Palestinian killed during IDF detention
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 07.01.11, 08:44
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1. IF
David ,   Haifa Israel   (01.07.11)
IF you sponsor terrorism what else can you expect? Stop shooting rockets at us, return shalit and try peace and we wont kill you. OR go back to jordan and egypt after we kick you tushies again.
2. The Headline Prejudges What Really Happened
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.07.11)
And so does the rest of the story. Why does the media always accept Arab claims as established fact? Don't you ever learn? All you are doing is giving ammunition to our enemies and then when the truthcomes out, it is already too late.
3. Tragic death preventable if Pals return to negotiations
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.07.11)
Qawasme's death is a tragedy that could have been prevented, had the Palestinians seriously returned to the negotiating table. They haven't. At the same time, it is must be noted that Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians are never investigated by the Palestinians. The Palestinians never say they made a "mistake" by killing Israeli civilians. The Palestinians never give compensation to any families of the innocent people they have killed.
4. forces fired at Amr Qawasme for an unknown reason ,...
split ,   US   (01.07.11)
No kiddin' ,...
5. gained a higher moral ground to the extent that it's called
observer   (01.07.11)
Investigation Defense Forces. Investigation is the best type of defense proved well and good. Good bye purity of arms.
6. no rockets & no shalit in west bank @ 1
wmd   (01.07.11)
7. 5 - Good bye purity of arms.
split ,   US   (01.07.11)
What's that ? ,...
8. Israel Destroying PA
Westbanker ,   Nablus   (01.07.11)
I think if israel keeps doing such murders, you will face new INTIFADA ... then West Bank as well as Gaza will be under Hamas Control ... difficult to say what is going on next!
9. the man was surprised in the sleep and didnt have a weapon..
eporue ,   europe   (01.07.11)
i dont say, i would have them, but to such operations only people with nerves should be deployed...
10. Soldiers: We fired at moving figure. Shame!!!
T.A, Israel   (01.07.11)
11. You will reap what you sow
Wissam ,   Palestine   (01.07.11)
Only a question of time.
12. he refused to stop snoring ?
13. Westbanker
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.07.11)
YOUR PA released murderers and doesn't want peace. And if you want another Intifada, go ahead. It will end up becoming the mother of all naqbas- the one that ends with all of you elsewhere, and us here in OUR land in peace.
14. what if gentile IDF soldier kills a Jew?
observer   (01.07.11)
that's why masking the identity of soldiers is essential. In the wake of Israel’s military incursion into Gaza hostilities December 2008 to January 2009, the Palestinian National Authority filed in the International Criminal Court (ICC) a declaration accepting the jurisdiction of the ICC in the territory of Palestine. The declaration referenced the ICC Statute, which gives the ICC jurisdiction over aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The Palestine declaration was not limited to a particular crime but accepted ICC jurisdiction over any crimes committed in Palestine territory from the date on which the ICC Statute entered into force, July 1, 2002. The declaration did not further identify “territory of Palestine” but presumably would include at least Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan River.
15. well said eporue #9
observer   (01.07.11)
16. not terror but incident, any one in sleep can pass through
observer   (01.07.11)
17. Entirely avoidable incident
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
Just repatriate all those Jordanian citizens to Jordan. No more problems. Hebron will never belong to anyone but Israel. As if we would give up the Machpela. Pretty good indication, too, of just how useless are "Palestinian" Authority security services. They had wanted terrorists in custody and released them. In the front door of the jail; out the back door five minutes later. Israel isn't going to allow that to happen, any more than the United States would tolerate the arrest of wanted Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan, only to have their Taliban buddies let them out the back door of the jail. Finally -- while I am willing to suspend judgment until the results of the investigation are made public, we have heard these stories before -- somehow, there always seems to be a praying woman and a disabled son in the story -- one thing I do know. When ordered to halt by security services, the smart thing to do is to stop moving. I cannot think of a single country where security services would not have shot someone who openly defies an order to halt. Happens every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, that's for sure. It happens in New York, Chicago and Detroit, too, fairly frequently. (Without the praying mother and disabled son, though.) Please keep that in mind.
18. where are the jews from?
chilem ,   arlington,tx,usa   (01.07.11)
i would like one of u educated jews to tell me ur history. tell me where did u guys come from? Did u originate in cannan or are u guys from iraq. i hear some of u say the pals should go back to jordan well if so they r still closer to cannan than u jews who r from iraq. i read the bible and i know where abraham is from. he's from the same place as saddam. u jews are iraqis. trace ur roots and dont stop til u trace them back to the beginning.
19. #2
jj   (01.07.11)
the headline says: " Palestinian killed during IDF detention" are you suggesting that this is in fact false and that he is really just playing possum?
20. Jordan is Palestine but not all Palestine
observer   (01.07.11)
it's up to Palestinians to determine whether they wish their state to have or to have not federal union with Jordan in a Great Palestine state. Right of self determination according to the UN charter, isn't it.
21. #17 being compared to the US is an insult to Israelis
Ben   (01.07.11)
US police are well known for shooting and beating up members of the public. A random stroll through YouTube will get you hundreds of examples of appalling US police brutality. Its a sad day for Israel if it ever comes to accept American standards of behaviour as being the norm for a modern western democracy.
22. #13 : Next Intifada Will not be a copy from the last one
Westbanker ,   Nablus   (01.07.11)
For sure its gonna be harder for both sides(assuming it will include just the Palestinians and the Israelis)... its your choice to take the right action and decide to stop Killing the civilians and stealing their lands!
23. # 17
Thank u   (01.07.11)
can you name one previous incident (praying woman and disabled son in the story)
24. #17
Carol ,   uk   (01.07.11)
He was hardly 'ordered to halt' - it is apparent from the picture that he was lying down when shot.
25. Sarah (i love you)
jj   (01.07.11)
how exactly does one halt any more than they already are while lying in bed?
26. Why were the terrorists released?
Rachel ,   US   (01.07.11)
27. Sarah B ---->> please reply To: No. 18
Lo   (01.07.11)
28. chilem no 18
JUDAH THE LION   (01.07.11)
The name of JUDEA & SAMARIA are JEWISH names. How did the Arab got this name from? can you please answer me.I will answer you later about your question.
29. Wissam no 11
We Jews have sow science,high tech, medicine,etc,.and now we are getting the fruits. What have you sow in the world,TERROR,SUICIDE BOMBING,HATRED,ETHNIC CLEANSING,WORLDWIDE TERROR, thats all.
30. #27 jews are from iraq not cannan
chilem ,   arlington,tx,usa   (01.07.11)
exactly u cant do nothing but laugh becuz u have no facts that contradict what i'm saying. you can tell the people you roll with whatever but you and i know whats going on. god knows the truth, god knows that abraham is from iraq and god knows that when abraham got to cannan there were ppl already living there.
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