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Hate Crimes in NY State on the rise
Sarah Bauder
Published: 07.01.11, 10:29
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1. Hate in Israel is spreading all over...
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.11)
the world.We have to stop it NOW.To begin in our families,friends,ethnic, religious,secular groups;and replacing it by, trying to know each other, by communicating personnaly,and not through the media who puts oil on the fire.Everybody of us can help make this world a better world.NOW.Shabat Shalom.
2. Hate crimes by anti-Semitic secular Jews on the rise
Eli   (01.07.11)
in Israel. If secular Jews have so much hate towards religious Jews (as seen in YNet news stories and opinion articles), can you expect non-Jewish anti-Semites to be any better?
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (01.07.11)
In Malaysia, Negri Sembilan, a house was set on fire, his land taken and was never replaced to date, because he ( the jewish boy ) refused to convert into Islam. He was almost murdered, but safed by the Jesuits. He was deprived of tertiary education. In singapore his torah and some personel jewsih item were stolen , later retruned through a unscrupules lawyer. The atrocities done to jews goes unheard and hogwashed. hate crimes against been happening but nobody stops. we jews move on with the hope our freedom asa human being are not taken away but it happens again and again......we cry silently when we are discriminated and left behind by policies and fallen with in the cracks and forgotten.Most hate crimes goes untold. The worst when catholics/xtian persecute jews. They sit in high places and decision making position and persecute the jews in the employment, career progression, academic excellence and many other barriers placed on jews. To build a cohesive,harmonious, self-reliant, vibrant and peopel centered community policies live out jews- ref : 02751/09/KK CDC- Singapore benjamin singapore
4. last month jewish cemetery was vandalized
rachel ,   usa   (01.08.11)
in Brooklyn NY ....not a world in the news ...
5. Congregation Ohab Shalom
Green Baron ,   Bethesda, MD USA   (01.08.11)
I used to live in the neighborhood where Congregation Ohab Shalom is (W. 95th Street), and walked in front of that building many times, although I never did attend services there. This was from the early 1940s to early 1960s. It seemed to be a nice, modest place, and I was shocked that this fine neighborhood asset would be so threatened. They were a source only for good in the community at large and in New York City and State. I am glad to see they have a young, vigorous membership these days.
6. Eli , you are wrong
Charles ,   Petach Tikvas   (01.09.11)
Seculars as i am don't hate religious Jews . We hate the behaviour and intolerance of some of them . We don't like it when they try to impose their liferstyle on us . Hate crimes and particularely here in Israel are disgusting for us too . Sane seculars can appreciate the contribution of some charidi organisations [ Ezer mitsyon , Yad Sarah and Zaka as examples ] to the whole public .
7. Hate crimes in Israel us 200%.. however..
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
unlike the USA, here it is very much legal and official policy of fascist government,
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