.11)
well done idf. This is how you do it.of course the pa condemns this action as anything they do is always good. You can never ever meet a more dishonest delinquent group of misfits like the pa whose claim to national status is one of the great hoaxes of the 21st century completely bought by the weak of the eu and the us. If the russians were masters of israel, there would be no arabs left period in the gaza and the west bank. As the violence continues, that is one of the options tha tthe pa has is to provoke their own demise. The next missile war may see thousands of pa casualties. Livni's claims that the pa is a reliable peace partner are totally in line with her limited insight. Like she did okay in the hezbollah war in that winograd found no fault with her conduct. That 150 israelis died in a stupid action that diskin complained about olmert's restrictions on the idf is no matter to her. How on earth did israel ever produce 2 weaklings like olmert and livni, 2 chamberlains in one sitting?Israel has a special obligation since the holocaust to pay extra attention to security and yet along comes 2 pacifists who are pointing israeli towards another holocaust. The lesson is if jews are threatened by another holocaust or anything close to it, all of them have to fight like hell right away, no rationalizations, to stop it at the point of threat.Along come 2 who say, lets do anything for so called peace.This is almost too much to take- lets all go into the ovens and pretend the pa is a peace partner.
10. Unarmed? no he wasn't!!! he had a broken glass bottle
Talula ,   Israel   (01.02.11)
and refused to stop - that is hostile intent. Well done boys, you did good.
11. Hamas tactic
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.02.11)
This is probably an example of a clever tactic invented by Hamas in the last year. The terrorist is unarmed, so cannot be interdicted or accused of a crime. If he sees an opportunity, he tries to grab a firearm from a police officer or soldier and use the firearm to murder as many people as he can. If he fails (like Darajmeh), terrorist supporters launch a "lawfare" attack against the soldiers under the guise of protecting innocent Arab civilians and human rights.
12. Israel is in a continuous war . It has the right to defend
rachel ,   usa   (01.02.11)
13. lol
Yohav ,   Haifa, Palestine   (01.02.11)
do you know what democracy means? have you ever read a book in your life? A country for just one religion is not a democracy.. it's like saudi arabia.. except this one was built on ethnically cleansing the natives. have a nice day..that is something that cannot be said to a palestinian..
14. to #13 so you say arab country like saudi arabia
ghostq   (01.02.11)
is fanatik religiious, and Saudi arabia is moderate Islamik state in the arab world, sheesh brain you got none, it seems that you forget that in democrachy laws must be implamented, and the troopes acted more than 100% ok, lack of police will bring anarchy, so you see in democrachy around the world police force is much needed. as for palestinian, just to let you know that Haifa before it was jewish city it was jewish chritian (I saw the maps from the turks era) and before that it was phonecian area, it never belonged to palis.
15. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.02.11)
I'm sorry, but do you know more about this event than do the rest of us? No one raised the issue of religion -- well, no one except you. "Ethnically cleaning the natives?" That's rich. As nearly as history has been able to determine, the ersatz "Palestinians" left voluntarily. Of course, one does wonder why no one else bothered to take them in, but it doesn't change the fact that they were voluntary quits. Back to religion -- since you are the one who raised the issue -- the last I checked, there are Jews, Christians, Moslems, Samaritans, Bahai and a whole host of other religions who live in Israel, peacefully and contentedly. Our issue is with terrorists. I don't think anyone really cares what, if any, G-d, terrorists pray to -- they are terrorists. That's enough. It occurs to me that you might be much, much happier living in Ramallah. Why haven't you left? Oh, wait, let me guess. Religious freedom! Is that it? You are quite the hypocrite, "Yohav," if that is indeed your name. Which I doubt.
16. Straight from the horse's mouth#13
frank ,   usa   (01.02.11)
We must expel Arabs and take their places." -- David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985. Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories." -- Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.Good lock so innocent
17. reap what you sow. cry the crocodile
Barney ,   USA   (01.02.11)
tears for someone who cares. Leave Israel for the friendly, liberal, democratic states of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, and Egypt. Then you have no problem with Israel and Israel has no problem with you
18. #16.Frank horse's mouth - You must attack China to be honest
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.09.11)
Frank mentions " the repression of the demonstrations in China " . Then, In all honesty and fairness, Frank should be attacking the Chinese in the same way that he attacks Israel......... Frank........Look up honesty and fairness in the dictionary, as you lack both. The Chinese would make chop suey out of Frank .
19. Do the Pal-arabs investigate their murderous actions ?
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.09.11)
The Pal-Arabs don't investigate if someone is killed or their pipe bomb kills Israeli men, women and children. They only check to make sure that the right Pal-arab murderers get their 'rightful murderous credit" to their horrendous crimes. They rejoice in murder and terror..
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