Initiative: Put Rabbi Eliyahu on banknote
Gad Lior
Published: 04.01.11, 07:57
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1. I would far rather prefer
Raptor   (01.04.11)
Bar Raphaeli
2. Symbols of State
Sagi   (01.04.11)
should appear on banknotes and not images or portraits of "famous" people. One man's meat is another man's poison and this will always lead to arguments and lobbying. Symbols of State are not in question,they belong to us all and are respected by all.
3. AGREE! In a Jewish country it surely would make more sense
Shalom   (01.04.11)
to put such righteous Jews, especially Rabbi Eliyahu zt”l, on the banknotes than putting those Jews who were embarrassed of their Jewish heritage or who cut the peyot of religious Jewish children and forced them to become irreligious, or those who wanted to give parts of Israel away to non-Jews or who expelled Jews from their homes in their own country.
4. Rabbi gelt ?
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.04.11)
5. Avodah Zarah!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.04.11)
Yes, it's also avodah zarah to feature other Israeli leaders on money--which is worshiped by so many materialist liberals. Israel should go back to the menorah, the Seipher Torah, unique Israeli vistas, the shophar and other items that evoke Israel as a Judaic state. Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Torah-reverer & Orthodox Jew: Teimani, Baladi, Dor Dai Advocate for Logic as Hermeneutic Halakhic Authority Welcoming all who choose to keep Torah (When questions to me go unanswered, ynet has refused to post it. Ck our Web Café at
6. well lets face it religion and money go hand in hand
Avi ,   Israel   (01.04.11)
Just take Sh-ass for an example , with 7 Sh-ass MKs jailed for offences including fraud, missuse of public funds and theft . Apparently the good lord provides but not enough to satisfy the greed of Sh-ass.
7. Contest best israeli artists design...
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.04.11)
for beautiful banknotes.
8. By all means put a Jewish Rabbi on money bills...
Rivkah   (01.04.11)
the most famous Jewish Rabbi, Yeshua, whose head is the image on the Shroud of Turin! Or put Maimonides' image on the bills! Great idea!
9. #8
Humphrey ,   Whitehall, UK   (01.04.11)
I hate to admit it, but your comment made my day! I tend to disagree with 9 out of 10 of your posts but this one, made me LOL dear Rebecca 5/5* Cracking good one about J*sus :D
10. Are you out of your cotton picking mind ???
josef   (01.04.11)
A women's image I can understand; but religious characters? worthless citizens, good for nothing israelis, skilled beggars, stealing millions from our stupid govt by falsifying school records,(was anyone checking?), not a week goes by without children molestation or worse. They are succeeding in reverting Jerusalem into a ghetto, a segregated city where men in black spit on tourists and religious groups. .segregation on the sidewalk, stores, buses,the Wall, and if things don't go their way, burning, wreking, blocking streets and traffic with their own refuse (no shortages there). And you want to honor this garbage or those who represent them ?.I guess that these august members of the knesset have nothing else to do. ----- BG airport a menace to air traffic; no highway enforcement, no fire fighting equipment, curbing drug traffic and car thieves with insurance fraud, the biggest rip-off perpretrated on our railroad (who got paid?). And your only worry is to put a bearded mug shot on our currencies? You're all crazy ! ! ! You might as well join the Chavez Govt.
11. 9 Humphrey, Whitehall, UK: By long forebearance is a prince
Rivkah   (01.05.11)
persuaded, King Shlomo said in Proverbs.
12. It's our currency too!
moshe ,   Jerusalem   (01.05.11)
It would be more appropriate to display a rendition of Rachel's Tomb (the original), Machpelah, the Western Wall, or the Israeli flag -- shared Zionist and Jewish symbols with which we identify. Why not display faces of children representing different groups that have made aliyah? Our currency reflects who we are as a nation. Cherished symbols serve to bring us together as a nation; politicians don't. Contact ministers and the BOI committee:
13. I am not being facetious
Sagi   (01.05.11)
when I say that if sectorial representation is the name of the game then we should also have bank notes with an image of an Arab leader. Only a leader or noted personage who was born in Israel after 1948. I would say the same in respect of the Druze community. What I am trying to point out is that images should not appear on banknotes but rather symbols of unity. This will quell the arguments and the lobbying.
14. #11 Rebecca - To do what is right
Humphrey ,   Whiteghall, UK   (01.05.11)
and true is more pleasing to the Lord than an offering. Proverbs 21:3 Should be made the motto of the Knesset or put on every banknote ;)
15. Correction to my # 1
Raptor   (01.05.11)
On second thoughts I propose President Katsav. His "contribution" to our country, People and society will be indelible, it will last forever and a day.
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