Copts on global Christmas alert after Egypt bombing
Published: 05.01.11, 17:44
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1. Salma should they be worried?
2. is anyone surprised of the Arab/muslim world?
rachel ,   usa   (01.05.11)
3. We should arm all Coptic Christians to the teeth
Ethiojegna ,   Addis Ababa Ethiopia   (01.05.11)
so they can defend themselves from being shot, beaten, raped, and blown up in Egypt. Extremism is on the rise in Egypt and they always overlook sectarian violence. The Mubarak regime is too busy clinging to power rather than civil and religious rights
4. Salma & other Israel & Jews haters
JUDAH THE LION   (01.05.11)
Salma thi is what you call ISLAM PEACEFUL RELIGION. Were is your comments?
5. #4 she's busy praying to the religion of (pieces)
rachel ,   usa   (01.06.11)
hoping to get her one 72 year old virgin.
6. They Should Be On Alert ..
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.06.11)
See Washington Post Article on 'Anti-Christian Drumbeat' in Egypt: Seems as if al-Qaida is training their followers on how to 'destroy the cross' via a series of bomb-making videos, and also bomb-making manuals. These have been apppearing on various websites. Jihad is being encouraged against Egypt's Christians, because Christians have humiliated the Muslims. Quote: "In September, one Salafi cleric, Ahmed Farid, wept as he told worshippers at an Alexandria mosque that Muslims were being "humiliated" by Christians, chiding them for "giving up jihad." " The calls are for an escalation of violence towards Christians in Egypt. I'm surprised it made the news in the Washington Post. Christians are being killed and persecuted in many Muslim-majority countries and there isn't much talk of it except in the Christian Press.
7. and worse yet...
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (01.06.11)
The harassed and bullied Christians who emigrate to the West very rarely identify their real oppressors. Those fleeing Bethlehem and other formerly predominantly Christian cities blame Israelis for their woes. I assume it's a means of self-protection, but the lies only perpetuate the problem. They were doing considerably better before Israel ceded these properties to the PLO.
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