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Canada, Israel rank highest in internet usage
Sarah Bauder
Published: 10.01.11, 15:10
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1. Perhaps the reason is: Life is more fulfiling....
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (01.11.11)
in cyberspace. You can find all those who think like you do, or at least convincingly lie about it. In Canada, with its lousy weather during winter, I can understand the attraction of cyber-life. For Israel, perhaps it is the lack of hope for change or escape from everyday reality. In neither case, however, is internet cyber-life something to be applauded, especially if, for the most part, it is limited to 'social' communications..
2. I find that hard to believe
zionist forever   (01.11.11)
There are plenty of other countries who use internet more and are laying the groundwork for super fast broadband. Israel & Canada might be in the top 5 or top 10 but not the number 1
3. time to get a life maybe?
Ehud P. ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.11)
maybe it's time to get a life and enjoy other things oher than getting brainwashed by facebook and other stupid sites, too many wannabe's craving attention and the 15 minute fame on social media sites, oversharing information etc i love how everyone on facebook is somehow an artist, a model, a photographer, a designer where in reality they either unemployed or working some shitty job and not making a living from the things they claim to be gotta love social media and facebook to let you live in fantasy world :) get real people
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