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Lead singer of Disturbed on why he loves Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 14.01.11, 08:33
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1. What about his fiancée?
Dave   (01.14.11)
It is great he is proud that he is Jewish but his fiancée is not. Do she plan to convert?
2. oo-waa-aa-aa-aaaa
Edo ,   NY/Israel   (01.14.11)
David & the rest of Disturbed you GOTTA have a concert in Israel. Metal needs to get here already, and your the man for the job. alTiFacchheeeeeDddddd
3. I would want to make aliyah also
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.14.11)
Disturbed or not, aliyah is the right thing.
4. #1....why is that any of your buisness?
JL   (01.14.11)
5. False illusions
Yobo ,   Australia   (01.14.11)
This metal band singer is no different to the many tourists who visit Israel for short period, most enjoy their stay. As a transient resident there is a huge difference touring the country than living there when one has to face the internal conflict that one suffers politically, economically, socially with the religious tension of restriction and division. To the uninitiated the other side of the field always looks greener.
6. #1, it's none of your damn buisness
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.14.11)
The man says some very honest things, and loves Israel, his personnel life is none of your damn buisness, stupid.
7. "there's nothing to fear"
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.14.11)
just lol !
8. he is right. Israel is the best place for a Jew
dudu ,   il   (01.14.11)
Feel at home, for you are home
9. I'm sure Salma must be a Likud supporter
Kate ,   London, UK   (01.14.11)
Everything Salma writes seems calculated to convince Jewish Israelis that an independent nation for Palestinians would be a very bad idea. The only conclusion I can come up with is that she is in reality a hard-line Likud supporter.
10. The people who live here also love it
itzchak ,   Israel   (01.14.11)
The level of well being and happiness here is very high despite being subjected to a world wide assault is quite remarkable.
11. even if
brain   (01.14.11)
she doesnt have any plans of converting.. better have a israel supporter christian than a left wing palestinian supporter jewish. so they have my blessing
12. too bad
loch ness   (01.14.11)
too bad she isnt a brain washed europian i guess? feel scared for you, losing your home, your religion and your future, to a flood of foreigners who dont have any respect to your country- just to make yourself feel okay about your nation brutal past. for the actions of the crusaders, for the ignorance of the holocaust- your government opened UKs gates to endless amount of immigrants. and now- the british people, the loyal and real ones, stand helpless- developing stockholm syndrom to your 'kidnappers' and protecting them so radically, without a common sense. open your eyes. please. before it's too late.
13. He's not the only metal Guy thats want to move to Israel
Neal ,   Los Angeles   (01.14.11)
If I thought I could relocate myself and band to Israel I would in a minute! Born here in Calif, and being 100 % jewish ilove Israel as if I have always lived there!
14. To #4 and #6
Dave   (01.15.11)
It is hypocritical for someone to say that they care about their Judaism and being Jewish while they do not plan to marry a Jew. He can do whatever he wants. But I do not like the fact that he is used as a poster boy for proud American Jews when he is clearly not.
15. #1 and #14 Dave. You miss the point
Ya'awqove ,   Israel   (01.15.11)
He is one of Israel. A public figure who stands by Israel is a blessing. Many people have converted to Judaism. In fact most Jews over our 3900 year history are a mix of Abraham and many other folks from all around the globe that we were exiled to. Neither here nor there, just dont cast judgement as you dont know how the play unfolds.......for you or anyone esle.Maybe she will become part of the people of Israel, but with difficult people making judgements on you would you feel comfortable converting? In other words back off and work on your love.
16. #5 - most Israelis are very glad to be in Israel!
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (01.15.11)
I read a report a few months ago that asked people how they felt about living in their country and Israel was either top or close to it. I made aliyah 8 years ago and am very happy that I did, and my daughter, husband and their 3 children made aliyah 3 months ago and like it very much. The 3 kids love their schools and I can't think of a better place to raise children. Are you happy in Australia? Michael
17. #9
dani   (01.16.11)
don't worry, the idea of a palestinian state is dead, because the area is now infested with quick breeding jewish settlers who also fight back like rabid dogs when threatened. its like somebody dumped a bunch of vicious rabbit/cockroaches in their backyard. thats why abbas and erekat are so focused on the settlements and settlers. in 10-15 years, there will be so many, the west bank will be more of a binational state than israel. in fact, if all the jews in the west bank became citizens of palestine, palestine would have as large a jewish minority as israel has an arab minority.
18. god bless him and his musik
ghostq   (01.16.11)
more power to you bro.
19. It's ok to be Jewish in Israel, and ...
r ,   phx,usa   (01.16.11)
It's also ok to be disturbed in Israel. Welcome.
20. why Disturbed didn't preform in Israel yet??
Jerome   (12.09.17)
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