Palestinian killed during IDF detention
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 07.01.11, 08:44
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31. Details not important YNET?????
Shmuel ,   Merkaz   (01.07.11)
Why does YNET not see fit to mention who exactly this Wael Bitar that they were looking for is??? He is one of the killers of Yitzchak and Talya Imes, parents of six; Kochava Even-Chaim, who was survived by her husband and a young daughter, and newlywed Avishai Shindler just 4 months ago!! He was also involved in a bombing attack in 2008! They were not looking for a jay-walker. They were there to capture a KILLER who they had every reason to believe was armed and dangerous. Google "Abbas Releases Terrorist, 4 Months After Quadruple Murder" for details. As usual with Leftist spinning YNET, it is often what they DON'T write that is important.......
32. to # 28
chilem ,   arlington,tx usa   (01.07.11)
look at the history of the area called israel or palestine, many diff. languages and cultures have passed thru and settled in that area. but what i'm trying to let the honorable jews know is that u werent the first in that area so u cant bogard the area as only urs. if abraham is from iraq then that must mean that abraham was an arab so how can u seperate urself from the very ppl that u come from. right or wrong abraham is from iraq? abraham left family in iraq thats his origins, basically this is the tutsi and hutu conflict. family members fighting over what belongs to the family.
33. To: No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
How exactly do you reconcile the soldiers' account that someone was moving towards him with the "Palestinian" account that he was lying in bed? A well-trained soldier (and Israelis are VERY well-trained) would not give an order to halt to someone lying in bed, and would not shoot at an immobile individual in a bed. I know who I believe. You are free to believe whomever you wish.
34. To: No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
Or, he was carried there after the incident. All that I can glean from the picture is that there is a bloody sheet on the bed. I cannot even tell which end of the bed is which.
35. To : #18+30
Brother Joe ,   Bay Parkway   (01.07.11)
You claim to read the Bible, so it's all right there. God gave the Land of Canaan (today's Israel) to Abraham's seed through Isaac. The people that lived there at the time, God found unpleasing, (a bit like today's "palestinians") so He gave the land to the Jews.
36. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
Jews originate from Mesopotamia. Abraham came from Ur in the Chaldees, which was the southern part of Mesopotamia, called Sumer. The northern part of Mesopotamia was Babylon. Iraq wasn't a glimmer in anyone's eye when Abraham left Ur in the Chaldees. The "Arabs" did not even exist as such, then, either. The fact remains that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah are all buried in Hebron. If that doesn't satisfy you as concretizing the Jewish claim to Hebron, nothing will. Your argument is ridiculous beyond belief. The fact of the matter is that the Jewish claim to Israel is undeniable. The Kingdom of Judea. The Kingdom of Israel. Jordan did not exist until it was illegally carved out of Palestine by the British in order to soothe the ruffled feelings of the younger brother of Feisal, whom the British had just made King of Iraq. Abdullah wanted to be a king, too, so he stamped his little foot, and the British made it happen. The ersatz "Palestinians" to whom you refer originate in the Hejaz in the Western Desert of Saudi Arabia. They were nomadic tribes. The other ersatz "Palestinians" to whom you refer came from Syria, the Balkans and Egypt. They are no more native to Israel than you are. The Arabs in the West Bank You are from Arlington, Texas. Does that make you a Caddo Indian? If you aren't, what right do t you have to take away their land (the history of what happened to the Caddo Indians who inhabited present-day Arlington, Texas is rather grisly, actually). By the way, go back and read the Bible. Several times. You don't seem to have acquired much knowledge the first time you read it.
37. To: Lo at No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
I replied to No. 18, and my response was posted at No. 36. I hope it meets with your approval.
38. #2,33,34 now Israel regrets killing cuz someone else did it?
observer   (01.07.11)
39. To: No. 36
Canaan   (01.07.11)
Abraham was born in Ur, Babylonia and immigrated to Canaan? He was an immigrant
40. #2,33,34 now Israel regrets killing cuz someone else did it?
observer   (01.07.11)
41. #18,36 where was the promised land?
observer   (01.07.11)
the mention of a people or tribe whom Merenptah had victoriously smitten--""; a granite stele erected by the king Amenhotep III was discovered by Flinders Petrie in 1896 at Thebe, Egypt. The black granite stela primarily commemorates a victory in a campaign against the Libu and Meshwesh Libyans and their Sea People allies, but its final two lines refer to a prior military campaign in Canaan in which Merneptah states that he defeated Ashkelon, Gezer, Yanoam and Isrir "Israel" among others. sign is typically used by the Egyptians to signify nomadic tribes without a fixed city-state, thus implying that ysrỉr "Israel" was the demonym for a semi-nomadic or rural population. The land had always been ruled by Egypt except for at most 100 years when Hebrews (Arabic: crossers) who crossed the river into the Land. That nomadic Tribe were Khazars and Turks that stopped for while in Palestine. The Jews conquered the land in 168 BC and ruled it for 100 years until Palestine was liberated by the Roman general Pompey the Great for they killed and pillaged the natives overmuch. Another 100 years later, there was not a single Jew in Jerusalem. The native dwellers of Palestine were called “Palestinians” by Herodotes in 5th century BC, 2500 years before (modern) Israeli statehood; but Herodotes never heard of Jews, though he walked across the whole land. Jews appeared three hundred years later. The discoveries made by the new archeology, during the 1980s, discredited a great exodus in the 13th century BC. Moses could not have led the Hebrews out of Egypt into the Promised Land, for the good reason that the latter was Egyptian territory at the time. And there is no trace of either a slave revolt against the pharaonic empire or of a sudden conquest of Canaan by outsiders. chilem #18, you will not get Sarah the Bee except myths' answer. Ask her if she can prove!
42. Entirely the fault of the PA
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.07.11)
If the PA had turned over the wanted terrorists to Israel as REQUIRED under every single treaty that they have signed this would not have ever happened. This is just another example of the PA violating ever single treaty obligation that they have ever signed.
43. Sarah, im not from CSI, but...
jj   (01.07.11)
take a look at the bloodstains on the bed. blood at the top of the sheets (they have been pulled down in the picture) and blood splatter on the head board, consistent with a person being shot in the face, not moving out of the bed. the question must be asked if an order to halt was given at all and if so, did the soldiers ever intend to wait and see if it was followed. try and wriggle out of it all you want, but the evidence doesnt back the soldiers claims up.
44. To: No. 41
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
How about an archeological discovery in 2009 proving the Jewish exodus from Egypt and entry into Canaan?
45. To: No. 43
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.08.11)
Well, my problem is that I cannot tell the difference between the top, the bottom and the sides of the bed. I also see nothing to disprove that the soldier might have picked up the injured man and lain him on the bed, who knows in which direction! There is no headboard. There are no pillows. There is no perspective in the photograph. Are you an interior designer of Arab homes? Now, let's look at the facts that ARE in evidence. Five terrorists lived on the lower floor of the home. Would YOU rent the lower floor of your home to terrorists? COME ON. Get a grip. Stop playing devil's advocate for a supporter of terror. Wriggle out of that one, dear.
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