New Israeli military technology speeds up warfare
Associated Press
Published: 07.01.11, 20:29
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1. Salma do they pay you to post on technology articles?
2. All fine until mom makes you take out the trash
Josh   (01.07.11)
3. guys Egypt give you gas
ahmed abd elaziz ,   cairo / Egypt   (01.07.11)
we give israel gas with low price so u should give us this technology we can share every thing ..
4. to ahmed
sara ,   oz   (01.08.11)
when u be our true allies we will share everything...:-)
5. Tragic But True
Dan ,   USA   (01.08.11)
All the weapon systems in the world are worthless if Israel's enemies hide in civilian areas and Israeli troops are not allowed to fire on them. A history of wars will find the winning nation was the one that inflicted the most punishment on the civilian population. This is what causes nations to sue for peace. Tragic but true.
6. Salma: element of a psychological warfare
STEPHAN ,   YAFFO   (01.08.11)
not real talkbacker
7. Friendly Fire
Dan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.08.11)
What happened yesterday with the death of one soldier and injuring of 4 more by friendly fire artillery? I guess mistakes are always going to made when the army relies on push button warfare instead of fighting the enemy with real live soldiers. Wars can be fought with keyboards but it will never replace foot soldiers.
8. #7 - Dan and "friendly fire"
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.08.11)
Recorded "friendly fire" incidents go back to before the Napoleonic wars. The IDF has had its share of them, too, due to human error. A cousin of mine spent 6 months in a hospital and rehab after his armored column was attacked by the IAF in Lebanon, back in 1982. No one is saying that you don't need "boots on the ground". What these systems are intended for is reducing the reaction time, giving better, more accurate intel, faster than ever before. That's a good thing. What humans do with it is another question. Hopefully, systems like this will recude the chance of human error, not increase it.
9. #1 they who?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.08.11)
any way yes THEY pay me to post on technology articles : ))). now do they pay you NOT to mention your name ?!
10. New Israeli military technology speeds up warfare
T. Weissman ,   Modiin Israel   (01.08.11)
Could'nt Elbit develop a system to knock down forest and building fires ,like the one of last december in Carmiel, with such a big cost of lives and money, and even export it?
11. to my egyptian brother Ahmed 3
free egyptian ,   Egypt   (01.08.11)
you gave them cheap gas , let thier tourists enter Sainai freely , kill the Africans infiltrators to defend thier borders, besiege Gaza to appease them BUT they would never gave you thier advanced technology simply because your corrupt regime gives them everything for nothing just to stay in power under the blessing of its American and Israeli masters.but it is just a matter of time before this humiliation comes to an end and the Egyptians take thier independence back similar to what the iranians did in 1979 .
12. Salma # 9
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.08.11)
That was a good reply Salma.
13. free egyptian # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.08.11)
The poor Iranian people got rid of the Shah only to find themselves in a worse position with still no freedom.
14. # 11 egyptian Hallucinator
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.08.11)
If Egypt goes Islam like Iran,who is going to feed you ?,Iran is much richer than Egypt,so, it has the means to finance it's crazy policies,but Egypt is a poor country,it's main income is from tourism,the Suez canal,and some oil and gas,and $2 billion a year provided by the American infidels, if Egypt becomes a terrorist state like Iran,tourists will stop coming,so will the yearly $ 2 billion,your mulahs will forbid the selling of gas to Israel,because of transpotation issues gas can be sold only to neighboring states,so the only buyers of your gas will be oil rich countries like Iran and sudan,the Suez canal can be replaced with a new canal from Eilat -Ashdod,but keep your spirit high,to sit in allah's lap in the company of 72 maidens is more important than to feed your children,Nations have their priorities.
15. Actually, Dan,
Srulik ,   Beauteful Israel   (01.08.11)
Actually these system reduces the chances of friendly fire. Seems like you don't know much about the IDF's techonology and systems...
16. Ahmed abd Elaziz no 3
JUDAH THE LION   (01.09.11)
Who have found the gas for you Mr Elaziz if not ISRAEL. Be thankful to the JEWS & ISRAEL
17. And How did u find the gas in Egypt :D
Ahmed Abd Elaziz ,   Cairo/ Egypt   (01.09.11)
may be with the Oil rig that Egyptian SF destroyed in abidjan in 1969 :D
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