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Would you like a chaser with your psalm?
Ari Galahar
Published: 11.01.11, 10:16
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1. unless you pick up a book it will be the beer you study
JO   (01.11.11)
Great idea but who is he kidding. The reduced prices will get you in but unless one is interested and wants to study Judaism, you will not pick up the free books. In Jerusalem especially, there is literally loads of religious options and courses to go to but the main point is- one has to want to. A bar is not exactly the best location for thinking on relgion. However cheap drinks will get them in, then the rabbi will have to do his thing. So cheers. I hope it at least keeps some kids from drinking in the streets with cheap beer.
2. the child catchers are at it again
avi ,   israel   (01.11.11)
brainwashing young minds
3. Saving Our Youth from Certain Death
SAVEOURCHILDREN ,   china and israel   (01.11.11)
Congratulations to Chabad in its wonderful work around the world and may it save even more of our youth from the deadly drug alcohol culture our evil media sells them The media has a monopoly on evil and self destruction for our society where are our so called "leaders"?? that will allow an alternative lifetsyle to be promoted on our national media alonside the current murderous one !Is this freedom of choice is this democracy is this the right of the public to know ? Shame on the media and our "leaders"
4. Religion and liquor, count me in!
R ,   Israel   (01.11.11)
Praise the lord and pass the punch! But who'll drive me home?
5. interesting idea
JHB ,   Netanya   (01.11.11)
But not sure how they are going to deal with the male/female interaction that comes along with alcohol. I just wish the chabad would just drop the whole rebbe is the moshiach deal. I would be more open to them
6. @Avi,
Trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (01.11.11)
Too much religion might bother you but look at all the youths uterly lost because they believe in nothing Ipod and facebook will not make your life full whereas reading Thora and keeping Shabbath may help a lot .
7. Useless Idea
Ian ,   South Africa   (01.11.11)
How stupid. Why don`t they get themselves work ( Hassidic) instead of living on welfare and have skills development and employment centers to help reduce poverty , by the way is the highest mitzvah is " to give a man a job" The Gaon of Vilna was right this cult must be destroyed as they have caused much problems amongst the Jews
8. As his name...
melech hamasiach ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.11.11)
In the name Beral'e are the words beer and bar. How about Bar-mitzvah and Bar-kamzah.
9. Finally, I can combine my two passions- drink & religion
John ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.11.11)
Religious places can be a bit stogy and boring. Bars lack soul and chance to build character. This is an excellent way to have a meaningful night out while also having some modern fun.
10. #2 Avi
Zvika ,   Jerusalem   (01.11.11)
You mean the children who will be frequenting the bar .....? If they serve alcohol to anyone under 18, they could lose their license. Try again bro'.
11. to #2 avi you need help, considering
ghostq   (01.11.11)
with your logic you give alchohol to minors.
12. to #8 drew barrymore, don't forget her
ghostq   (01.11.11)
13. reply to "child catchers"
Yehudit ,   Nachlaot   (01.11.11)
How so? They go once, they don't like it, they don't go again. If they do like it, they've made a choice. It's not like the owner doesn't look religious, and with the reading material he's supplying, there's not much subterfuge going on.
14. @Useless idea
Yehudit ,   Nachlaot   (01.11.11)
Um. Didn't this guy just provide work for himself?
15. To #12
Moshe ,   Israel   (01.11.11)
Drew Barrymore actually had Jewish ancestors not many generations back. Now, no one in the family is Jewish. This just goes to show what happens when Jewish families know nothing about their own religion. The result is assimilation and intermarriage and non-Jewish descendants.
16. #7 you think tending a bar is not work?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.11.11)
Tonight ask your bartender if he is having fun.
17. Six days you shall drink beer. On the seventh, vodka.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.11.11)
It's too bad they're relying on liquor to draw them in. As it is, Israelis drink far more today than they did 40 years ago, especially the young. Some five years ago, I spent a summer month at the U of Haifa. I joined some fellow students for a Friday night Shabbat meal. Half-way through, the liquor came out. One guy got plastered - and he was reading Torah the next day!
18. Great place to meet cool Jewish GIRLS
yehoshuaJ1   (01.11.11)
19. #5 Chabad doesn't believe Rebbe=moshiach
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (01.11.11)
but they do revere R. Schneerson and the Lubavitcher rebbes who were his predecessors - as great leaders and learned men. Maybe you should check out this new bar, have a beer with Rabbi Crombie, and he will explain it to you. L'chaim!
20. Where in Nachlaot?
David Abitbol ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.11.11)
Thanks for the article and all but I live in Nachlaot and I have no idea where this Chabar is! Might be fun to go check it out, especially given the reports of cheap drinks. Would it have killed you guys to provide an address? I mean Nachlaot is small but it's not THAT small!
21. #1 Some WILL pick up a book (like me)
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (01.11.11)
That is how it started with (secular) me. I got invited to a Chabad dinner, had great fun, went to another, then found myself wanting to be there on shabbat and at some of the classes. Learning about my traditions and meeting other Jewish people sure beats only going to movies and shopping malls. And no one EVER forced or pressured me. The cool thing about Chabad is they welcome you whether you are religious or not. The social life - and food - are an added bonus.
22. Chabad shikers!
Uzi Gaon ,   Lod   (01.12.11)
Oy oy oy A shiker is a goy! Chabad learned something from russian peasants & won't give up! Shame!
23. Luring children with candy....
galilean mom ,   Israel   (01.12.11)
I never allowed my kids to go to the mitzvah tanks that would invade out quiet little village. Luring children into a vehicle with candy?? I mean....come on. And this is not my inherent New York mentality I grew up with.
24. to #15 who cares, this game is fun.
ghostq   (01.12.11)
you might try to lighten up, and chritians also pray from psalm, I got a friend who can recite it, and no he is not jewish.
25. Psalms has false prophecies in it but a shot won't kill you.
Josh   (01.12.11)
Both make you temporarily think everything is good until the false reality wears off. Choose life is doing the law not repeating well wishes while violating Torah. The false prophecies ruin everything. David did not live forever and rule passed through just about everyones hands but David lineage. So much for kissing up to the king and pretending to be a prophet. Its not prophecy if it doesn't match Devarim 13 rules. Its just whispy predictions which any dreamer can make up. Just like the false additions to Torah.
26. about the child luring...better religion than drugs!
27. #23 Chabad are Jews who are for Judaism
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (01.12.11)
unlike the gentile missionaries in Israel who lure Jewish youth and their unsuspecting parents to their events, summer camps and schools. Chabad is only trying to strengthen Jews' connection to Judaism. It amazes me how some Israelis are more afraid of their kids becoming more Jewish than they are of the Scientologists and Messianic Christians ("Jews for Jesus") who use very deceptive methods to lure Israeli kids away from Judaism. And what about all the current attraction to India, Buddhism and "New Age" religions? Chabad is a defender of our traditions, doing good works for the Jewish people all over the world and especially in Israel - sponsoring bar mitzvah celebrations at the Kotel, for example.
28. to #25 weird king solomon builted the first
ghostq   (01.13.11)
temple, if that how you treat someone who built your temple? wow talking about ungratitude.
If Chabad truly loves Jews as they ubiquitously tell us, then they should not be serving alcohol to them. It is that simple.
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