64% of Turks: Freeze ties with Israel
AFP and Ynet
Published: 05.01.11, 18:55
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1. Now...if only Israel's leaders had the guts
Charles ,   Cleveland   (01.05.11)
to freeze ties with Turkey, rather than kowtowing to every pronouncement out of Ankara,...
2. what else is new?
jew ,   canaduh   (01.05.11)
... yes we can tell Turkey is leaning towards muslim extremism, and so are other countries that have growing muslim populations, this article presents nothing new.
3. Let Turkey go
john   (01.05.11)
Israel does not need Turkey as an ally. Plenty of other allies out there.
4. Boycott the turkish turkeys !!!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (01.05.11)
Israel should stop pandering to these back stabbing liars. Enough political correctness, They insult us, we should call them what they our, back stabbing liars. Sell them nothing and buy nothing from them.
5. Does Turkey still belong in NATO?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.05.11)
Clearly, if 42.6% of Turks think the US is "the greatest external threat", they can't be trusted to be part of a US-led alliance. They were once a strategic asset during the Cold War, but their importance has declined since. Few would trust them not to pass sensitive intel or technology onto their new "best buddies" Syria and Iran.
6. 42% see US & Israel as "biggest threat"
tiki ,   belgium   (01.05.11)
That's why they are TURKS = Idiots!
7. Let em leave, who will save them from arabs
Ethiojegna ,   Addis Ababa Ethiopia   (01.05.11)
The Turks and the Arabs don't get along, dont be fooled by turkish crocadile tears, they resent arabs. Remember Turkey controls the Euphrates river (river from paradise) that runs along Syria and Iraq. They always are a strategic threat to Turkey. Likewize Sudan and Egypt are a threat to Ethiopia due to the Nile River (another paradise river) running through their territories. Ethiopia and Israel should unite and counter balance the arab domination and military.
8. You never "looked" good together
David ,   sf-usa   (01.05.11)
\\The unrepentant purveyor of genocide against the armenians hand-in-hand with the victims of the most heinous genocide ever perpetrated (Holocaust). Please stop lobbying for them against justice and the recognition of their crime. Also, what now will happen to the NATO nukes being stored in Turkey (wikileak) and because they think we (US) are an "external threat", which country in NATO would the Turks be willing to fight for- because it certainly isn't US? Israel should stand in the forefront of genocide recognition and condemnation whether it be armenians, cambodians, rwandans, sudanese (and yes, even native americans). Please stop your "lobbying" for the Turks against it, you don't look "pretty" as an odd couple.
9. cry baby turks
louis ,   usa   (01.05.11)
it would be nice if israel and the turks had a good relationship but at what price. inorder for any nation to have solid relations with turkey that nation must be willing to bow to turkey's delusions of granduer. don't worry they will get theirs.
10. you just dont get it! israel needs turkish water and trade!
handala ,   jerusalem,palestine   (01.05.11)
israeli economy will suffer if there are no ties with turkey, lieberman doesnt know it yet, but netanyaho knows, 2day people of israel outraged on netanyaho and yishai, likud will miss being in government for another 20 years
11. Dear Turkey
Yaakov ,   r   (01.05.11)
Hello Turkey. If you stop sending terrorists on boats that attack our soldiers, Israel won't have to hurt them. Sincerely, Common Sense.
12. #10 no thanks
rightous police ,   israel   (01.05.11)
turkey provides israel with nothing but constant criticism and provocations from violent flotillas, that "water with turkey" deal you're talking about has been in the works for the last 2 decades and nothing ever came out of it, turkey can go suck a fat nut
13. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.05.11)
You are seriously deluded. Turkey doesn't have enough water of its own; it's been stealing water from Syria for decades. Israel does not need a trading partner such as Turkey. We don't need to improve their military capacity, particularly in light of the fact that their continued membership in NATO is quite unlikely. Besides, all Israel has to do is revive the arms deal with the Republic of Georgia and the arms deal with the People's Republic of China, both of which were shelved at the request of the United States. Given the state of the relationship between Israel and the United States because of Obama's inept administration, there is no longer a compelling reason not to resurrect those trade deals. Besides, since when has Israel been a major trading partner of Turkey? Turkey needs Israeli goods and highly advanced technology far more than Israel needs Turkey's poorly made clothes and candy.
14. People are sheep
South Florida ,   USA   (01.05.11)
This article elucidates how easily any group or nation can be manipulated by its leaders regardless of policy and despite the negative outcome. Anyone with a working brain knows that it is in the interest for Turkey and Israel to be friends and work together, as it would be for all nations.
15. Israel is a threat to Turkey
like Poland was a threat to Germany. Israel will attack Turkey like Poland attacked Germany in 1939.
16. "Israel is the greatest threat...."
William ,   Israel   (01.05.11)
"to Arab hegemony and Islamic supremacy" You betcha!
17. #10 - isn't "Palestine" a province in upper Syria?
William ,   Israel   (01.05.11)
It sure ain't the entity that Jerusalem is in. BTW, Turkey is not selling water to Israel and the economic ties with Turkey are just ok, at best. Actually, most trade is in the form of tourism with hard currency LEAVING Israel towards Turkey, not the other way around. Selling military equipment to very vocal anti-Israelis is a dumb thing to do anyway and should be stopped. In all cases, ties with the Turks are not so beneficial.
18. 'Only' 27.9 want to improve ties? Its a respectable number.
Omri ,   Israel   (01.05.11)
Not to mention 68.6 dont really like Iran. Great poll, OK+ Results
19. Israelis needs
JUDAH THE LION   (01.05.11)
20. As Turkey slowly sinks into the East...
Dan ,   USA   (01.05.11)
We wave a sad farewell. You almost made it to the 20th century but I guess the allure of the 11th century Arab domination of the Middle East was just too much for you to resist. Have fun with your new Persian overlords, I'm sure they will treat you well........
21. the feeling's mutual
courtney ,   usa   (01.05.11)
albeit neither the us nor israel actually consider you a "threat"
22. :: Go for it Turks! Iran's past fate is your future!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.06.11)
23. 67%of thegermans see the turks as biggest threat for germany
Neowinger ,   USA   (01.06.11)
24. Kurds will get their state stolen by Turkey
Sami ,   New York, USA   (01.06.11)
Kurds will get their state stolen by Turkey
25. Turkey
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.06.11)
More and more Turks are getting intoxicated with the opium of Islam,which contains stronger hallucinates than L.S.D.heroin,crack,1 of the symptoms of being high,is paranoia,and those people want to join the EU.
American ,   Los Angeles   (01.06.11)
Turkey is becoming a jihadists state simular to Iran and needs to be excluded from NATO.Turks are in very close relations with iran,Syria,hamas and whole bunch of islamic terrorist states and organizations.They're obsessed with Israel and apparently this has to do with restoring the ottoman empire and creating a ME only with muslim countries.
27. To#10 -YOU ARE WRONG
American ,   Los Angeles   (01.06.11)
handala Lieberman know very well what he's doing.The turks are trying to provoke Israel,they want to destroy Israel and there are many countries Israel can trade with.The only solution is support for the kurds.Turks are now a big friend of Israel enemy,remember that. they are openly talking about the ottoman empire.
28. The perils of autocracy
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.06.11)
All this is more evidence of how Erdogan and his Islamic party has taken over Turkey and is moving it in the direction of Iran. Too bad for the people of Turkey that they can be so easily manipulated.
29. to #10 Turkey don't sell water, just cheape goods
ghostq   (01.06.11)
but since Greece is willing to give much afordable prices nowdays, than Turkey is no longer needed.
30. im off to Greece on holiday next month
dudu ,   il   (01.06.11)
i have around $5000 to spend, and this money will go to Greece. two years ago i would off spent my holiday (and money) in Turkey. And i hear that i am not alone, EU, US, and other western states are turning to Greece rather than Turkey. I will miss Turkey sights and sounds, but not their new blind hate
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